Snack Food Tins & Go-Withs G thru N

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Snack Food Tin & Go-Withs

G thru N

G & G Potato Chip Co Inc,,Cohoes,NY,,,,

G.R. Tyler,,Akron,OH,,,,

Gatewood,,Floyd Gatewood Food Distributers,,Indianapolis,IN,1lb,,paper label,

Geiser’s,Blue Wavy Twin,Geiser’s Potato Chip Co.,,Chicago,IL,8oz,,rect CBB,

Geiser’s,Yellow Reg. Twin,Geiser’s Potato Chip Co,,Chicago,IL,8oz,,rect CBB,

Geiser’s Popcorn,,Geiser’s,,Milwaukee,WI,12 oz,,,

Geiser’s Popcorn,,Geiser’s,,Milwaukee,WI,1.5 lb,,,

Geiser’s Popcorn,Mega Size Plastic Bag -blue,Jay’s FoodsL.L.C.,,Chicago,IL,24 oz bag,,plastic bag,

Geo. H. Dentler & Son,,Houston,TX,,,,

Gibble Pretzels,1976 Bicentennial,,,,,1 lb 8 oz,,,

Gibble’s,Red-white-blue,,,,,1 lb,,1976,

Gold Bond Products Co,,Kansas City,MO,,,,

Golden Belle,Red-white,Gordon Foods Inc,,Cincinnati,OH,1 lb,,,

Golden Belle Potato Chips,,Driscoll Food ProductsCo,,Cincinnati,OH,1 lb,,,

Golden Crisp,White-brown,,,,,16 oz,,,

Golden Flake,Alabama 1992 Nat. Champs,Golden Flake Snack FoodsInc.,,Birmingham,AL,1-6 oz bag,7 1/2×11 in,zip 35201,

Golden Flake,Bear Bryant Ltd,Golden Flake,,Atlanta,GA,1lb,7″ x 11″,1981 Commemorative, (mint examples of this tinusually sell for $35 or more)

Golden Flake,Trucks From Diff Years,Golden Flake,,Atlanta,GA,1 lb,71/2 x 11 1/8,brn/city/rainbow,?

Golden Flake Potato Chips,Blue National Champ Comm,Golden FlakeSnack Foods Inc.,,Birmingham,AL,6 oz,6″ x 10 1/8,Coach Rick Pitino,?

Golden Tulip Food Products,,San Antonio,TX,,,,

Good Luck,Yellow-blue-red,John F. Jelke Company,Chicago12,Chicago,IL,1 lb,7 1/2 x 11 1/4,paper label,

Good’s,Coffee Mug,,,,,,,,

Goodies Spud Chip Co,,Billings,MT,,,,

Goods,Red-white,,,,,36 oz,,,

Gordon Krispy Keeper,Potato Chip Crisper,Gordon,,Atlanta,GA,,,RedGordon Truck on top,

Gordon’s,Ashtray Dated 1959,,,,,,,,

Gordon’s,Red-white Red Truck,Gordon Foods,,Atlanta,GA,3.5 lb,121/4×14 1/2,NPCI 75 cent dep,H 7950

Gordon’s,Small Clip Board,,,,,,,,

Gordons,Red-white,Gordon Foods Inc,,Atlanta,GA,16 oz,,red truckprint,

Gordons Krun-Chee,White-red two Handles,GordonFoods,,Cincinnati,OH,1 1/2 lb,9 7/8 x 10 3/4″,50cent dep.NPCI seal,H8903

Grampa Merv’s,Aqua,,,,WI,1 lb,,,

Granite State,Matchbook Cover-silver,,,,,,,,

Granite State Potato Chip Co,,Salem Depot,NH,,,,

Granite State Potato Chips,15 Cents Blk Graphics,Granite StatePotato Chip Co.,,Salem Depot,NH,rect CBB,7 1/2wx5hx2d,1920’s? Old Man on Mt.,

Granny Goose,Red Holiday Design,,,,CA,16 oz,,,

Gray Bonnet Products Co,,St. Louis,MO,,,,

Great American Pretzel,Yellow,,,,,2 LB,,,

Greely Spud Chip Co,,Greely,CO,,,,

Grippo’s,Black-green,,,Cincinnati,OH,3 lb,,,

Grippo’s,Glass Store Dispenser,,,,,,,,

Grippo’s,White-red-blue,Grippo Cone & PretzelCo,,Cincinnati,OH,3 lb,,,

Groff’s,Red/white/blue,Groff’s Potato Chips,,Bowmansville,PA,2lb,10×11 7/8,”Fresh off the Farm”,

Guest,Chip Bag,,,,,,,,

Guy’s,Yellow-brown-green,Guy’s Foods Inc,,Kansas City,MO,12 oz,71/2 x 8,,H8975

Guy’s Nuts & Chips,Metal Sign 28″x 38″,,,,,,,,

Guys,,,,Wichita,KS,20 oz,,round paper box,

H. Schachet & Co,,Denver,CO,,,,

H.A.T. Food Products Co,,Knoxville,TN,,,,

H.H. Crouthamel Potato Chip Mfg Co,,Quakertown,PA,,,,

Hague’s Pretzels,Yellow 8-sided,,,,,,,,

Halter Pretzel Co,,Canton,OH,,,,


Hanover,Matchbook Cover white Elf, MarylandMatch Co., Balto, MD.

Hanover Potato Chips, Hanover Canning Co., Hanover, PA.,”Guest Quality”.

Happy’s Potato Chips,Red/white/blue,Happy’s Potato ChipCo.,,Minneapolis,MN,7 oz,,rect CBB twin pack,

Happy’s Ripples,Red/white/blue/yellow,Happy’s Potato ChipCo.,,Minneapolis,MN,7 oz,,rect CBB twin packs,

Harper Potato Chip Co,,Longmont,CO,,,,

Havmor Food Products,,Brooklyn,NY,,,,

Hawkins Potato Chips, Crispy  Flake ProductsCompany of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Heintz,Yellow-red,Heintz Potato Co.,,Detroit,MI,15 oz,,2 varieties,

Heintz,Yellow/red,Heintz Potato Co.,,Detroit,MI,1 lb,8 1/4x 9,,H

Henney’s Potato Chips,Red/white?,Henney,,Wilmington,DE,,,,

Herrs,Blue-white,Herr’s Potato Chips,,Willow Street,PA,1 lb,,,

Hiker’s Food Products Co,,Boulder,CO,,,,

Hiland,,Hiland Potato Chip Co,,Des Moines,IA,16 oz,,round paperbox,

Hiland,Matchbook Cover – Blue,,,,,,,,

Hiland,Red-white-blue,Hiland Potato Chip Co,,Des Moines,IA,16oz,,Diamond Picture,

Hiland,Red-white-blue,Hiland Potato Chip Co,,Des Moines,IA,16oz,,oval picture,

Hiland,White-yellow,Hiland Potato Chip Co.,,Des Moines,IA,16 oz,,,

Hiland,White-yellow-red Checked,Hiland Potato Chip Co.,,DesMoines,IA,14 oz,7 1/2 x 11 3/8,bag pipe player,WCC

Hiland Pop Corn,Oval Litho,Hiland Potato Chip Co.,,Des Moines,IA,15oz,7 1/2×11 1/4,,C.C. Co.6-13

Hiland Popcorn,Red-white-blue,Hiland Potato Chip Company,,DesMoines,IA,16 oz,,,

Holtzman’s,Red W/glass Insert Lid,,,,,6 lb,,,

Holtzman’s Butter Pretz-s,Red W/wh Lettering,Holtzman’sInc.,,Myerstown,PA,6 lb,10 1/8 x 11 7/8,tin-tite w/caution,

Home,Blue,Home Sweet Home Dist. Co.,2001 Edsel FordExpy,Detroit,MI,1 lb,,,

Home Town,,Home Town Potato Chip Co,,Louisvile,KY,,,,

Honey Bee,Yellow-red,Honey Bee Co,,Chicago,IL,1 lb,,,

Hopalong Cassidy,White Cassidy & Horse,Kuehmann FoodsInc,,Chicago,IL,15 oz,7 1/2×11 3/8,copyright W.M.Boyd 1950,

Hudson’s,Matchbook Cover – Blue

Humpty Dumpty,Blue/silver/red,Humpty DumptyPotato Chip Co.,,Portland,ME,2 lb,10″ x 12 3/4″,graphics on silver,?

Humpty Dumpty,Yellow-blue,,,,ME,1.5 lb,,,

Humpty Dumpty,Yellow-blue,,,,ME,3 lb,,,

Humpty Dumpty,Yellow-blue,,,,ME,3lb,,new can/old design,

Humpty Dumpty,,,,,ME,13.2 oz,,round paper box,

Humpty Dumpty,,,,,ME,1 lb,,paper label,

Humpty Dumpty Jr.,Yellow-blue,,,,ME,1 lb,,,

Hunt’s Potato Chip Co,,Braintree,MA,,,,

Husman’s,Red W/blue Let.white Band,Husman Potato ProductsCo.,,Cincinnati,OH,14 oz,7 1/2 x 11 3/8,”Extra Fancy Quality”,Heekin

Husman’s,Red-white-blue,Husman Potato Products Co.,,Cincinnati,OH,1lb,,,

Husman’s,Red-yellow,Husman Snack Foods,1621 MooreStreet,Cincinnati,OH,3 lb,12 1/4 x 14 1/8,newer can/old marking,Bertells Can Co.

Husman’s,Red/wh/blue lid Graphics,The Husman Potato ProductsCo.,,Cincinnati,OH,13 oz,7 1/2 x 10 3/4″,Delicious Food Serve w/meals,H8884

Husman’s,Red/wh/blue NPCI,Husman Potato ProductsCo,,Cincinnati,OH,13 oz,7 1/2 x 10 3/4″,”Serve With Meals”,H8330A

Husman’s Popcorn,Yel/wh/red ched. Cheese,The Husman Potato ProductsCo.,,Cincinnati,OH,13 oz,7 1/2 x 10 3/4″,83 cents written on lid,8992

Husman’s Popcorn,Yellow,Husman Food Products Co.,,Cincinnati,OH,2.5lb,,,

Husman’s Popcorn,Yellow-white,Husman Food ProductsInc.,,Cinncinati,OH,1 lb,,,

Husman’s Popcorn,Yellow/blue Ched.cheese,The Husman Snack FoodsCo.,1621 Moore Street,Cincinnati,OH,2 1/2 lb,12 1/4 x 14 5/8″,paplab. $2 depositsticker,Ind. Can Balto. MD

Hygrade,Red-white-blue,Hygrade Bakery Co,,Philadelphia,PA,1lb,,Golden Crisp,

Hygrade Crispy Deluxe,Cocktail Sticks,,,,PA,16 oz,,light tan/brown,

Hygrade Tasty Toasted,Cocktail Sticks,,,,PA,16 oz,,yellow-bluew/red lid,

Hyklas Food Products,,Brooklyn,NY,,,,

IGA,Blue Ripple Twin,IGA Inc.,,Chicago,IL,7 oz,,rect CBB,

IGA,Red Reg. Twin,IGA Inc.,,Chicago,IL,,,rect CBB,

IGA,Yellow-white Stripes,IGA Distributing Co. Inc,,Chicago,IL,20oz,9 1/8 x 11 3/8,”Big-Big Can”,National Can

Indian Princess Pop’g Corn,Brown/copper,J.L Clark Mfg Co.,2300 6thStreet,Rockford,IL,,4 7/8×3 5/8×3 5/8,,

J. Reisman & Sons Co,,Norristown,PA,,,,

Jack Sprat,Bag,,,,,5 oz,,,

Jack’s,Blue/white W/orange Letter,,,,,16 oz,,,

Jake’s,White-red,Drennon Food Products Co,,Atlanta,GA,16 oz,,cTM1938,

Jane Parker,Blue-white Chips,The Great Atlantic&Pacific Tea Co.Inc,,New York,NY,1 lb,,paper label,CCC

Jane Parker,Red Enamel W/red Paper Lab,The Great A & P TeaCo.,,New York,NY,,8 3/8 x 9 3/8,,

Jane Parker,Red Paper Label/chips,A & P Bakers – The GreatAtlantic&Pacific Tea Co.,,New York,NY,1 lb,7 1/2 x 11 1/4,no lid,

Jane Parker,Red-white-blue,The Great Atlantic&Pacific Tea Co.Inc,,New York,NY,1 lb,,,

Jane Parker,White,The Great A&P Tea Co. Inc,,New York,NY,1 lb,83/8 x 9 3/8,red-white paper face label,

Jane Parker,,,,New York,NY,16 oz,,round CBB,

Jane Parker Popcorn,Yellow-blue Paper Label,,,New York,NY,1 lb,,,

Jay’s,Barbecue Twin,Jay’s Foods L.L.C.,,Chicago,IL,6 oz,,rect CBB,

Jay’s,Cheddar&Sour Cream,Jay’s Food L.L.C.,,Chicago,IL,6oz,,rect CBB Ridged chips,

Jay’s,Locker Room,Jay’s Foods Inc,,Chicago,IL,2 lb,,w/small paperlabel,

Jay’s,Matchbook Cover-blue/wht,,,,,,,,

Jay’s,No Salt Added twin,Jay’s Foods L.L.C.,,Chicago,IL,6 oz,,rectCBB,


Jay’s,Ridged “Big J”,Jay’s Foods L.L.C.,,Chicago,IL,15oz,,rect CBB,

Jay’s,White-blue,Special Foods Company,,Chicago,IL,1 lb,,post Mrs.Japps,

Jay’s Popcorn,Red,Jay’s,,Chicago,IL,12 oz,,,

Jays,White-blue,Jay’s Foods Inc,,Chicago,IL,16 oz,,,

Jays,White-blue,Jay’s Foods Inc.,,Chicago,IL,1 lb,,1986 LTDEdition,

Jean’s Beans,,Syracuse,NY,,,,

Jenny Lee,Red-white Stripes,Jenny Lee Bakeries,,Lynn,MA,1lb 3 oz,,,

Jeppesen Rhodes,,Provo,UT,,,,

Jewel Food Distributors,,Amarillo,TX,,,,

Jewel Maid,,,,,,1 lb 2 oz,,round paper box,

Johnson Food Products Co,,Oshkosh,WI,,,,

Jolly Time Pop Corn,Cellophane Bag (2),American Pop Corn Co.,,SiouxCity,IA,n/a,8 x 3 1/2,,

Jolly Time Pop Corn,Fresh Popped ?,,,,MO,,8 3/4 x 14 1/2,,

Jones’ Potato Chips

Jones Marcelled,White/red IPCI,Jones Potato Chip Co.,265 BowmanStreet,Mansfield,OH,2-12 oz packs,10 1/4 x 13″,2-handled non-return.,Bertels Can Co

Jones-Marcelled,White-red,Jones-Marcelled,265 BowmanSt,Mansfield,OH,24 oz,,,

Judson-Kerr & Bro. Inc,,Philadelphia,PA,,,,

Karmelkorn Krunch,Yellow/red/white product,Karmelkorn ShoppeInc.,,Rock Island,IL,12 oz,6″ x 5 1/4″,pecans almonds popkorn,?

Keebler Pretzels,Red/tan/wh Letters,Keebler Company,,Elmhurst,IL,17oz,7 18 x 9″,elf “uncommonly good”,

Kelly’s,,Kelly Food Products Inc,,Decatur,IL,14 oz,,round paperbox,

Kincaid Dist. Co,,Morgantown,WV,,,,

King Cole,Matchbook Cover-red/wht,,,,,,,,

King Cole,Red-silver,King Cole Foods Inc,,South Portland,ME,1.5lb,,,

King Cole,,,,South Portland,ME,20 oz,,round paper box,

Kitchen Cooked,Matchbook Cover -white,,,,,,,,

Kitchen Cooked,White-red,,,,,12 oz,,,

Kitty Clover,,Kitty Clover Potato Chip Co,,Omaha,NE,12 oz,,roundpaper box,

Kitty Clover,Red W/flag Ltd Ed.,The Snacktime Company,,TerreHaute,IN,14 oz,8 1/4 x 9 7/8,50th anniversary 1983,

Kitty Clover Potato Chip,Green W/no Flag C1983,The SnacktimeCompany,,Terre Haute,IN,14 oz,8 1/4 x 9 7/8,grn/yellow w/co story,?

Klein Products,,Albuquerque,NM,,,,

Knox Food Co,,San Diego,CA,,,,

Kohl’s,Blue Dip Twin,Kohl’s Food Stores,,Milwaukee,WI,8 oz,,rectCBB,

Kohl’s,Red Reg. Twin,Kohl’s Food Stores,,Milwaukee,WI,8 oz,,rectCBB,

Krinx Blue Ribbon,Candied Popcorn Gold/bl Lid,A.A. Walter &Co.,,Albany,NY,5 lb,12 1/4 x 7 1/8,glass insert lid,ccc non-returnable

Kroger Potato Sticks,Blue/yell W/product,The KrogerCo,,Cincinnati,OH,7 oz,7.0 x 4.0,RCBB pull &plastic lid,?

Kroger Potato Sticks,Blue/yell w/product,The KrogerCo.,,Cincinnati,OH,1.7 oz,2 1/8 x 4 1/2,RCBB pul lid,?

Krun-Chee,Blue-red,Krun-Chee Potato Chip Div. Sunshine BiscuitsInc,,Detroit,MI,1.5 lb,9 7/8×10 3/4,,H


Krun-Chee,White-red,Krun-Chee Potato Chip Co.,,Detroit,MI,1 lb,,,

Krun-Chee Popcorn,,Krun-Chee Potato Chip Co.,,Detroit,MI,15 oz,,,

KrunChee,Round Cardboard Box,Sunshine Biscuit Company,,NewYork,NY,,,,

Kuehman’s,Ginny Wood Story Button,,,,,,,,

Kuehman’s,,Kuehmann Potato Chip Co.,,Toledo,OH,16 oz,,blue dancers,

Kuehmann’s,,Kuehmann Potato Chip Co.,,Toledo,OH,16 oz,,reddancers,Cans Inc

Kuehmann’s,,Kuehmann Potato Chip Co.,,Toledo,OH,8 oz,,red dancers,

Kuehmann’s,,Kuehmann Potato Chip Co.,,Toledo,OH,4 oz,,red dancers,

Kuehmann’s,White-red-blue,Kuehmann Food Inc,,Toledo,OH,3 lb,12 1/4x 9 1/2,75 cent dep 2 handles,7708

Kuehmann’s,White-red-blue,Kuehmann Food Inc,,Toledo,OH,2 lb,,,

Kuehmann’s,White-red-blue,Kuehmann Foods Inc,,Chicago,IL,1 lb,7 1/2x 11 3/8,Toldeo OH. since 1899,

Kuntz,Yellow-red,Kuntz Bros.,,Xenia,OH,2 lb,,,

L-G,Red,El-Ge Potato Chip Co. Inc.,,York,PA,1 lb,,,

L-G,Red,El-Ge Potato Chip Co. Inc.,,York,PA,3 lb,,,

L-G,White,El-Ge Potato Chip Co. Inc.,,York,PA,1 lb,,red stripe atbottom,

Lahm Potato Chip Co,,St. Louis,MO,,,,

Lantz Brothers,,Lantz Bros.Baking Co,,St. Louis,MO,8 oz,,paperlabel,

Lawton,Miniature Coal Bucket,,,,,,,,

Lay’s,Air Mattress,,,,,,,,


Lay’s,Cardboard Sign 21″ X 44″,,,,,,,,

Lay’s,Coffee Mug,,,,,,,,

Lay’s,Flintstone’s Display,,,,,,,,

Lay’s,Paddle Board,,,,,,,,

Lay’s,Plastic Goalpost,,,,,,,,

Lay’s,Red/white/blue,H.W. Lay & Company Inc.,,Atlanta,GA,1 lb,73/8×11 1/4,,H 6600-A

Layfield Pretzel Stix,Red/white,Layfield PretzelsInc.,,Allentown,PA,1 lb,6 x 7 5/8,,

Lays,Blue-white,Lays,,Atlanta,GA,16 oz,,,

Lays Potato Chip Tin. Can measures approximately 15″ high,38″around at the top, and is 12″ in diameter, handle to handle. Handles are”D” style, has a great picture of “OSCAR”, the potato used as thecompany’s “spokes-spud” in the early years. 3 lbs (Soldfor $81 on 7/23/98)

Lef-Lad,,Wilkes Barre,PA,,,,

Leonard Gillespie,,York,PA,,,,

Lever’s Potato Chips, table modellighter,approx.2″ high and 2″ long, Made in Japan. On the back and front itreads LEVERS POTATO CHIPS, “Always Out In Front”.

Li’l Chipper Potato Chips,Gray/blk ivory Label red Lt,Crispy ChipCo.,,Deerfield,NJ,1 lb,7 1/2″ x 9″,chipmunk logo matte finish,?

Lloyd Brooks Potato Chip Co,,Miami,FL,,,,

Loft Caramel Pop-Corn,Red,Loft,Nerw England Area,,NY,10 oz ormore,5x 6 5/8,,

Lone Star Foods Inc,,Dallas,TX,,,,

Los Angeles Nut House,,Los Angeles,CA,,,,

Lowrey’s Freshies,,Denver,CO,,,,

Lynn Ross Pretzels,Light Blue,Lynn Ross,,,PA,,,,

Made-Rite Potato Chip Co,,Bay City,MI,,,,

Magic City Food Products Co,,Birmingham,AL,,,,

Manhan Potato Chip Co,,Northampton,MA,,,,

Manhattan,Red/white 50 Cent Deposit,,,,,2 lb,,,

Mann’s,Mann Potato Chip Co,,Philadelphia,PA,,,,

Mann’s,Matchbook – Comanchees,,,,,,,,

Mann’s,Matchbook Cover-popcorn,,,,,,,,

Mann’s,Matchbook-giant Foods,,,,,,,,

Mariachi Tortilla Chips,Colorful Desert Scene,MeadowlandFoods,,Hackensack,NJ,28 oz,11 3/8×8 1/8×8 1/8,rope handle c1994,?


Martin’s Chips,,Martin’s Potato Chips Inc.,P.O. Box28,Thomasville,PA,,,,

Maui Chip,White-yellow-red,RHM Snack Company,,,,1 lb,,,

Maxine Sandwich Co,,Greenville,SC,,,,

May Potato Chip Co,,Kansas City,MO,,,,

Mello Crisp, Red-white-blue,Mello Crisp Foods Co,,Detroit,MI,1lb,,,

Mello Crisp, Mello Crisp Foods Inc, Detroit, MI., 3 1/2 lb.

Mi-T-Fine Food Co,,Dallas,TX,,,,

Mi-T-Fine Products Co,,Houston,TX,,,,

Middleswarth,Green-yellow,Ira Middleswarth & SonInc.,,Middleburg,PA,1.5 lb,10 1/8 x 11 7/8,50 cent dep,

Middlewarth,Green $1.15+.50 Can Dep.,,,,,1.11 lb,,,

Midget Popcorn,,Hales Milling Co.,,Milwaukee,WI,,,unpopped,

Midwest Frito Co,,Chicago,IL,,,,

Mike-Sell’s,80th Anniversary,Mike-Sell,,,OH,1 lb,,1990,

Mike-Sells,Oldtime Scenes Eating Chips,Mike-Sells Potato ChipCompany,,Dayton,OH,16 oz,8″ x 9 1/4″,75th anniversary,?

Mike-Sells,Red-lattice,D.W. Mikesells,,,OH,16 oz,,,

Mike-Sells,Red-white,Daniel W. Mikesell Inc,,Dayton,OH,3 lb,,NPCI,

Miller Butter Pretzels,Brown,,,,,1 lb,,,

Miller’s Pretzels,Dark Brown,Miller Pretzel Co.,,Allentown,PA,5 lb(?),12 1/4 x 8 1/4,w/white-brown paper lab.,

Millers Pretzels,Brown,,,,,3 lb,,,

Minkler-Charles Co,,Eugene,OR,,,,

Mister Chips,Blue-green,,,Cincinnati,OH,16 oz,,,

Mister Salty Pretzels, Blue, 20 Oz.

Monarch’s All Butter, Caramel Corn, Consolidated Foods Corporation,Chicago, IL, 12 oz, 6 x 5 1/2

Moore’s Potato Chips,Yel/red Elf On Potato,Moore’s Potato ChipCo.,,Bristol,VA,1 lb,9″ x 9 5/8″,round CBB no lid.

Morton’s, Matchbook- Red/white/blue, Dallas,Lubbock, TX.

Morton’s,Red-silver,Morton Foods,,Dallas,TX, 2 lb, 9 3/4×125/8,PCII,

Mr. Chips, Blue-white, Detroit,MI, 16 oz,,,

Mr. Dee-lish Pop Corn,Red/white 25cent Box,Berlo VendingCo.,,Philadelphia,PA,25 cent theatre box,,rect CBB,

Mrs. Drenk’s,Red W/yellow&white Letter,Mrs. Drenk’s FoodsInc.,,Milwaukee,WI,1 lb,7 1/2 x 11 3/8,,CCC

Mrs. Fowler’s Kitchen,Grn wh Fence Red Flowers,Mrs. Fowler’sKitchen,State Street,North Haven,CT,1 lb,7 3/4″ x 8 1/2″,paplabel”DeliciouslyDiff”,CCC

,,Mrs. Grubb’s Potato Chip Co,,Ft. Worth,TX,,,,

Mrs. Howe’s,Unpainted Can W/red Lid,Mrs. Howe’s Food ProductsInc.,,Milwaukee,WI,32 oz,9 1/2 x 12 7/8,white&blue paper label,

Mrs. Howe’s,White W/yellow Stripes,Mrs. Howe’s Food ProductsInc.,,Milwaukee,WI,2 lb,10 x 12 5/8″,red stripe bottom red lid,

Mrs. Ihrie’s,White-red,W.P. Ihrie & Sons,,Baltimore,MD,16 oz,,,

Mrs. Japp’s,Blue-white,Special Foods Company,,Chicago,IL,1 lb,71/2×11 1/4,pre-1942, .

Mrs. Klein’s,Potato Chip Litho,Mrs. Klein’s,Chicago 9,Chicago,IL,16oz,,w/red & blue,

Mrs. Klein’s,Silver-red,F.L. Klein Noodle Co.,,Chicago,IL,3 lb,97/8 x 14″,”Greaseless Starchless”,

Mrs. Klein’s Popcorn,,Mrs. Klein’s,,Chicago,IL,13 oz,,,

Mrs. Smiths Butter Pretz,Yellow/white,,,,,3 lb,,,

Musser’s,Red,Musser’s,,Montvale,PA,1 lb,,,

Musser’s,Red-white,Musser’s Potato Chip Co.,,Montvale,PA,3 lb,,,

Nalley’s Inc,,Tacoma,WA,,,,

National Processing Co,,Moline,IL,,,,

New England Pretzel Co,,Pawtucket,RI,,,,

New Era,”This Can Is PackedFull”,Nicolay-Dancey,,Detroit,MI,1 lb,,woman on scale,

New Era,…Can Compl’ly Full (small),Nicolay DanceyInc,,Detroit,MI,one pound,7 1/2 ” x 11 1/4″,2nd oldest?woman/scale,”C” in diamond CC Co6-13

New Era,Cello Bag yellow/blue,Nicolay-Dancey Inc,,Detroit,MI,,7 1/8x 17 3/4,chips&dip on frt,

New Era,,Nicolay Dancey Inc.,,Detroit,MI,1 lb,,rect CBB,

New Era,Off-white & Black,Frito-Lay Inc.,,Dallas,TX,1 lb,,,

New Era,Off-white&black,Nicolay Dancey Inc.,,Detroit,MI,1lb,,”Scientifically Processed”,Cans Inc

New Era,Salt&pepper Shaker,Nicolay Dancey Inc.,,Detroit,MI,,,,

New Era,Yellow-black,The Best,,,MI,3 lb,,,

New Era,Yellow-black,,,Detroit,MI,3 lb,,,

Newman’s (Paul) Own,Organic Pretzels,Newman’s Own Organics,P.O Box2098,Aptos,CA,16 oz,,sq tin,

Noel’s,Red,,,,,1 lb,,, (also available in round CBB)

Num-Num,Matchbook- Yellow,,,,,,,,


Num-Num,Yellow-red,,,,OH,3 lb,,,