Snack Food Tins & Go-Withs O thru Z

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Snack Food Tin &Go-With Checklists

O thru Z

O.A. Jens,,Elgin,IL,,,,

O.K. Potato Chip Co,,Akron,OH,,,,

O.L. Crane,,Decatur,IL,,,,

Old Dutch,Triple Pack super Size,Old Dutch Foods Inc.,,St.Paul,MN,24 oz,,rect CBB,

Old Dutch,Yellow-red,Old Dutch Foods,,Minneapolis,MN,16oz,,”Flavorized”,National Can

Old Dutch Popt Corn,Paper Label,Old DutchFoods,,Minneapolis,MN,,,,

Old Dutch Popt Corn,Red On Gree/ Yellow Lattice,Old DutchFoods,,Minneapolis,MN,Seven Qts Dry Measure,7 1/2 x 11 5/8,,Cans Inc. Chicago

Old King Cole,King And Men,,,South Portland,ME,16 oz,,w/opaper label,

Old Swiss, Tuelon, Manitoba, Canada, round CBB, heldcheese & onion flavored chips.

Old Vienna Products Co,,St. Louis,MO,,,,

Olney & Carpenter Inc,,Wolcott,NY,,,,

Original Goods,White-blue,,,,,36 oz,,,

Orleans Coffee Co,,New Orleans,LA,,,,

Ozark Mountain,Red W/white Paper Label,Ozark MountainPotato Chip Company,,Branson,MO,5 lb,,,

Ozark Mountain,Red/ White White Paper Lab,Ozark MountainPoato Chip Co.,,Branson,MO,2 lb,,,

Paradise,Red-white,Paradise Food Co.,5688 W. VernorHighway,Detroit,MI,1 lb,7 1/2 x 11 3/8,,Heekin 6210

Paramount,Red,Paramount,,Flint,MI,1 lb,,,

Party Food Products,,Alameda,CA,,,,

Pat’s,Yellow-white yel/red Let.,Pat’s Products Co.,,Ft.Lauderdale,FL.,1 lb,8 x 9 1/4,”Tops in Quality”,

Peerless,Brown-white,Peerless Potato Chip Co,,Gary,IN,1lb,,,

Philadelphia Chips,Rect. Copper/brass/red,Famous (?),,Philadelphia,PA,,5x6x85/8,5 cent rebate on can ret.,

Pik-Nik Fabulous Fries,Rcb/alum With Plastic Lid,S &W Fine Foods,,San Ramon,CA,9 oz,4 1/8 x 8 3/8,upc,

Pik-Nik Shoestring Potato,Full,Pik-Nik Co.,,San Jose,CA,7oz,4 1/8 x 6 7/8,,

Pik-Nik Shoestring Potato,Full,Pik-Nik Food ProductsCo.,,San Jose,CA,4 oz,3 7/8 x 4 5/8,,

Planter’s,Orange-blue,,,,PA,1.5 lb,,,

Planters Popcorn,Cardboard Contain. OpenTop,,,,,,,1980’s,

Planters Potato Chips,Red W/gold Vert Stripes,StandardBrand Inc,,New York,NY,3 lb?,10″ x 11 1/2″,1970’s PremiumQuality,IND.CAN BALTO. MD.

Planters Potato Munchies,Cardboard Canister,Nabisco?,,,,,,,

Po-Go Food Co,,Miami,FL,,,,

Popcorn,Brown/yellow Handled Pail,Noble PopcornFarms,Route No. 3,Sac City,IA,4 lb,5 7/8 x 6 1/2,unpopped seed,Con. Can Co. ?

Popcorn,Label-White W/red Letter,Ace Popcorn &Pretzel Company,3907 W. Vliet St,Milwaukee,WI,2.75 lb,,Tavern Supplier only,

Popcorn,Red Tin,Iroquois Popcorn Co.,,Elk Grove,IL,,,zipcode newer tin,

Popcorn By Robbs,Blue,The Robbs Co,,St. Louis,MO,5.5oz,,,

Popcorn/Peanut Wagon,Generic red,,,,,,5 1/4×6 1/4×51/4,,?

Poplings Popcorn,Light Green,Obee ProductsCo.,,Cincinnati,OH,14 oz,,.,

Potato Chips (generic),White W/blk Letter-regular,ScottsPotato Chip Co.,3900 Chandler Drive,Minneapolis,MN,16 oz 2-pac,,rect CBB,

Potato Chips (generic),White W/blk Letter-ripple,ScottsPotato Chip Co.,3900 Chandler Drive,Minneapolis,MN,16 oz 2-pac,,,

Premier Potato Chips,5 Cent Brown Bag/mounted,Garr FoodProducts Company,622 Hubbard Street,Milwaukee,WI,oz ?,5 1/2 x 9,Crispette Brand,

Pretzel Nuggets-Oat Bran,Tan W/pic Of 5 Bakers,Benzel’sBakery Inc.,5200 Sixth Avenue,Altoona,PA,2 lb size tin wt not given,9 7/8 x 111/2″,Pennystick brand?,Ind. Can Balto. MD.

Price & Englehart,Red/white 372-5265,,,,,2 lb,,,

Price Saver,Yellow Reg. Twin,Shurfine-CentralCorp.,,Northlake,IL,16 oz,,rect CBB,

Pringles,Sign 1′ X 2.5′,,,,,,,,

Pringles Right Criaps,Gray/yellow/white/black,Procter& Gamble,Box 5560,Cincinnati,OH,12 oz box/cellophane,,rect CBB,

Prize,Blue/white,Crouthamel Potato ChipCo.,,Quakertown,PA,1 lb,,,

Prize Potato Chips,White/blue Red “Prize”,CrouthamelPotato Chip Co.,,Quakertown,PA,3 lb,12 1/4 x 11 3/8″,NPCI woman cook’no’fire,

Purity Caramel Corn,Round Waxed Paper Box,Purity,,Milwaukee,WI,9oz,6 1/2 x 5,,

Purity Cone And Chip Co,,Indianapolis,IN,,,,

Purity Popcorn,Paper Label,Purity,,Milwaukee,WI,8 oz,,,

Q-Man’s,Blue,Kuehmann Food Inc.,,Toledo,OH,1 lb,7 7/8 x10 1/2,30 cent deposit,Heekin

Quinlan Potato Chips Inc,,Philadelphia,PA,,,,

Quinlan’s,White-blue,,,,PA,3 lb,,,

Quinlan’s Butter Pretzel,Blue Farm Boy W/basket,QuinlanPretzel Company,,Reading,PA,6 lb,12 1/4 x 15 3/4,Milw Biff Bang Popcorn label,?

Quinlan’s Butter Pretzels,,,,,PA,12 oz,,,

Rainbow Foods Potato Chip,Rainbow Colored -Regular,Rainbow Foods,,Hopkins,MN,1 lb twin pack,,rect CBB,

Rainbow Foods Potato Chip,Rainbow Colored -Ripple,Rainbow Foods,,Hopkins,MN,1 lb twin pack,,rect CBB,

Rainey’s Chips,Yellow W/red Lettering,Rainey’s PotatoChips,62nd & Noble Sts.,Philadelphia,PA,4 oz,6 x 4,Saratoga Style PotatoChips,

Ralph Co. Hyde,,Bellefonte,PA,,,,

Ray’s,Red/white/blue,Ray’s Brand ProductsInc.,,Springfield,IL,16 oz,7 1/2×11 3/8,,CCC

Ray’s Brand Products,,Springfield,IL,,,,

Ready To Eat,Red Enamel, Popcorn Processors, Inc., LosAngeles,CA,,,,

Ready To Eat,Red Paper Label,,,,,16 oz,,,

Reber’s,Yellow-black-red,,,,,1 lb,,,

Rector Food Products Co,,Pueblo,CO,,,,

Red Dot,Matchbook-bag Clown,,,,,,,,

Red Dot,White W/red Lid,Red Dot Foods Inc,,Madison,WI,1lb,,paper label sm. red dots,

Red Dot,Yellow,Red Dot Foods Inc,,Madison,WI,3.5 lb,,inbrown banner,

Red Dot,Yellow-red,Red Dot Foods Inc,,Madison,WI,1lb,,”Potato Chips” in Banner,CC

Red Dot,Yellow-red,Red Dot Foods Inc,,Madison,WI,1lb,,,NC

Red Dot Popcorn,Red,Red Dot Foods Inc,,Madison,WI,7QT,,litho label two sides,

Red Dot Popcorn,Red,Red Dot Foods Inc,,Madison,WI,7QT,,paper label,

Red Dot Pretzels,,Red Dot Foods Inc,,Madison,WI,12 oz,,,

Red Seal,Bag,Red Seal,,,CO,10 oz,,Coke advertisement,

Red Seal,Kite,,,,,,,,

Red Seal,,Red Seal Potato Chip Co.,,Denver,CO,1 lb,,75thanniversary,

Rex Potato Chip,,Rex Potato Chip Company,,Haverhill,MA,,,,

Rex Potato Chips,,,,,,,,,

Rhinelander,Yellow/brown – Regular,Rhinelander FoodsInc.,,Rhinelander,WI,16 oz,,rect CBB,

Rhinelander Potato Chips,Yellow/brown – RippleChip,Rhinelander Foods Inc.,,Rhinelander,WI,one pound twin-pack,,rect CBB,

Ritz Crackers,Red/blue W/crackers,Nabisco Inc.,,EastHanover,NJ,13 oz,6″ x 5 3/4″,Spanish/english version,?

Rochester Maid Chip Co,,Rochester,NY,,,,

Rold Gold / Ace,Butter Pretzels face Plab,Ameican Cone& Pretzel Co.,,Chicago,,6 lb ?,12 1/4 x 13 3/4,Ace Popcorn & Pretzeluse,?

Rold Gold Pretzels,Cov’d W/Nestle Chocolate,RoldGold?,,,,12 oz,10 1/8×5 3/8×4 1/8,Xmas octang tin May’96,?

Rold Gold Thin Cocktail,Sticks,A.C. & P. Co.,,St.Louis,MO,1.5 lb,,yellow/blue 1928 copy,

Rold Gold Thin Cocktail,Sticks,A.C. & P. Co.,,St.Louis,MO,1.5 lb,,orangish/blue 1928 copy,

Rold Gold Thin Pretzel,Sticks,American Cone & PretzelCo.,,St. Louis,MO,16 oz,,,

Ross Potato Chip Co,,Richland,PA,,,,

Roundy’s,Blue/white Reg. Twin,Roundy’sInc.,,Milwaukee,WI,8 oz,,rect CBB,

Ruffles,POS CB Diecut 1995,Frito-Lay Inc.,,,,,3 1/2 feettall,Bugs Bunnyw/bag/flagpole,

Ruffles,POS CBDiecut 1995,Frito-Lay Inc.,,,,,3 1/2 feettall,Porky Pig as StatueLiberty,

Russell Food Products Co,,Milwaukee,WI,,,,

Russell’s,Yellow,,,,,1 lb 4 oz,,,

Russet Potato Chip Co,,Fairview,MA,,,,

Rutledge Potato Chip Co,,Ft. Worth,TX,,,,

Salem,Blue,K.T. Salem Inc.,,Akron,OH,3 lb,,,

Salem,,K.T. Salem Inc.,,Akron,OH,18 oz,,round CBB,

Salem,Red-white,K.T. Salem Inc.,,Akron,OH,2 lb,,,

Salem,Red/white W/kid’s Faces,K.T. SalemInc.,,Akron,OH,10 oz,,,7 1/2″ in diameter, 7 1/2″ tall.

Salem Mfg Specialty Co,,Akron,OH,,,,

Salem’s Potato Chip,White/blue Lettering,K.T. SalemInc.,,Akron,OH,1 lb,7″ x 11″,nude silhouette,

Sally’s,White-red-blue,Sally’s Potato ChipCompany,,Columbus,OH,1.5 lb,9 3/4 x 10 5/8,same as Seyfert’s,Heekin

Sani-Products Of Texas,,Austin,TX,,,,

Saratoga Chip Co,,Wichita Falls,TX,,,,

Saratoga Pop Corn Co., Beverly, MA., manufacturers of popcorn confectionary, circa 1931.

Schuler’s,8 Oz Glass,,,,,,,,

Schuler’s,Cardboard IcelessCooler,,,,,,,price $1.49,


Schuler’s,Silver-blue,Schuler Potato ChipCo,,Rochester,NY,3 lb,,,

Schultz’s,Red Reg. Twin,Schultz Sav-O StoresInc,,Sheboygan,WI,16 oz,,rect CBB,

Schultz’s,Yellow Ripple twin,Schultz Sav-O StoresInc,,Sheboygan,WI,16oz,,rect CBB,

Scott’s,Red-blue,Scott’s Potato Products Corp,,East GrandForks,MN,16 oz,,”Super Tuber” Scot Lass, .

Scudder Food Products Inc,,Monterey Park,CA,,,,

Select,,I.V.A. Foods,,Cedar Rapids,IA,16 oz,,yellow paperlabel,

Sentry,Black Reg. Twin,Fleming Companies Inc.,,OklahomaCity,OK,16 oz,,rect CBB,

Sexton Caramel Corn,Red/wht,John Sexton &Co.,,Chicago,IL,1 LB,6 1/8 x 7 1/8,,

Seyfert’s,Red-white-blue,Seyfert Foods,,Fort Wayne,IN,14oz,7 1/2 x 11 3/8,”Recognized as the Finest”,NC

Seyfert’s,Red/white/blue,Seyfert’sFoods,,Columbus,OH,1 lb,,,

Seyfert’s,,Seyfert Foods,,Fort Wayne,IN,1.5 lb,,red paperlabel,

Seyfert’s,White-red-blue,Seyfert’s Potato ChipCompany,,Columbus,OH,1.5 lb,9 3/4 x 10 5/8,later ver of Sally’s(?),H

Seyfert’s Butter Pretzels,Glass DisplayJar,Seyfert’s,,,MI,rect.,6.25×6.25×12.75,,

Shamrock Food Products,,S. Charleston,WV,,,,

Shuck’s Pretzels,Yellow/blk/red Bowl Of,Golden HarvestProducts Inc.,,Overland Park,KN,xmas popcorn size,9 7/8 x 117/8″,”Nostalgic Pretzel”,

Silver Springs,Lime Green/dark Green,Silver SpringFoods,,Silver Springs,PA,1 lb,8 3/4 x 9 3/8,,

Sir Chips,Yellow/brown Top Hat Man,Sir ChipsIncorporated,,Indianapolis,IN,1 lb,8 1/4 x 9 1/8″,zip 46219,H9877

Smith Potato Crisps,Blue Label Glass Lid,,,Kew Surrey,ENG,,,,

Snyder’s Bakery,,Hanover,PA,,,,

Snyder’s Of Hanover Pret,Rect. Pretzels W/fireplace,Snyder’sOf Hanover Inc.,,Hanover,PA,15.5 oz,9 1/2×5 5/8×4 1/8,Hard Pretzels-sourdough,?SNYDER OF BERLIN

Snyder’s Potato Chips,Lt. Blue & White 99Cents,Hanover Guest Quality Foods Corp,,Hanover,PA,18 oz,9 3/4×4 5/8,round CBB,

So Good Potato Chips,,So Good Potato Chip Co.,,St.Louis,MO,3 lb,,,

So Good Saratoga,Red-white,So Good Potato Chip Co,,StLouis,MO,8 oz,,,

So Good Saratoga,,So Good Potato Chip Co,,St. Louis,MO,8oz,,Latt.,

Southern Farms,Tan,Golden Flake Snack FoodsInc.,,Birmingham,AL,14 oz,,,

Spero Food Products Co,,Brooklyn,NY,,,,

Spud,Matchbook Cover-white,,,,,,,,

Spuds Inc,,Chicago,IL,,,,

Sta-Krisp,Blue/yellow, Sweet Maid,,,,,1 lb or over,,,

Sta-Krisp,Red/white/blue,Sta-Krisp Inc.,3710McCormick,Wichita,KN,15 oz,9 7/8×9″,round CBB,

Sta-Krisp Potato Chip Co,,Chicago,IL,,,,

Sta-Krisp Popt Corn, Michigan Pop Corn Company, GrandRapids, MI., yellow/red/wht., 8″ dia. x 11 tall.. 1940’s

Stansell Potato Chip And Sandwich Co,,Macon,GA,,,,

Stansell Potato Chip Co,,Lubbock,TX,,,,


Star,Star Potato Chip Co., North View, Oh, White-red,,,,,1.5 lb,,,

Starland Company,,Bronx,NY,,,,

State Line Potato Chip Co Inc,,North Wilbraham,MA,,,,

Stauble’s,Red-silver,Stauble’s Potato ChipInc,,Cincinnati,OH,3 lb,11 5/8 x 14″,1 dep,

Stauble’s,Red-white,Stauble’s Food ProductsCo,,Hamilton,OH,1 lb,7 3/8×11 1/4,NPCI,H 6614

Stauble’s,Yellow W/red Label,Stauble’s Food ProductCo.,,Hamilton,OH,1.5 lb,,,

Stehman’s,Green-black,H.G Stehman,R.D.#1,Landisville,PA,2 lb,,,

Sterzing’s,Yellow-red-white,Sterzing FoodCompany,,Burlington,IA,1 lb,8 x 9 1/4,UPC,

Stewart Coffee Co,,Memphis,TN,,,,

Stock’s Quality Food Products Co,,Reading,PA,,,,

Struve’s Pop Corn,Butter Scotch Flavor,Struve’s,,,WI,16oz,8″ x 6 5/8″,paplb 25 cents+10cent dep,

Struve’s Pop Corn,Paper Label white/green,Walter P.Struve,,De Pere,WI,15 oz,7 1/2 x 11 3/8,39 cents plus 10 cent dep.,

Sudlow’s,Yellow-red,Sudlow Foods Inc,,Muncie,IN,3 lb,,,

Sudlow’s,Yellow-red,Sudlow Foods Inc,,Muncie,IN,1.5 lb,,,

Sunrise Pure Food Company,,Cambridge,MA,,,,

Sunshine,Short Can,,,,NY,12 oz,,yellow paper label,

Sunshine,Tall Can,,,,NY,16 oz,,yellow paper label,

Sunshine Potato Chips,Wht/red Short Can,Sunshine BiscuitsInc,,Long Island,NY,12 oz,7 1/2 x 8,,Ind Can Balto

Sunshine Cheese Stix,Yellow/blue,,,,,14 oz,,,

Sunshine Thin Pretzel Stix,Red/yellow,,,,NY,14 oz,,,

Super 1,Blue Reg. Twin,Miner’s Inc.,,Duluth,MN,7 oz,,rectCBB,

Super 1,Green. Ripple Twin,Miner’s Inc.,,Duluth,MN,7oz,,rect CBB,

Super Popt Popcorn,Popcorn Paper Label,Pop Corn SezCompany,Upper Darby,Philadelphia,PA,4.5 oz,6 x 7″,no lid,

Superior,Aqua,Superior Potato Chip Inc,14245 BirwoodDetroit 38,Detroit,MI,1 lb,,,

Superior,Aqua/red,Superior Potato Chips Inc,14245Birwood,Detroit,MI,3 lb,12 3/8 x 14 5/8,red lid 75 cent dep,Heekin

Superior,Yellow-red-blue,Superior Potato Chip Inc,14245Birwood,Detroit,MI,3 lb,12 1/4 x 14 3/4,,Ind Can Balto

Superman Pretzels,Superman Comic Book Cover,AndersonBakery Co. Inc.,,Lancaster,PA,20 oz,5 7/8 x 9 1/8″,Superman’s 50thBirthday,?

Supreme Pretzel Stix,Cream/blue W/red Lid,,,,PA,16 oz,,,

Swinson Food Products,,Charlotte,NC,,,,

T&R Butler’s,,,,,,,,,

T.J. Marsden Co,,Pottsville,PA,,,,

T.K.,Yellow Stripes,,,,,1.5 lb,,,

Tast-Krisp Pop Korn,White/blue,Tasty-Krisp ProductsInc.,,Detroit,MI,15oz or more,7 1/2×11 1/4,copyright 1938,A. C. Co.

Tasty Chips,Matchbook-bag-blue,,,,,,,,

Tasty Foods Co,,Denver,CO,,,,

Tasty Taters,White-red,Tasty Taters Co,,Findlay,OH,2lb,,,

Tasty Toasted Pretz.Stick,Blue/yellow,,,,,13 oz,,,

Tem-Tee Pretzels,Brown&white Red Lettering,Tem-TeeFoods,,Canton,OH,12 oz,6 7/8 x 8 7/8,Food Distributor,?

Terry’s,,,,,,,,round CBB,

The 21 Club Pretzels,Black Lid Grey Trim W/redL,,Owned ByJBrea83151,,,,8″ x 10″,Twenty One Club Pretzels,

The Bingham Co.,,Jamestown,NY,,,,

The Chip King,White-orange-blue,,,,,14.14 oz,,,

The Food Service,,Decatur,IL,,,,

The Frito Co. Inc,,Dallas,TX,,,,

The Maui Chip,Beach Scene 1986,The Maui ChipInc.,,Wilmington,DE,4 oz,4 1/4 x 5 1/8,,

The Maui Chip,Purple-blue-green beach,The Maui ChipInc.,,Wilmington,DE,1 lb,8 1/4 x 10″,1986 zip19850,TA

The Original Giant Pretzel,Brown/copperPretzels,?,,,PA?,60 oz,9 3/4 x 11″,Quality Since 1888,?

The Pretzel House,The Julius Sturgis Pret.Hse,,,,PA,,,PennsylvaniaDutch,

Thomasson’s,Blue-white-red,,,Elyria,OH,3 lb,,,

Tip Top,Yellow,,,,,2 lb,,,

Tip Top,Yellow,,,,,1 lb,,,

Tom Sturgis Pretzels,Red,,,,,16 oz,,,

Tom Sturgis Pretzels,Red,,,,,3 lb,,,

Tom Thumb Potato Chips,Blue/red/ Ripple Cut,Tom Thumb,110East 17th Street,Hastings,MN,7 oz twin pack,,rect CBB,

Tom Thumb Potato Chips,Purple Color/straight Cut,TomThumb,110 East 17th Street,Hastings,MN,7 oz twin pack,,rect CBB,

Tom’s,Toy Truck,,,,,,,,

Tommy Dale,Yellow-black,Tommy Dale Potato ChipInc.,,Tuckerton,PA,16 oz,,,

Tommy Dale,Yellow/black,Tommy Dale Potato Chip Inc.,90Water St. Tuckerton,Reading,PA,4 lb,12 1/4×14 in,Zip 19605,

Top Hat Potato Chip Co,,Sacramento,CA,,,,

Top-er’s,White-red,,,,,1.5 lb,,,

Toppers,Paper Serving Cups,,,,,,,,

Trail’s End Popcorn,Sq.White/blue Bl. Lid 1989,Trail’sEnd Company,,Van Buren,IN,12 oz,6 3/8×4 3/4×3 7/8,carmel corn w/pecans,

Treat Co Inc,,Brooklyn,NY,,,,

Tri-Sum Potato Chip Co,,Leominster,MA,,,,

True Popt Corn,Yellow/red/black Paper Lab,True PopcornCo.,,Minneapolis,MN,14 oz or over,7 1/2 x 11 1/4,mailing label on side,

Try-Mee,,Peoria Food Specialty Co,,Peoria,IL,1 lb,,blackpaper label,

TwinPines,White-yellow-green,Twin Pines,,Detroit,MI,1 lb,6 1/8 x10″,,Heekin

Up-To-Date,Green-dark Orange,Up-To-Date Food ProductsCompany,4920 Montgomery Rd.,Norwood,OH,1 lb,,”Crispy” “Tasty”,Heekin

Up-To-Date,Green/yellow,Up-To-Date Food Products Co,4920Montgomery Road,Norwood,OH,3 lb,12 1/4×14 in,PH MELROSE 1-2673,H 6184-A

Up-To-Date,,Up To Date Food Products Co,,Norwood,OH,14oz,,paper label,

Up-To-Date,White-green,Up To Date Food Products Co,,,OH,3lb,,,

Utz,Gold,Utz Potato Chip Co,,Hanover,PA,2 lb,,,

Utz,Gold,Utz Potato Chip Co,,Hanover

Utz,Gold,Utz Potato Chip Co,,Hanover,PA,3 lb,,,


Utz,Toy Delivery Van,,,,,,,,

Valley Food Co,,Winchester,VA,,,,

Valley Maid,Matchbook- Bag Yellow,,,,,,,,

Valley Maid,Red-white,Valley Maid Inc,,Phoenixville,PA,3lb,,,

Vege’s Pretzels,Yellow W/ Blue,Vege PretzelCo.,,Hanover,PA,7 lb,12 1/4 x 13.0,,Ind. Can Baltimore Md

Victor Brand Sturgis Pret,Tan W/ Red Lettering,,,,PA,5lb,,,

Vincent’s,Red/white/blue-fly.witch,Vincent Potato ChipCo. Inc.,205 Highland Ave.,Salem,MA,1 lb 8 oz,,,

Vincent’s Potato Chips,Red/white/blue-fly Witch,VincentPotato Chip Co. Inc.,205 Highland Ave.,Salem,MA,3 1/2 lb,,,

Virginia Lee, red/white/blue, American Stores Co.,Pennsylvania?, 7 1/2″ dia. x 9″ tall.

Vita Boy,White,Famous Foods Inc,,Detroit,MI,16 oz,,,

Vita-Boy,Red/white/blue receipes,FamousFoods,,Detroit,MI,1 lb,,copyright 1941,NC

Vita-Boy Pop’t Corn,,Famous Foods Inc,,Detroit,MI,15oz,,,

W.T. Phillips & Sons,,Hampton,VA,,,,

Wachusett,,Wachusett Potato Chip Co.,30 WaterSt.,Clinton,MA,,,780,

Waulter’s,Yellow-black,Waulter’s Potato ChipCompany,,Milwaukee,WI,16 oz,,,

Wavy Lays,POS CB Diecut 1995,Frito-Lay Inc.,,,,,3 1/2feet tall,Daffy Duck diving into bag,

Weaver Potato Chip Co,,Lincoln,NE,,,,

Wenger’s Pretzels, “Good To The LastCurve”,Wenger Pretzel Co>,,Elizabethtown,PA,5 lb,12 1/4 x 141/8″,”Superior Quality ..Supreme”,?

Wheeler’s,Red-white,The Wheeler Mineral SpringsCo,,Youngstown,OH,3 lb,,,

White Cat Corn (pop Corn),Wh/black Graphics,White CatCorn,RR1,Hamburg,IL,,5 1/4×6 1/2,upc,

Wickham Brothers Inc,,Scranton,PA,,,,

Williams & Co,,San Francisco,CA,,,,

Wilson,Blue-red,,,Salt Lake City,UT,1 lb,,,

Winslow,Paper Sign Dated 1950,Winslow ChipCompany,,Marblehead,MA,,,12″ x 20″,

Winslow,Tin Sign 30″ X 34″,Winslow ChipCompany,,Marblehead,MA,,,,

Winslow’s,White-red,Winslow Chip Co,,Marblehead,MA,1 lb 8oz,,,

Winslow’s Potato Chips,Aqua W/red Graphics c1940,WinslowChip Company,Corner Green St. And Lincoln Ave.,Marblehead,MA,3 lb,12″ x 101/2″,”New Process” Potato Chips,?

Wise,Cardboard Sign 14″ X 16″,,,,,,,,

Wise, Flowered,Wise Delicatessen,,Berwick,PA,15oz,,,Heekin 7176-1

Wise,Flowered W/label,Wise Delicatessen,,Berwick,PA,15oz,,,

Wise,Large Chip Bowl,,,,,,,,

Wise,,Wise Delicatessen,,Berwick,PA,18 oz,,round CBB,

Wise Cottage Fries,Yellow Upc Label,,,,,16 oz,,,

Wolverine,White-red-blue,Wolverine Potato ChipCo,,Detroit,MI,1 lb,7 1/2 x 11 1/4,NPCI seal on side, .

Yach’s,5 1/2 X 8 Red Paper Label,Yach’s Potato Chips,1507W. National Ave.,Milwaukee 4,WI,3 lb?,9 7/8×12 7/8,Herman Jaehrlich owner?,

Yach’s Fresh Popcorn,Orange. Carmelcorn paplab.,Yach’s,1507W. National Ave.,Milwaukee 4,WI,1 lb or over,9 7/8 x 13 1/8,label 4 x 33/4″ wh/rdL,HEEKIN

Yankee,Matchbook Cover,,,,,,,,

Yankee,White-blue,Golden Valley Food ProductsCo,,Detroit,MI,1 lb,,,

Yo Ho,Red-white-blue,Yo Ho Food ProductsCompany,,Chicago,IL,16 oz,,,

Yo Ho,,Yo Ho Food Products Company,,Chicago,IL,1lb,,round CBB,

Zeller’s,Red-white Stripes,Paul W. Zellers,,Highspire,PA,1lb,,,