Void Where Prohibited – Menomonee Falls rock band

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Void Where Prohibited – Menomonee Falls rock band


Void Where Prohibited

Added by Michael R. Reilly, June 18, 2016


Jill Schmidt, June 18, 2016 – Speaking of Battle of the Bands…we (Void Where Prohibited) took 3rd in regional and 5th in State in ’69. Not too bad for 4 -15 yr old’s and one 16 yr old. L-R Rick Oblamski, Jill Badke Schmidt, Dale Wirt, Chuck Wise, TOP- Marc Sauer (now Marcus Ashley aka Ashly)

Mike Reilly – Is this the only band you were in Jill?
Jill Schmidt – Oh no…after VWP in was in True Identity Blues Review (from Milw) then a shoot off of that one called Johnathan, Then, Normandy Sound Invasion, Hot Bachs, Did a quick shot with a road band and came back and put together Sunrise..(we had 3 girls) Then Powerful People, Heart and Soul after that, Uptown Express and that turned into New York. That started out on weekends and became a road band. Played every Hoffman House, Holiday Inn, Ramada Inn and a million freestanding clubs between Wyoming, Colorado, West Virginia, Minnesota and Louisiana. I got pictures…..lots and lots of pictures….

Below:Jill Schmidt‎ –Menomonee Falls North Online Reunion Page -June 18, 2016: Later, Mark Sauer aka Marcus Ashly and Gregg Bertucci played with JJ and the Jets.
anyone got the names of the other 3?

Darlene Sayler – Jerry Brookins, John Windisch

Jill Schmidt – Thank you Darlene!

Mike Reilly – This another MF band?

Mike Reilly – I assume that JJ is the dude in the back. Mark Sauer aka Marcus Ashly is the 3rd from the left, How does everyone else line up?

Jill Schmidt – Gregg is far right. Him and Mark Sauer aka Marcus Ashly are from the Falls, don’t know about the rest