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Volume 13, Number 2


Thursday, May 23, 2013




The SLAHS June General Meeting will be held

Thursday June 13, 2013, 6:30 PM at the Waukesha State Bank Community Room.




Board of Directors Meeting:

Depot Museum,

6:30 PM on: 8/01/13.

Newsletter Committee Meeting:

Steve Haasch Residence, 6:30 PM on: 8/05/13.

Building & Grounds Meeting:

Depot Museum at 6:30 PM. Meetings will be called when needed.

SLAHS General Meeting: 6/13/13

, 6:30 PM, Waukesha State Bank Community Room.

Newsletter articles due: 07/26/13


Newsletter Mailed: 08/12/13


Annual Yard Sale:

6/15/13-Please see details below.

Appraisal Day:

Depot Museum, 6/22/13, 2-4PM. See below for details.

4th of July:

Parade-7/4/13, 9:30 AM, Main Street, Downtown Sussex. 7:00 PM Live Entertainment,-Village Park, and at 9:20 PM Fireworks– presented by the Bartolotta’s.

Ice Cream Social-Sussex Night Out:

8/7/13, 6-8PM, Weyer Park in back of the Library. Depot Museum will also be open.


Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society, Inc.


FUNdraising By Joanne Smith


The Annual Yard Salehas been rescheduled for June 15, 2013, 9AM to 4PM at Betty Mindemann’s-N64 W23798 Main St., Sussex. Rain date: June 22nd.


Saturday, June 22, 2:00-4:00PM at the Depot Museum. Betty Mindemann will again share her expertise to evaluate items brought in (or photos). One item will be verbally appraised for $5 or 3 items for $10. Written appraisals will be $25. Displays at the museum will be open for viewing.


on Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013. Details will be available in the next newsletter. Save the date!

The Fundraising Committee is willing to try new ideas to bring in the necessary funds to keep the SLAHS property functioning and attractive. Tell your ideas to Betty (246-4128) or Joanne (246-6250).




SLAHS Scrap Metal Collection Fundraiser

Anyone interested in helping SLAHS out by making a donation may call Fred Keller at

(262) 246-3603 to arrange a pickup of any old scrap metal you may have sitting around and want to get rid of.


Sussex (Town of Lisbon) Brewing History

(Continued on page 2)

by Michael R. Reilly, January 23, 2013

The earliest known drinking establishment in the Town of Lisbon was David Bonham’s “Public House” or “House of Entertainment” first advertised in a Milwaukee newspaper on April 4th, 1837.

What Mr. Bonahm served is open to speculation; most likely there were alcoholic spirits involved, but was beer one of them? Since Milwaukee historians generally agree that the first city brewery wasn’t opened until the Spring of 1840, then Bonham would have had to brew his own ale (as was the preferred beer of Englishmen), or had some local resident brew it for him. We’ll probably never know!

(Continued on page 3)

Later on we read that Bonham and neighbor Redford traveled to Milwaukee to obtain a barrel of beer to quench the thirsty Town hunters, with, sadly, unfortunate results.

“Very many will remember the first turkey-shoot that came off in this town, and very likely the first in the county. In 1839, David Bonham got the turkeys, and men came from far and near had a big time. Among other preparations made for the event, Bonham went with Thomas Redford to Milwaukee for a keg of beer. In coming home, over the rough roads, the beer got so shook up, that it burst out the bung, and it was not drank by turkey-shooters.” source:

The History of Waukesha County, Wisconsin, 1880, Page 770.

Where did Bonham and Redford obtain a keg of beer in 1839 Milwaukee? No brewery existed there until the Spring of 1840; is the 1880 History wrong, or was there a Milwaukee brewery in existence already in 1839?

The primary sources listed below show the following as operating a brewery or breweries in the Town of Lisbon, Waukesha County, sometimes listing one, or another under (the village of) Sussex.

Primary sources for listing

American Breweries IIby Dale P. Van Wieren, 1995; and American Breweries by Donald Bullfinch, 1984; and The Register of United States Breweries 1876-1976 by Manfred Friedrich and Donald Bull, 1976. Also: Badger Breweries: Past and Present by Wayne L. Kroll, 1976; Wisconsin’s Frontier Farm Breweries, 1830’s – 1880’s, by Wayne Kroll, 2005; and “Breweries of Wisconsin” by Jerry Apps, 1992. The History of Waukesha County, Wis., 1880” .


Note: Brewery numbering system from American Breweries II

WI 485a) Ephraim Boots, aka Ephraim Boots & Co., Ephraham Boots, aka Sussex Brewery

; c1870-1880.

WI 485b) Jos. Dvorak



From the labeling above by, American Breweries IIby Dale P. Van Wieren, 1995, lists the above two as Jos Dvorak succeeding Boots’ brewery, or same brewery operated by new owner.

WI 486) Bernard Hephen

1850s, or Bernhard W. Hephen

WI 487) Weaver & Stone

1850s, or William Weaver & James Stone


From the labeling above by, American Breweries IIby Dale P. Van Wieren, 1995, it would be supposed that Hephen and Weaver & Stone operated independent breweries. Also, that these two were different than that of Boots/Dvorak, so a total of three (3) breweries operated at one time, or another in the Town of Lisbon.

However, that is not the case, as we’ll see from documents listed below.

Entries below are from the

Wisconsin Gazetteer 1853:


, P. V, in town of Lisbon, Waukesha county, on section 26, town 8 N., of range 19 E, 10 miles north from Waukesha, and 6O miles east of Madison, 1 1/2 miles north of the Milwaukee and Lisbon plank road, in a fine farming country, well adapted to raising the winter grains. Population 100; with 15 dwellings, 1 wagon shop, 1 shoe shop, 2 black smiths, 1 saw mill, 1 school house, and an Episcopal church.


Wisconsin Gazetteer 1853: Names, Location, And Advantages Of The Cities, Towns, Villages, Post-Offices And Settlements, Together With A Description Of The Lakes, Water Courses, Prairies, And Public Localities In The State Of Wisconsin-For 1853.


The Wisconsin Gazetteer 1853 above shows no brewery in existence in the village of Sussex, so the earliest start was 1854, the time Richard Weaver bought the property from his brother James. Because of the Weaver family interest in growing and selling fine quality hops, it’s most likely they acquired a good deal of beer brewing knowledge.

The 1850 Federal Census for the Town of Lisbon has no listing for a “brewer” as an occupation. Though the above two records indicate a brewery probably didn’t exist in the Town, one may have been started prior to 1850 and dissolved itself, or for some reason certain facts escaped both the 1850 Census and 1853

Wisconsin Gazeteer.

Bernard Hephen

1850s – Note: Couldn’t find any personal information using Search, nor at the Waukesha County Museum Research Center [Nov 27, 2012]. Source: American Breweries IIby Dale P. Van Wieren, 1995.

Bernhard W. Hephen

, source: Wisconsin’s Frontier Farm Breweries, 1830’s – 1880’s, by Wayne Kroll, 2005. Note: Difference in spelling by sources.


After searching through the property deed records at the Waukesha County Register of Deeds office on November 28, 2012, I found no evidence of property purchase transactions occurring between Mr. Hephen and any Weaver, Stone, or Boots individual. His name isn’t given at all within this first Vol of Abstract Title 1-19.


Weaver & [Stephen] Stone, 1850s – Note: 1850 Federal Census, Lisbon, Stephen Stone is a farmer, as are brothers, Richard and William Weaver. Source: American Breweries IIby Dale P. Van Wieren, 1995. [The reason I’ve inserted [Richard] Weaver & [Stephen] Stone is the 1860 Fed Census lists both as a “Brewer”.]

William Weaver & James Stone

, source: Wisconsin’s Frontier Farm Breweries, 1830’s – 1880’s, by Wayne Kroll, 2005.


1860 Census, Lisbon, Stephen Stone, age 41, is a

Brewer; no Boots in area.

1860 Census, Lisbon, Richard Weaver, 32,

Brewer, England

1860 Census, Lisbon, William Spink, 58,

tavern keeper, England

1860 Census, Lisbon, Ephraim Boots is a

carpenter and married to Eleanor Stone. Brothers Edward and Henry alsocarpenters.


The brewery, which stood about one-half mile north of the mill [Sussex Mills], on the road from Sussex, was first assumed built by Stephen Stone just north of Maple and Main {then North St.} (Sts.)] about 1854; going into business with Richard Weaver. In 1861, Mr. Boots became the proprietor. Supposedly, twelve years after, in 1874, Mr. Boots had the(Sussex/Lisbon Brewing History-Continued from page 1)

The Weavings

Page 2

Thursday May 23, 2013

(Sussex-Lisbon Brewing History-Continued from page 2)

(Continued on page 4)

misfortune to lose the old brewery by fire, and in 1875, it was rebuilt.

Note: So far research of old area newspapers ONLY reveal the John Fuss Brewery and residence in Fussville burning down in Feb 1874.

Ephraim Boots, aka Ephraim Boots & Co., aka Sussex Brewery

; c1870-1880. Source: Wayne Kroll identifies the brewery simply as “Ephraim Boots”. American Breweries II by Dale P. Van Wieren, 1995 ids as Ephraim Boots, aka Ephraim Boots & Co., while Fred H. Keller and “The History of Waukesha County, Wis., 1880” also call it the “Sussex Brewery”.


1870 Fed Census, Lisbon, lists Ephraim Boots as a“Brewer“. His father Edward and brother Henry are “Carpenters”.


1880 Lisbon, Ephraim Boots, age 49 is listed as a“Brewer” ; his father Edward, “Works in brewery“.

Ephraim Boots went to work for brewer Stephen Stone. He took over ownership of the brewery in 1861-62 and ran it until 1882 [Note:

1880 Lisbon Census: Ephraim Boots, age 49 is listed as a “Brewer” ; his father Edward, “Works in brewery“].when he went to Janesville, Wis. to open the Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co. branch agency there. Stone had probably made English-type ales, porters and stouts, but Boots appears to have converted to German-style lager, using locally grown barley and hops.


Whether Boots went to work at the brewery for either Richard Weaver or Stephen Stone isn’t clear; what is certain is he entered into an agreement with James Weaver on March 9, 1860, in which he agrees to operate Mr. Weaver’s saw mill, agreeing in an “Articles of Agreement” that he will operate said saw mill, and provide James Weaver with the first 50,000 ft of lumber in the year 1860, then again in 1861. After which time, Mr. Weaver will quit claim the saw mill over to Mr. Boots. So is Ephraim Boots only managing the saw mill and working part time at the brewery? I would think he would have had to spend some time at the brewery since Richard Weaver and his wife Rhoda sold the brewery to him on October 21, 1861 [see Abstract Title 1-19, vol 27, page 342].

The following are added newspaper entries adding more details about Ephraim Boots and the Sussex Brewery.


Mr. E. Boots, of the Sussex Brewery, is now furnishing lager beer to several retail dealers in this village (Waukesha), and all pronounce it a first class article. [Boots was producing enough product to transport and distribute it to retailers, miles away. Up to 1869 Boots, like prior brewers, brewed ales.]


Waukesha Plaindealer | Waukesha, Wisconsin | Tuesday, November 16, 1869 | Page 3

“If any one wants a drink of beer they should get it of Eph. Boots, who makes the best and purest kind of light beverage in the State. At least everybody says so.”

Waukesha Plaindealer | Waukesha, Wisconsin | Tuesday, July 16, 1872 | Page 3

In 1878 the Ephraham Boots of Lisbon, Wisc. brewery brewed 301 barrels and in 1879, another 463.

source: “Beer:

its history and its economic value as a national beverage” by F. W. Salem, Published 1880 by F. W. Salem & Co. in Hartford, Conn.

A Wisconsin beer-bottle collector, Henry Hecker, stated in 1981 that he had been trying for years to get a Boots Beer bottle or clay crock jar, but ultimately came to the conclusion that the beer had never been bottled, only sold in barrels, and that none of those had been saved.


There was a potter (see below) residing in the town of Lisbon in 1870, but it’s not known if he produced bottles for beer.

August B. Henschel

, b. Aug 1823 Germany, immigrated 10 Jun 1856 onboard the “Mississippi” from Bremen to New York with his wife. His destination was Wisconsin.

1870 Lisbon

, August is a “Potter”, wife Wilhelmine, b. 1832 Prussia; son Eddy, b. 1862 Wisconsin; Herman, b. 1864 Wisconsin; Alexander, b. 1866 Wisconsin; Willie, b. Dec 1869 Wisconsin, and brother Richard Henschel, b 1846 Prussia, a store clerk.


August is a mechanic as is his son Herman, and there’s a son Oscar, b. 1874 Lisbon.

In 1900

he’s a bartender at a saloon. William R., his son, b. 1869 in Wisconsin is a Saloon Keeper in Sussex.

Jos. Dvorak

1880-1884, Note: In 1880 Fed Census there are numerous Jos. Dvoraks [most orig from Bohemia or Czechoslovakia], none living in Waukesha County, nor any Jos Dvorak being in the brewery business. Source: American Breweries II by Dale P. Van Wieren, 1995.


After searching through the property deed records at the Waukesha County Register of Deeds office on November 28, 2012, I found no evidence of property purchase transactions occurring between Mr. Dvorak and any Weaver, Stone, or Boots individual. His name isn’t given at all within this first four Vols of Abstract Title 1, 2, 3, 4-19.


Waukesha Free Press

, February 7, 1891: The old brewery having been sold, they are dismantling it and tearing a part of it down, and selling the material.

W. J. Brown is adding another story to part of the old brewery by taking off the old roof and putting a hip roof in its stead.


Waukesha Freeman | Waukesha, Wisconsin | Thursday, August 31, 1911 | Page 5

April 1883 – Ephraim Boots is in

Waukesha Freeman newspaper’s delinquent tax list. See next entry.

To summarize – We end up with many unanswered questions about the Sussex Brewery; some are:

1. When did it first open?

2. Who started the brewery?

3. The Sussex Brewery operations cease sometime before 1891, since the newspaper says “the old brewery”.

Thursday May 23, 2013

The Weavings

Page 3

(Sussex-Lisbon Brewing History-Continued from page 3)

4. No one knows who Bernard Hephen and Joseph Dvorak were, but they may have operated a small farm brewery for a short time period in the Town.


The Weavings

Page 4

Thursday May 23, 2013


ON THE WEB By Mike Reilly

Check out our latest articles on the web:

This Day In Wisconsin History

●843, Brother Joseph Dutton born.

●847, Adam Gettleman born.

●864, (Civil War) Recruiting efforts described.

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Courtesy of the Wisconsin Historical Society.)

Hop Growing History in Lisbon, Waukesha County, and Wisconsin from Miltenberg to Milwaukee-Beer magnates from the Lower Main area, in the United States of the 19th Century.

The next four articles are works in progress:

Sussex (Lisbon Township) Brewery History.

The Taverns and Stages of Early Waukesha County, Wisconsin-with particular emphasis on those in the Town of Lisbon.

Index to Blatz Brewing Company-British Brewery Syndicate letters.

Waukesha Spring Brewing Company.

Wisconsin Breweries 1835-c1850 with Sussex/Lisbon Township entries.

Added new photos/postcards to Lake Five.

1842 Wisconsin Territory Census, Milwaukee County, Lisbon Township-just added.

Indians: Local-Arrowheads and Artifacts-“Indians Were Here First!”

Our website contains articles, local history, genealogy and other information with our organization. We are always looking for more historical information. If anyone can help please give Mike a call at (262) 246– 3121. You can find us on the web at


If you are interested in contributing to our website’s content, cemetery and newspaper transcriptions, individual/family history, early stories of the area/people/businesses, etc., please contact Mike Reilly. Note:To make your contributions easier to add, please consider submitting them by email, email attachment, or CD, audio DVD, or SD.

Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society, Inc.

March 2013 Annual Meeting

Date: March 14, 2013 Time: 6:54 pm. to 8:00 pm.

Place: Waukesha State Bank Community Room


The Opening

Officers Present:

President: Steve Haasch, Vice-President: Roger Johnson Secretary: Sue Haasch (absent) and Treasurer: Donna Zimmerman.

Board of Directors Present:

Joanne Smith, Sonny Mehringer, and Peter Sparrow. Absent: Henry Ray, Bob Schlei, Mona Day and Sue Haasch.

Special Presentation (s):


Members Present: 10 Total Memberships: 102

I, Steve Haasch, call this annual meeting to order at 6:54 pm. A quorum is present.

The Pledge of Allegiance. A moment of silence.

The Business

Approval of the minutes: The minutes published in the February 2013 newsletter were approved as written.

Reports of Officers:


: Re-started the meeting because of work related delay.

Vice –President

: Briefly reviewed minutes of the meeting prior to the President’s arrival.


: The annual reports have been submitted and filed. A budget meeting will need to be planned in the near future.


: Donna Zimmerman gave her quarterly report. A service agreement has been paid for One Hour Heating to maintain the heating and cooling equipment. Roger Johnson made a motion to approve the report. The motion was passed.

Reports of Boards and Standing Committees:


Will call for volunteers to re-arrange the three ring binders in the museum.


The Annual Yard Sale will be held on May 18, 2013 at Betty Mindemann’s residence. Rain date will be June 1st. Betty is hoping that some people will donate items for sale.

Building & Grounds:

A service/maintenance plan has been put in place for the new furnace and existing air conditioner. There was discussion on this year’s lawn maintenance service. A total of $410.00 was paid for lawn services last year.


Some upgrading and re-arranging might be done.


We have 97 paid and 5 unpaid memberships.




: The Museum will be opening on the 4th Saturday in April. Fred will (Continued on page 5)

We now accept monetary donations online using PayPal, see the link on the left side of the main web page called “Monetary Donations”.

Thursday May 23, 2013

The Weavings

Page 5

(2013 Annual Meeting Minutes-Continued from page 4)

be scheduling a date to see some photos of a family from a local resident who lives off of Plainview Rd. Fred will also be donating some more of his book collection. The school three-ring binders will be moved into the west exhibit room. It was suggested that the small storage room by the basement stairs be remodeled in the future for display purposes.


Mike is still working on the McKerrow project. He also asked the Lisbon Town Clerk for records from the 1850’s and 1860’s. Some other on-going web projects were mentioned.

New Business:

Steve Haasch reviewed some special award programs and workshops from the Wisconsin Historical Society. They also offer some grants.

Old Business:

Discussed sometime earlier, Mike Reilly brought up the subject of growing hops at the museum and holding a hops festival as a future fundraising event. Rob Howard also suggested that he would be interested in helping with this project. A discussion followed. Fred volunteered to install some polls for growing the hops plants. It was suggested that we try to invite Rob Howard to the next board meeting for further discussion.

There was further review and discussion on the easement agreement for the museum. The attorney handling this matter will need to be further contacted.

Temporary Adjourn meeting to Election Chairman:

Steve Haasch. A motion was made to temporarily adjourn the meeting and the motion passed. The standing members were contacted by chairman Sonny Mehringer and agreed to run for the open positions.

Opening of Elections


Steve Haasch announced the nominations. Roger Johnson made a motion that board members and officers are voted on unanimously. Motion passed. Officer Nominees: President, Steve Haasch; Vice-President, Roger Johnson; Secretary, Sue Haasch; Treasurer, Donna Zimmerman. Board of Directors Nominees: Joanne Smith and Bob Schlei. All nominations were approved and voted on unanimously. All motions for elections were passed.

The newly elected 2013 Officers are: President, Steve Haasch; Vice-President, Roger Johnson; Secretary, Sue Haasch; Treasurer, Donna Zimmerman. The newly elected 2013 Board Members are: Joanne Smith and Bob Schlei.


Closing of Elections

7:50 pm.

Good of the Order:

Fred Keller will be giving a special presentation at the Pauline Haass Library on April 18, 2013 at 7PM on “The Scandals and Murders of Sussex”.


There will be a special meeting of the Board of Directors immediately following the meeting.

The Closing


Called by Roger Johnson at Time: 8:00 pm.


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