The Weavings newsletter Vol. 15, Number 4, Nov 2015

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Hello Everyone,

Another year is almost gone, and so much has happened during this time; so much needs to be done!

I hope all of you attend our December Quarterly meeting & Annual Christmas Party. After a short business meeting we’ll stop and enjoy the treats you have brought to share, and talk among ourselves about our Society’s future.

It should be a bright future indeed! We have a lot to look forward to; planning new exhibits, and organizing our move to the new Civic Center. After we leave, remembering to do all we can to preserve the building which has served us faithfully these years, even though its stewardship passes to the people of Sussex.

Speaking of new exhibits, after the Depot Museum is open on Saturday, December 12th, we’ll begin taking down most of the remaining Taverns & Saloons exhibit, making space for the

1966 Sussex Downtown Fire 50th Anniversary exhibit. This exhibit will feature pictures, stories, memories, and a slide presentation of that April 1966 event. On either side we’ll display local fire department memorabilia for you to look over.

If you haven’t seen the Taverns & Saloons exhibit, be sure to stop by December 12th!

During the winter months our Planning & Steering Committee will meet on Wednesday afternoons, from 1-4 PM, here at the Depot, to work on all those items needing our attention. Wednesdays will continue to be a day of member volunteer work, and to invite in any visitors. Any of you are welcome to come in and participate, or just stop in and see what’s going on at the Museum.

From me to you and your families, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and please keep you Society and Museum in your minds and hearts!



Volume 15, Number 4


Thursday, November 26, 2015




The SLAHS December General Meeting will be held

Thursday December 10, 2015 at 6:30 PM at the Waukesha State Bank Community Room. Annual Christmas Party immediately following the meeting. Please bring a favorite holiday cookie or snack to share.



Board of Directors Meeting:

Depot Museum, 6:30 PM on2/4/15, 5/5/16.

Steering & Planning Committee Meeting: At the Depot Museum on:

12/2/15, at 6:30 PM,then the rest of the winter season on: 12/16/15 1/6/16,1/20/16, 2/3/16, 2/17/16, 3/2/16

at 1:00 PM. Any member is invited to attend and participate.

SLAHS Dec. General Meeting: 12/10/15, 6:30 PM, Waukesha State Bank Community Room. Christmas party to follow.

Newsletter articles due: 1/29/16.

Newsletter Mailed: 2/23/16.

Sussex Christmas Tree Lighting: 12/5/15, 5 PM, Sussex Village Hall.

Hamilton High School Spring Fest: Look for date & time in the local Sussex Sun.

See you there!


Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society, Inc.


The answer is…

Vinyl record mastering system. This unit was built by Ron Klein, who owned KL Recording Service in Hubertus, Wis. It was in service from 1968 to 1986, and was used to cut master discs for LP and 45 RPM record releases. It was also used to cut individual audition records, so the artist could hear exactly what their band would sound like on the finished pressings.

SLAHS obtained this rare, one of a kind machine from the Hartford Auto Museum this past summer and it is now part of our newest Local Area Music exhibit being shown at the Depot Museum.

Pretty Cool–Come see us and check it out!

The Weavings

Page 2

Thursday, November 26, 2015




Fred H. Keller

As part of the 2015 plan to relocate the entrance of Silver Spring Drive to Main Street the historic “western tip of the three-sided triangle” that makes up the heart of Sussex will be altered. Tentative plans show that the Citco Station, east to including the 1937 built Sussex Community Hall will be com-ing down in the foreseeable future.

Initially in 1842-43 the unincorporated Village of Sussex was started at the 4 corners of Maple Ave. and Main St.

Then in 1869 with the building of the cream brick, 2-room Sus-sex School house next to the Sussex Creek caused the village to expand eastward, and the intersection of Silver Spring and Main St. became the focal point of the Village, as it is today. Silver Spring, which goes all the way to Whitefish Bay and Lake Michigan, was a main access point to the Village of Sus-sex, and the upstart Village of Templeton (East Sussex-Main Street and Waukesha Avenue).

Because of the acute angle of Silver Spring Drive on arrival at Main St. in Sussex, the powers to be decreed that traffic could not make a left turn (which was sort of a U turn). With the change of Silver Spring Drive going thru the space now occu-pied by the 78-year-old Sussex Community Hall, one will ar-rive at a “T” in the intersection, thus being able to go east-west. This also means that there will be a big road bend in the former Golner farm—that is west of the existing Sussex Post Office.

The community did not have a fire department in 1922 when Sussex Main Street School totally burned down which was a 9-year-old, 2 story building; the pride of the community of Sussex-Lisbon and Templeton. Immediately it was rebuilt, being a first to 10

thgrade school (until 1947). Two years later 16 peti-tioners were granted their wish that Sussex and Templeton would separate from Lisbon and form an incorporated Village of Sussex.

The big question is-“Now where to house the elected officials, and the fire Department?” It was a dream to have a Community Hall built that would include a firehouse, facilities for a Village Hall, plus an auditorium for school and commu-nity use, plus a gymnasium for the budding athletic competitions of the 2-year high school.

It was under the leadership of the second Sussex Village president, Charles Busse, plus his co-hort 6 member trustee board that included Roy Stier, John Kraemer and Carl Marx as the “big three”, but there was also a monumental Milo Hardiman, a forever Village Clerk.

The population of Sussex was somewhere between the 1930 census of 496 and the 1940 census of 548. It was in the grip of the 1929 depression, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt was into developing work projects to pick up the country with providing out of work men paying jobs.

There was a request put in and it was accepted by the PWA (Public Works Administration) to assist with the project, giving the sum of $11,046.00 with the Village coming up with $14,000. Ultimately it cost $27,000. Sussex ended up with a $14,000 bond debt, for which they issued 14 one thousand dol-lar bonds bearing 3% interest. Before World War II they had redeemed these bonds. Today the Sussex-Lisbon Area Histori-cal Society has these bonds; beautiful filigree bonds, with or-ange color on bond parchment, 9 by 15 inches, signed by “C.A. Busse” and “M.W. Hardiman”. It showed that the taxable prop-erty of Sussex is $439,318.00 (2 houses today).

There was a good ground breaking ceremony on April 15, 1937. The grand opening was October 27, 1937 with an esti-mated 400-500 attending. The Reverend James Buxton gave it a formal dedication. Father M.J. Stier of St. James Catholic Church and Reverend W.D. Millen of Lisbon Presbyterian Church led the devotions.

Raymond Washburn presented a speech for the PWA. William Zillmer, the longest serving ever Town of Lisbon Chairman spoke for his board. Meanwhile, the Menomonee Falls Legion Band presented music for the event.

Then throughout the day hundreds of people pushed through the 2-story building, inspecting its stage and gymnasium, and going downstairs for the new Village meeting room and the new first Fire Department quarters. However, they were not able to see

(Continued on page 3)

Courier Ad, October 1933.

THE FIRST SHOVEL- On April 15, 1937 the symbolic first shovel was sunk for the new Sussex Community Hall. Identified left to right; John Motz-building inspector, Charles Busse-village president, John Lenck, Carl Marx-village board member, a bookkeeper from Milwaukee, an “Italian” and Walschlager, the last three being WPA workers.

(Sussex Community Hall Continued from page 2)

one significant feature of the structure, the underground 40,000 gallon cistern. There was a drafting pipe out on Main St. where a pumper could pull up to be filled and water would then be hauled to the fire scene (there were two other cisterns in the Village also). C. H. Kaderabeck was the fire chief, and he was also on the Village Board. Herb Beier was also a trustee and a fire fighter.

Now it was in place, and it was used for multi-school projects such as plays, boys and girls basketball games, and physical fitness. Then there were the annual graduation events for Main St. School, the 8

thgrade and then the 10th grade. But let us go back to the actual construction. John Motz was the building inspector. George Wileden used his steam shovel and bull doz-er to dig the foundation and cistern.

Now the WPA (Works Progress Administration) came in to do the construction. There was a directive to hire out of work men, and those accepting public assistance. Now the wages: the water boy got 35

¢per hour, as did the watchman. In the 40¢ group were the concrete laborer and teamster laborer.

Now the 45

¢ per hour group included Teamster: 1 ½ ton or con-crete mixer operator, glazier helpers, handy man, hood carrier, plaster tender, scaffold builder and tractor operator.

Next up were the 50

¢ group: electrician helper, concrete man, mason tender, plumber helper, sheet metal worker and big truck operators.

The 60

¢ men were: the carpenter, brick layer concrete finishing, electrician, glazier, gutter installer, painter, plasterer, plumber, sheet metal worker and the stone mason. Oh, yes, the rod and re-enforcing worker was also paid 60¢per hour. Now the fore-man earned 60-70¢ per hour.

The contractor had to post the wages paid in conspicuous points on the site of the project. There were also directives on pay-ment to workers in cash, at least once a week.

To be continued in the next edition of the Weav-ings…championship basketball teams, fire department chiefs, dances, wedding receptions and school graduations.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Weavings

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Top left, $1,000 Village of Sussex Community Hall Bond that is dated April 1, 1937 and was due on April 1, 1941. Top middle, front & back of envelope the bond was contained in. Top right and bottom left, Resolution paper and promissory note for payment to the Farmers & Merchants Bank from the Village of Sussex, July 1, 1938 due on March 15, 1939 for $1,000.

The Weavings

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

A newspaper article that was placed in the Milwaukee Journal on October 28, 1937 featuring the dedication of the new Sussex Community Hall.

Top left photo, Bob Brown at controls April, 1937.

Middle photo, Digging the basement of Sussex Community Hall, April 1937. Men standing top to bottom; George Wileden, Ollie Kazser and Roy Stier. Right photo, the daughter of the building inspector, John Motz, Eleanor Motz stands on the delivered Lannon Stone for the new Community Hall during the summer of 1937.Bottom left photo, Building the Sussex Community Hall. A $27,000 all-purpose structure was started and completed in 1937. This photo was taken from Silver Spring Dr. Clearly seen are the fire department’s two garage doors and the laminated wood trusses for the roof. A 40,000 gallon water cistern was dug and placed under the building for fire fighting.

DEDICATION DAY–The population of Sussex in 1937 was 496 souls, 400 attended the dedication ceremony on Oct. 27, 1937. For the occasion a banner was draped across the front of the building, and a podium set up for the dignitaries.

The Weavings

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Thursday, November 26, 2015


top and right; The Sussex 2 year high school newspaper the “Courier” was printed and distributed October 26, 1937. It shows a student Dave John’s cartoons inviting Sussex residents and others to the grand opening set for the following day, October 27, 1937. Over 400 attended. (Incidentally, 2015 finds that the Sussex quarterly news letter is also called “The Courier.”)

Left, Milwaukee Journal articles announcing the grant and loan that was given to The Village of Sussex to build a community building from the Washington D.C. Public Works Administration in 1936.

The Weavings

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Thursday, November 26, 2015


ON THE WEB By Mike Reilly

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NEW-Sussex Village Hall: New civic center.

The next three articles are works in progress:

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Our website contains articles, local history, genealogy and other information with our organization. We are always looking for more historical information. If anyone can help please give Mike a call at (262) 246– 3121. You can find us on the web at


If you are interested in contributing to our website’s content, cemetery and newspaper transcriptions, individual/family history, early stories of the area/people/businesses, etc., please contact Mike Reilly. Note: To make your contributions easier to add, please consider submitting them by email, email attachment, or CD, audio DVD, or SD.

Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society, Inc.

SLAHS General Meeting

Date: September 10, 2015 Time: 6:38 pm. to 8:24 pm.

Place: Waukesha State Bank Community Room


The Opening

Officers: President: Mike Reilly, Vice-President: Roger Johnson, Secretary: Sue Haasch and Treasurer: Donna Zimmerman.

Board of Directors: Joanne Smith, Bob Baier, Sonny Mehringer, Rita Hahn, Henry Ray and Sarah Pichler.

Past President: Steve Haasch, Curator: Fred Keller. Absent: Sarah Pichler, Donna Zimmerman, Roger Johnson, Sonny Mehringer and Joanne Smith.

Special Presentation (s): Vintage recording restoration process by Steve Haasch.

Members Present: 11 Total Memberships: 108.

I, Mike Reilly, call this annual meeting to order at 6:38 pm. A quorum is pre-sent.

The Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence.

The Business

Approval of the minutes: The June, 2015 Annual Meeting minutes published in the August 2015 newsletter were approved as written.

Reports of Officers:

President: Introduced Steve Haasch and gave some background information on the KL exhibit and local recording studios. Quite a few people have taken a great interest in this project. The importance of the Planning & Steering Com-mittee was mentioned. Mike Reilly will be attending the Wis. State Historical Society’s annual conference in Middleton, Wis. October 8-10th and several workshops will be held.

Vice–President: None.

Secretary: None.

Treasurer: Sue Haasch gave the quarterly treasurer’s report. Donna Zimmer-man, Sue Haasch & Mike Reilly will be meeting with a financial advisor located in Brookfield, Wis. on Sept. 29th to get some ideas for future investments. Our investment CDs will come due in the spring of 2016. A motion was made to approve the treasurer’s report, was 2nd and passed.

Reports of Boards and Standing Committees:

Planning & Steering: Committee chair Mike Reilly gave his report. Moving to the new civic center was briefly discussed. We have a year’s time to pack and move. There was a discussion on the formation of SLAHS junior membership program. Local schools could help. It was suggested that a six, junior board member advisory committee be formed to represent the group to the board. Adult advisors would need to be present. A discussion followed. Students and teachers could benefit the society in creating and suggesting ideas for exhibits,

(Continued on page 7)

We now accept monetary donations and new memberships or renewal payments online

using PayPal, see the link on the left side of the main web page called “Monetary Donations”.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Weavings

Page 7

(SLAHS General Minutes Sept. 10, 2015 Continued from page 6)

presentations and specific projects. Mike made a motion that we create three junior membership categories to start with, the motion was 2nd and was passed. Mike made a motion that we also create a junior advisory committee without slahs voting or officer privileges until they become a full member.

This motion was tabled for now. A suggestion was made that these Junior Members have no voting or officer positions until they reach the age of 18. Also, the Planning & Steering Committee should work out more details on the Junior Memberships. The KL recording exhibit was acquired from the Hartford Auto Museum. The Kenny Hothenroth podium was recently donated to the museum along with other items from local recording artists. Local resident interviews for historical stories and magazine articles were discussed. A digital voice recorder has been pur-chased to use for this project. On 9-19-15 we will be representing our society during the Waukesha Co. History Fair at the Waukesha Public Library from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

New Business: Betty Mindemann donated $2,500 to the society and congratulat-ed us for our efforts. A local resident who is a wood carver offered to make a wooden ‘tree of life’ sculpture commemorating the historical society and a tribute to Betty Mindemann out of one of Betty’s trees that were taken down for the new civic center. This will be donated to the society for the new museum. Mike Reilly made a motion that Fred Keller & Henry Ray contact the wood carver to proceed with this project; the motion was 2nd and passed. A Christmas party will be held after a short general meeting for December.

Old Business: Volunteers for museum projects were discussed. Volunteer help is greatly appreciated and needed. Depot museum touchup painting was done at a cost of $1,000 by Pride Painting with board approval. Our new neighbors have considered waiving the snowplowing fees for the 2015-16 winter seasons. Mike has been working with a website firm from Lannon to improve our current web site. The Taverns & Saloons exhibit will need to be taken down or reduced in size for the Sussex Fire exhibit for next spring.

Good of the Order:

Announcements: The Depot Museum will be open on Wednesdays from 1:00 to 6:30 p.m. December’s meeting will be held at the Waukesha State Bank Commu-nity Room on 12/10/15 at 6:30 PM.

The Closing

Adjournment: A motion to adjourn was made 2nd and was passed. The meeting was adjourned at

Time: 8:24pm.


Susan Haasch


Interested in helping us out?

Volunteer/ Committee Coordinator

Mona Day will be available to assist those interested in joining any of our committees or helping with projects throughout the upcoming year. Please call Mona for more information at: (262) 246-3210.

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The Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society, Inc. is a non-profit & tax exempted corporation dedicated to the collection and preservation of historically significant artifacts, pictures, stories, & similar materials from the local Sussex & Lisbon area. The society held organizational meetings in mid-2001 and formally announced intentions for official formation as a non-profit corporation in November 2001. SLAHS became tax exempted retroactive Feb. 6, 2002. SLAHS is affiliated with the Wisconsin State Historical Association as a local society. The society has an open membership policy welcoming all interested parties to join for a nominal fee. Annual memberships are for the calendar year beginning January 1st of each year. Lifetime memberships are also available.

President Mike Reilly

Vice-President Roger Johnson

Secretary Susan Haasch

Treasurer Donna Zimmerman

Board of Directors:

Sahrah Pichler Joanne Smith Sonny Mehringer

Bob Baier Henry Ray Rita Hahn

Curator: Fred Keller (262) 246-3603

Assistant Curator: Mike Reilly (414) 530-3121

Volunteer/Committee Coordinator:

Mona Day (262) 246-3210


The Depot Museum will be open on 12/12/2015 1-4PM for the month of December 2015. This will be the last chance to see things as they are before we start changing over exhibits.

Upcoming exhibits will be:

Revised Taverns & Saloons Exhibit

Local & Surrounding Area Music

The 1966 Sussex Fire & Fire Department

Winter Hours:

Museum Tours

By Appointment Only.

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The Depot Museum will be open every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month from 1 to 4 pm

until 12/12/15.

WINTER HOURS-January thru March by appointment only.

Open Visitor & Staff workday, Wednesdays 1 to 4 PM.



Children 10 and under free.

The museum will also be available for group visits by contacting the museum’s curators, Fred Keller, at (262) 246-3603 or Mike Reilly (414) 530-3121 for more information.

2015 General Meeting :

December 10, 2015 at 6:30 PM

At the

Waukesha State Bank Community Room.