Snack Food Tins & Go-Withs A-F

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Snack Food Tin & Go-Withs

     A reader wrote to me and told me of anobservation he had made about potato chip tins.

    In the Midwest states, the tins are for the mostpart, tall. In the Eastern part of the country, the tins are short (and many times muchwider in diameter). I think that this also holds true for pop corn and pretzel tins.

     Is this a regional thing? Have somethingto do with the tin manufacturers?

     We Midwesterners prefer our chips sold (atleast our earlier generations did) in twin packages within cardboard boxes. I have yet tofind them sold this way anywhere else, and it’s slowly coming to an end here.


     The following list contains severalabbreviations: CBB – cardboard box, RECT – rectangular, RCBB – round cardboard box,”twin” refers to the two plastic filled bags of chips found in rect CBBs.Dimensions are usually given as diameter first then height. Various information about thetin or box is also listed – a slogan, the can manufacturer, the address of the potatochip/pretzel/popcorn manufacturer, and the general colors of the lithographed finish orpaper label.

     Potato chip, popcorn and pretzel tins arelisted along with known manufacturers of these products. Unless there is an actual tinlisted, it is not really known if the manufacturer sold product in tins. Product may onlyhave been sold in cellophane bags, cardboard boxes (round and rectangular). Of coursethere are numerous tins that have not been recorded yet.

     It’s the list’s intent to identify allpossible early manufacturers of these products for historical record. Tin collectors mayalso have an interest in advertising “go-withs” that some of the manufacturersused. Prior to 1960 these “go-withs” are generally rather limited and scarce.

     To save timeloading each page, some photos are linked to the item, to view the tin, click on theunderlined word(s).

A thru F

A. Weisberger,,Decatur,IL.

Acme,,Acme Potato Chip Co.,,Oklahoma,OK.

Act II Popcorn,Popcorn Wagon, red, 1994, 5″ X 6″ X5″,microwave,?

Adams, Green Dish.

Adams, Red/white, Adams Potato Chip Inc, 827 E. Michigan Ave.,Lansing,MI, 1 lb, 7 1/2 x 11 1/4.

Adams,Red/white,Adams Potato Chip Inc.,827 E. MichiganAve,Lansing,MI,3 lb,12 1/4x 14 in,Tel IV-4-4497,H 7821

Adams Popcorn,White/red/blue,,,,,12 oz,,,

Albers,,,,,,14 oz,,Beige Paper Label,

Almond Pecan Corn,Orangy-yellow,Neiman-Marcus,,Dallas,TX,40 oz,81/2 x 4 3/4,,

Almond-Pecan-Corn,Red/yellow,The Horchow Collection,,Dallas,TX,2lb,8 1/2×4 5/8,,

America’s Choice,Red Reg. Twin,Compass Foods,,Montvale,NJ,16oz,,rect CBB,

Artie’s,Red W/navy Blue Lettering,Artie’s Food ProductsCo.,,Indianapolis,IN,1 lb,,”With that Wonderful Flavor”,Heekin 7172

Artie’s,Red-blue,Artie’s Food Products Company,,Indianapolis,IN,3lb,,,Heekin

Arties,Red W/navy Blue Lettering,Artie’s Food ProductsCo.,,Indianapolis,IN,1.5 lb,,,

Bachman,Yellow Over Red,Bachman BakeriesCorp.,,Reading,PA,,12″ x 14″,1884 Oven Fresh,

Bachman Butter Pretzels,Yellow-red,Bachman BakeriesCorp,,Reading,PA,12 oz,,,

Bachman Carmelized,Cocktail Stix,Bachman BakeriesInc.,,Reading,PA,1.5 lb,,,

Bachman Pretzels,Clear Canister,,,,,,,,

Bachman’s,200 Count,Bachman Bakeries Inc.,,Reading,PA,,,largeyellow w/red sun,

Ballreich’s,Black-yellow,Ballreich Bros.,,Tiffin,OH,16oz,,”Marcelled”,

Bardin & Jensen,,Los Angeles,CA

Barlett New Method Potato Chip Co.,,Wichita,KN

Baumbergers,Blue-white,Baumberger,3540 Wayne St. Toledo9,Toledo,OH,1.5 lb

Be-Mo,Red-white,The Be-Mo Company,,Kalamazoo,MI,1 lb

Be-Mo’s,Paper Label red/white,The Be-Mo Company,,Kalamazoo,MI,1lb,7 1/2×11 1/4,”Big Boy Size”,CANCO

Becker’s,Red-white,Becker Pretzel Bakeries Inc.,,Baltimore,MD,16oz,,snack can,

Becker’s Pretzel Straws,Dark Red W/black Lettering,Becker PretzelBakeries Inc.,,Baltimore,MD,1 lb

Beckers,Red-white-stars,H.P. Becker Co,,Norwalk,OH,2 lb,,Richard E.Becker Prop.,

Beehive,Red-white Stripe Red Lid,Beehive Bakeries,,Lynn,MA,1 lb 3oz,8 5/8 x 10 3/4,Jumbo-Pak,?

Bell Brand Foods Ltd,,Los Angeles,CA

Benzel Bretzels,Red,,,,,16 oz

Benzel’s Butter Pretzels,Green W/pretzel,A. Benzel,526 CrawfordAve.,Altoona,PA,12 oz,6 1/8 x 5 3/8″,newer tin,?

Berg’s Bretzels Inc.,,Leetonia,OH

Betsy Bakers,,,,,,20 oz,,round paper box,

Better Made,Ice Cream Scoop

Better Made,White-red,,,,,1 lb

BETTER MADE Special  POTATO CHIPS basket, approx. 10″long x 3″.All white, wicker looking tray/basket for your chips.

Betty Lou,Yellow,Betty Lou Foods,380 Fifth St.,Oakland,CA,15 oz,,,

Biff Bang Pop Corn,White Paper Label Blk Let.,S And S SalesService,,Milwaukee,WI,6 lb,,see Quinlan 6 lb tin.

Big Tits Potato Chips, Tart-Chestnut, Dunn, NC., Titus Tart, owner;10 cent waxed paper bag.

Billy Bretzels,Aqua,,,,,16 oz

Billy Bretzels,Aqua,,,,,3 lb

Billy Bretzels,Red Lattice,,,,,1 5 lb,,,

Billy’s Bretzels,Purple W/white Lattice,Billy’s BretzelsInc.,,Reading,PA,,10 1/8″ x 8″,Amish farm scene on lid,?

Bilmar Co Inc,,Parkerburg,WV

Blackstone Potato Chip Co.,,Blackstone,MA

Blackstone Potato Chips,Cellophane Bag(5),Blackstone Potato Chip Co.,,Blackstone,MA,1/4 oz bag,5 3/4 x 3,,

Blue Bell,,Blue Bell Potato Chip Co.,,Portland,OR

Blue Bird Potato Chip Co.,,Oakland,CA

Blue Bird Potato Chips,Cream With Red Can. Lid,LauraScudder,,,CA,,6 5/8 x 7 1/4,,

Blue Ribbon Potato Chips,Blue,A.A. Walter & Co,,Albany,NY,3lb,,c1927 since 1900,

Blue Star,,Blue Star Potato Chip & NutCo.,,Canonsburg,PA,,,also Pittsburgh ?,

Blue Star,Matchbook Cover-bag Kids

Blue Star,Matchbook Cover-bag Lady

Blue Star,Red-white-blue,Blue Star Foods Inc,,Rockford,IL,3 lb

Blue Star,Red-white-blue,Blue Star Foods Inc,,Rockford,IL,1.5lb,,Vogels,

Blue Star,Red/White/Blue,Vogel’s,,Pittsburgh,PA,1.5 lb,9 3/4x 103/4,,C

Blue Star,White-orange-blue,Blue Star Foods Inc,,Rockford,IL,16oz,7 1/2 x 11 3/8,”Energy-rich De-starched”

Blue Star Popcorn,Blue-white,Blue Star,,Rockford,IL,16 oz,,,

Bon-Ton,,Bon Ton Foods Inc.,,York,PA,3 lb,,,

Bon-Ton,White-blue,Bon Ton Foods Inc,,York,PA,1 lb,,2 varieties,

Boston Food Products,,Pueblo,CO

Bowers Cashew Crunch,Cream/black Red/green Fls,Earle S. BowersCo.,,Morrestown,NJ,13 oz,4″ x 4 7/8 “,”Old Fashioned”,”S”

Bowers Peanut Crunch,Brown/tan W/ Leaves,Earle S. Bowers Co,3 And 5South Water St.,Philadelphia,PA,1 lb,4 1/4″ x 5 1/4″,”Old fashioned”,

Boyd’s Potato Chips,Red/white/blue,John Boyd Company,,Lynn,MA,1lb,,est. 1868 (bakery?),

Brooks,Matchbook -traffic Law Kids

Brownies,Cardboard Sign 9″ X 14″

Brownies,Red-yellow,Brownie Chip Co,,Oklahoma,OK,3 lb

Buckeye,Blue-red,Buckeye Foods,,Columbus,OH,3 lb,,,

Buckeye Pretzels,Orange/ Red Lid,BuckeyeFoods,,Williamsport,PA,large,12 1/4×14 5/8,,H

Bush And Long Potato Chip Co.,,El Paso,TX

Butlers,Tan-red-painted Label,,,,,8 oz

Butter Flake Popcorn,Blue,,,,,10 lb

Butterfield Shoestring,Crisp Potato Sticks,HLH Products DIV. OfHunt Oil Co.,,Dallas,TX,4 oz,4 x 4 7/8,full cardboard w/ tin lids,

Butterfield Shoestring,Potatoes Julienne Fr Fried,ButterfieldCanning Co.,,Muncie,IN,2 1/2 oz full vac pack.,3 x 4 1/2,paper label,

Butterflake Popcorn,Red/wh/bl Face Paplb,Container FoodsCo.,,Chippewa Falls,WI,1/2 peck or over,7 1/2″ x 8 1/4″,pail type construction,

Cadet Butter Pretzels,Orange/blue,Mrs. Smith’s PretzelCo.,,Easton,PA,large,12 1/4×12 7/8,Orig lid?,

Cains,Clear Canister,Cains Marcelle Potato Chip Co Inc,,BowlingGreen,OH,,,,

Cains,Yellow-green,Cain’s Marcelle Potato Chip Co. Inc.,,BowlingGreen,OH,3 lb,12 1/4″x14 3/4″,NPCI 75 cent dep.,Heekin

Cains,Yellow-red,Cain’s Marcelle Potato Chip Co. Inc.,,BowlingGreen,OH,3 lb,,,

Calumet,Red-white-blue,Calument Food Corporation,,Chicago,IL,16oz,7 1/2 x 11 3/8,”Fresh” Indian figure,CC

Camp’s Sandwich Co.,,Gaffney,SC

Cape Cod,Blue With Picture,The Cape Cod Potato ChipCompany,,Hyannis,MA,1 lb,,,

Cape Cod,Coffee Mug

Cape Cod,Lighthouses,The Cape Cod Potato Chip Co.,Breed’s HIllRd,Hyannis,MA,13 oz,8 1/2×10 1/4,2-6.5 oz bags UPC 02601,

Cape Cod Potato Chips,Chatham & Nobska LightHse,The Cape CodPotato Chip Company,Breed’s Hill Road,Hyannis,MA,14oz 2-7oz bags,8 1/2 X 101/4″,blue/red/wh lid graphics,?

Cape Cod Potato Chips,White/blue&red Lettering,The Cape CodCompany,Breeds Hill Rd,Hyannis,MA,2-7 oz bags within,8 1/2 x 10 1/4,The ChatmanLighthouse,

Caramel Corn,,Robin Confections Inc,,South Elgin,IL,12 oz,6 x 51/2,,

Carey Pop Corn Salt,Whtie/red W/blk Lettering,The Carey SaltCompany,,Hutchinson,KS,1 Lb 10 oz,3 1/4 x 5 1/2,RCBB w/pour spout,n/a

Carmel Corn,Coffee Type Tin Clown,Wolch Nut & CandyCo.,,Chicago,IL,8 oz,6 7/8″x5″,c. 1958 used a key,

Carmichaels,Orange-green,,,,,1 lb,,,

Chapman’s,,Chapman Potato Chip Co.,,Butte,MT,,,,

Charles Chips,Aqua-50 Yrs Of Goodness,Musser’s?,,Mountville,PA,cookie/candy size,8 3/8″ x 2 3/8″,used for cookies?,?

Charles Chips,Bank,Charles Chips,,,PA,,3 5/8 x 4 7/8″,,

Charles Chips,Commemorative,Charles Chips,,,PA,,3 5/8″ x 47/8″,,

Charles Chips,Glass Jar,,,,,,,,

Charles Chips,,Musser’s Potato Chips Inc.,,Mountvale,PA,64 oz,,zip17554,

Charles Chips,Red 1990,Musser’s Potato Chips Inc.,,LancasterCounty,PA,16 oz,8 1/4×9 1/2,replica of orig Musser’s,

Charles Chips,Sample ?,Musser’s Potato Chips Inc,,Mountville,PA,,35/8″ x 4 7/8″,zip 17554,?

Charles Chips,Tan W/ Brown Specks,Charles Chips,,Mountville,PA,16oz,8 3/8 x 9 3/8,”Farm Fresh” no zip code,

Charles Chips,Tan W/ Brown Specks,Musser’s Potato ChipInc,,Mountville,PA,16 oz,8 3/8 x 9 3/8,zip 17554,

Charles Chips,Tan W/brown Specks,Charles Chips,,Mountville,PA,16oz,8 3/8 x 9 3/8,Calhoun KY. 42327,

Charles Chips,Tan W/silver Lid (oldest),CharlesChips,,Mountville,PA,one pound,9 1/4″ x 8 1/4″,no speckling ‘Farm Fresh”,?

Charles Chips,Tan/brn Speckled Waffle,Musser’s Potato ChipsInc.,,Mountvale,PA,64 oz(4 lb),12 1/4 x 13 1/2,LARGEST TIN?,?

Charles Chips,Toy Truck,,,,,,,,

Charles Chips,Yellow-brown,,,,PA,3 lb,,zip 17554,

Charles Chips,Yellow/brown,Musser’s Potato ChipsInc.,,Mountville,PA,3 lb,12 1/4 x 13 1/4,zip 17554,

Charles Nuts,Brn/tan Nut Varietytin,Charles Chips,,Mountvale,PA,19oz,8 1/8″ x 1 1/2″,zip 17554,?

Charles Pretzels,Bank Tan/brown Speckled,Musser’s Potato ChipsInc,,Mountville,PA,,3 5/8″ x 4 7/8″,zip 17554,?

Charles Pretzels,Dark Brown W/speckled Lid,CharlesChips,,Mountvale,PA,?,8 1/4 x 9 1/4,Bakery Fresh pretzels on side,?

Chase,,Chase Potato Chip Co.,,Tulsa,OK,,,,

Chee-tos,Toy Car – Matchbox,,,,,,,,

Chee-tos,Toy Truck – Matchbox,,,,,,,,

Chee-tos,Toy Van,,,,,,,,

Chef’s-Saratoga,Blue/white-picture,,,,,1 lb,,,

Chesty,40th Anniversary,Chesty Foods Inc,,Terre Haute,IN,14 oz,,zip47808,

Chesty,,Chesty Foods Inc,,Terre Haute,IN,16 oz,,paper label,


Chesty,Silver-blue,Chesty Foods Inc,,Terre Haute,IN,3 lb,121/2″x 14″,can dep. 75 cents,Heekin

Chesty,Yellow-blue,Chesty Foods Inc,,,IN,16 oz,,,

Chesty/Seyfert’s/Cain’s,Ltd Ed.1934-95 curlie Chip,JointVenture?,,,OH,2.5 lb,9 3/4 x 11 3/8″,Xmas comm. by 3 co’s,

Chi Chi Tortilla Chips,Red/white,,,,,2 lb,,,

Chicago Potato Chip Co.,,Chicago,IL,,,,

Chipper,Stuffed Animal(Bear),Geiser’s,,Milwaukee,WI,,,,

Chipzels,Blue-white-red,Perfect Foods Inc,,Lawsdale,PA,3 lb,,,

Circus Mixed Nuts,Dumbo Thru Hoop Keywind,Circus Foods Inc.,,SanFrancisco,CA,7 oz,3 1/2 x 3,vacuum packed c1946,

,,Clover Club Foods Co,,Kaysville,UT,,,,

,,Clyde M. Hesmer Inc,,Evansville,IN,,,,

,,Colorado Potato Flake Co,,Denver,CO,,,,

Coney Island Potato Chip,Glass/wood FramedVendor,Coney Island Potato Chip Co,,Peabody,MA,,approx 16x12x12,,

Connecticut,Matchbook Cover-red/white,,,,,,,,

Conns,Yellow-red,Conns,,Zanesville,OH,1.25 lb,,,

,,Consolidated Foods Inc,,Toledo,OH,,,,

Cook’s,Round Cardboard Box,Cook Coffee Co.,,Maple Heights,OH,1lb,,,

Cooper’s Bakery Pretzels,Red/yellow,Cooper’s Bakery,,Lykens,PA,2lb,8 3/4 x 9 in,”None Lye Coated”,H 7604

Cracker Jack,”Always On Top-World’s…”,BordenInc.,,Columbus,OH,11 oz two bags within,5 7/8×8″,1990 ball player-tagout,

Cracker Jack,100th Anniv. 1893-1993,Bordon Inc.,,Columbus,OH,8 oz,81/8x5x5,pics-1893 1922 1945 1993,

Cracker Jack,3rd In Series 1992,Borden Inc.,,Columbus,OH,8 2/3 oztwo bags,5 7/8×8″,”Pass Around Your C J”,

Cracker Jack,Holiday Village 1995 LtdEd,Borden’s,,Columbus,OH,,8″x6″x4 1/8″,1st in a series house,?

Cracker Jack,Nutty Deluxe blue/gold,Borden,,,,& oz,8″ x 6x 4″,Butter toffee,?

Cracker Jack,Rect. Ltd Ed. ’94 Baseball,Borden Inc,,Columbus,OH,8oz,8″x6 1/4×3 3/8″,game going on fence sides,?

Crispie Potato Chip Co.,,Stockton,CA,,,,

Crispuds Mfg Co.,,Hilo,HI,,,,

Crispys,White-red-blue,Arizona Food Products Company, 544 E. 24thSt.,Tucson,AZ,1 lb. features the “Crispy Kid” on front.

Crompton Food Products Co,,Manasquan,NJ,,,,

Cross & Peters Co,,Detroit,MI,,,,

Crunch ‘n Munch,3 Diff Scenes,American Home Foods Inc.,,NewYork,NY,two 6 oz bags,6 5/8 x 7 1/4″,1989 yellow toffee popcorn,?

Cub Foods Potato Chips,Yellow/blue,Cub Foods,,Stillwater,MN,16 oztwin pack,,,

Cub Foods Potato Chips,Yellow/blue – Regular Chips,CubFoods,,Stillwater,MN,1 lb twin pack,,rect CBB,

Curtiss Candy Co,,Chicago,IL,,,,

Daggett’s,See Also Franklin,Daggett’s Inc.,566 CambridgeStreet,Allston,MA,,,Phone: Stadium 5527,

Dali-Fresh Food Products,,Tampa,FL,,,,

Dan Dee,Foil Bag silver 25 Cent,Dan DeePretzel And Potato Chip Company,,Cleveland,OH,3 1/2 oz,5 3/4 x 14 1/4,Wild Bill HickokJingles,

Dan-Dee,Roll Of Bags-dated 1960,,,,,,,39cents,

Dan-Dee,Sign – Bar-B-Q,,,,,,,,

Dan-Dee,Sign – Ruffles – 19507×9″,,,,,,,,

Dan-Dee,Sticker – Off Bag8″x13″,,,,,,,,

Dan-Dee,Yellow,Dan Dee Pretzel And Potato ChipCo.,,Cleveland,OH,1.5 lb,,,

Dan-Dee,Yellow-lattice,Dan Dee Pretzel & Potato ChipCompany,,Cleveland,OH,3 lb,12 1/4 x 14″,75 cent dep,

Dan-Dee Golden Wave,Yellow,Dan Dee Pretzel And Potato ChipCo.,,Cleveland,OH,1.5 lb,,,

Dan-Dee Hylo-ized,Red,Dan Dee Pretzel And Potato Chip Co.,,,OH,3lb,,,

David Kerr Inc,,Baltimore,MD,,,,

Dawn Donut Co,,Colorado Springs,CO,,,,

De-lish-us,Blue/silver ripple 16 Oz,Delicious Popcorn & Dist.Co. Inc.,P.O. Box 188,Waupaca,WI,54981,,rect CBB,

De-lish-us,Red/silver reg. 16 Oz,Delicious Popcorn & Dist. Co.Inc.,P.O. Box 188,Waupaca,WI,54981,,rect CBB,

De-lish-us,Yellow/blue ripple 7 Oz.,Delicious Popcorn & Dist.Co. Inc.,,Waupaca,WI,54981,,rect CBB,

De-lish-us,Yellow/red Reg. 7 Oz,Delicious Popcorn & Dist. Co.Inc.,,Waupaca,WI,54981,,rect CBB,

De-Lish-Us Popcorn,,Delicious Pop Corn & DistributingCo.,,Milwaukee,WI,8 oz,,w/Geiser advertising,

Diamond,,Diamond Potato Chip Co,,Kansas City,MO,,,,

Dickey’s Vita Seal’d Potato Chip Co,,New Orleans,LA,,,,

Dixie,Round Paper Box,Dixie Snack Food Inc,,Decatur,GA,,,blue/red,

Dolly Madison Popcorn,Black-blue-red Paper Label,InterstateBakeries Corporation,,Chicago,IL,14 oz,7 3/8 x 11 1/4,,

Dominick’s Old Fashioned,Yellow W/red/grn Letter,Dominick’s FinerFoods Inc.,,Northlake,IL,2-4 oz twin paks,,rect CBB,n/a

Dominick’s Ridged,Blue W/red/wht Letter,Dominick’s Finer FoodsInc.,,Northlake,IL.,2-4 oz twin paks,,rect CBB,n/a

Donaldsons,Tan-white,,,,,1 lb,,,

Doye O’Dell Popcorn,Cowboy horse/fence lid Mia,Pop-Fresh PopcornCo.,,Los Angeles,CA,1 1/4 gallons or 7 oz,7 1/8 x 7 3/4,orange/tan blue push lid,?

Drummer Boy,White-red,,,,,1 lb,,,

Dutch Boy,Red-white-blue,Dutch Boy Foods,,Philadelphia,PA,1 lb,8 X9 1/4,Less Calories Dutch Boy,

Dutch Boy Pretzel Sticks,Red/white/blue,Dutch Boy FoodsInc,,Philadelphia,PA,1 lb,6 x 7 7/8,,

E.D. Gilkerson & Sons,,Holton,KN,,,,

Eagle,Blue,Frito-Lay,,,TX,13 oz,,Hawaiian Kettle,

Eagle,Red With UPC,Eagle Snacks Inc,,St. Louis,MO,13 oz,,RussetValley,

Eagle Cantina Tortilla Chip,Orange/white,Eagle Snacks Inc,,St.Louis,MO,16 oz,7 7/8x 8″,Mexican blanket chips,

Eagle Peanuts,Ballpark Style Stadium,,,St. Louis,MO?,,7 1/8″ x3″,raised ball on lid,

Eagle Snacks,Stuffed Animal,,,,,,,,

East Shore Pretzels,Seasoned,East Shore Specialty Foods,P.O. Box138 N44 W32882 Watertown Plank Road,Nashotah,WI,18 oz,,white w/ black letter,

Easton Potato Chip Co,,Easton,PA,,,,

Economy Pretzels,Red/silver Lettering,Economy PretzelCo,,Allentown,PA,large,12 1/8×12 3/4,Paul M. Weiant (owner),Bertels Metal Manuf Co

Eli Sayen Potato Chip Co.,,Escanaba,MI,,,,

Elkridge Food Products,,Elkridge,MD,,,,

Empire Pretzel And Potato Chip Corp.,,Buffalo,NY,,,,

Escort Products Co,,Montgomery,AL,,,,

Everkrisp Food Products,,Detroit,MI,,,,

EverKrisp Popcorn,,Associated Foods,,Chicago,IL,13 oz,,,

Exceptional VALUE,Yellow/blk Reg. Twin,Fleming Inc.,,OklahomaCity,OK,16 oz,,rect CBB,

F & L Food Products Co,,Colorado Springs,CO,,,,

Fairmont Snacktime,White/red,Fairmont Foods Company,,Omaha,NE,17oz,9 3/4 x 9 3/4,round paper box,

Farmer Brown,Red/white/yellow/blk,Sidney Meyers Inc.,,Houston,TX,24oz,9 3/4×10 1/8,round CBB,

Fiesta, Patates, Montreal, Quebec, English and French writing.

Fillers Corn Chips,Tan/green,,,,,1/2 lb,,,

Flaherty,Red-yellow,Flaherty Potato Chip Co,,Akron,OH,3 lb,,,

Flaorite Corn Chips,Red/yellow,,,,,1/2 lb,,,

Flavorite,Blue Ripple Twin,Preferred Products Inc.,,EdenPraire,MN,7 oz,,rect CBB,

Flavorite,Red Reg. Twin,Preferred Products Inc.,,Eden Praire,MN,7oz,,rect CBB,

Florida Made Food Products,,St. Petersburg,FL,,,,

Food Club Potato Sticks,Red/wh/blue,Topco Assoc. Inc.,,Skokie,IL,7oz,7.0 x 4.0,RCBB miss.pull lid plastic lid,?

Food Products Co,,Davenport,IA,,,,

Foodcraft Products Co,,Los Angeles,CA,,,,

Franklin, Franklin Potato Chip Co,566 Cambridge Street,Allston,MA.successor to Daggett’s.

Frito-Lays,Winter Scene,,,,TX,29 oz,,1993 edition,

Fritos Corn Chips,Red/wh Frito Kid,Frito-Lay Inc,,,,popcorn size,93/4 x 11 1/8,1993 Upc,?