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We will be celebrating a small milestone, The 10th Anniversary of the Depot Museum’s Grand Opening that was held September 12, 2004. How many of you were able to attend that day? The video of the ceremony will be shown at our September General meeting, where we can all re-live the moment.

What does our Historical Society mean to you, and what should it represent? As this Society is not only for the good of the President, or Board, but for all members, we need your help with what should be important in the building of our Mission Statement. Bring your ideas along to the September meeting.

This newsletter is being sent out early to remind you of another history related event in the area. The 56th annual Threshing

Bee and Engine Show, presented by the Sussex Antique Power Association. This event has operating antiques running on the grounds, many of the pieces are right from the Sussex-Lisbon area. Come and see history come alive and return to the days of yesteryear where you can see what the past was like in a time without PCs, cell phones and IPODs. Steve


Volume 14, Number 3


Thursday, August 14, 2014



The SLAHS June General Meeting will be held

Thursday September 11, 2014 at 6:30 PM at the Waukesha State Bank Community Room.



Board of Directors Meeting:

Depot Museum, 6:30 PM on11/6/14, 2/5/14.

Exhibit Committee Meeting: Members will be called when needed for date, location and times.

Building & Grounds Meeting: Depot Museum at 6:30 PM. Meetings will be called when needed.

SLAHS General Meeting: 9/11/14, 6:30 PM, Waukesha State Bank Community Room.

Newsletter articles due: 10/31/14.

Newsletter Mailed: 11/25/14.

Sussex Antique Power Assn. Annual Threshing Bee: Sussex Village Park, 8/23 thru 8/24/14, 9AM-5PM Daily.

Appraisal Day: 9/13/14, Depot Museum,

has been cancelled. A future date will be announced.


Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society, Inc.

The Weavings

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Thursday, August 14, 2014



By Fred H. Keller

The Sussex Lions Club has been celebrating its 75

thanniversary this year, first with the printing of a historical book, and then a big-time club anniversary party at the Fairways located at Woodside Golf Course banquet hall off of Woodside Road, and then the issuing of a limited edition metal and ceramic special commemorative pin. This was followed this summer with the 47thannual Sussex Lions Daze festival at the Sussex Village Park.

This included a massive parade that had over 70 units parade down Sussex Main St. from Waukesha Ave. to the entrance of the Sussex Village Park which was over a mile long event. The 47th festival, as stated, had the participation of the 3 corps members of the Lions movement in Sussex; the original 1939 Lions Club, then the 1965 original Sussex Lioness Club and the 2007 original Leos Club of Hamilton students. Today the rela-tive membership of these 3 clubs is 106 by the Lions, 36 by the Lioness Club and 99 Leos, a grand total of 241 members. Meanwhile the Sussex Lions Club is one of the largest in the state of Wisconsin.

During the weekend of July 11-13, 2014, was busy for the Sus-sex Lisbon Area Historical Society as they had their museum open with docent Mike Riley on Saturday afternoon July 12

th. Meanwhile, Fred Keller had a big display of SLAHS pictures of the 75-year old history of the Lions Club that he presented to the public during the 3-day Lions Daze event along with telling about the Lions Club history. Both events had a good turnout of interested spectators during the course of the weekend.

The Sussex Lions Club was born in the spring of 1939, just as the war clouds of Europe were beginning to open. Don Kerr of the Harland Lions was visiting a former Hartland youth, the 1939 principal of the Sussex 2-year high school, and the 1

st-8thgrade Sussex Main St. School. He suggested to Principal Win-ston Brown that Sussex should have a community and charita-ble orientated club of local leaders. Brown immediately went to the office of the major community organizer, John Kraemer, a big wig at the Mammoth Spring Canning Company. He was already famous for starting the Sussex Fire Department in 1922 and 2 years later in 1924 he ram rod behind the incorporation of the Village of Sussex, taking in old Sussex (Maple Ave. and Main St.) and upstart Templeton, at the intersection of Waukesha Ave., the Wisconsin Central Railroad and Main St. Kraemer was receptive of the idea, and had the core of the orig-inal 20 members ready to do his bidding.

The original 20 members were Winston Brown and John Kra-emer plus Rev. E.T. DeSelms, Charles Busse, Fred Fuchs, Al-ban Halquist, Walter Hardiman, Claude Kaderabek, Otis Kra-mer, Milton Mantz, Rev. W.D. Millen, Alfred Otto, Rev. Charles Parmiter, George Podolske, Harry Rogers, Roy Stier, Dr. E.C. Van Valin, Lloyd Weaver, and Henry Yuds.

They had an initial meeting at the Brook Hotel (where the Sus-sex Clock Tower park is today) on April 18, 1939. There was a dinner, drinks and a party that included the wives. Then the assembled corps of the Lions trooped east to the new Sussex Community Hall (built in 1937) for the actual first charter meeting, where Dr. Van Valin became the first President. George Podolske was the first Vice-President, Rev. DeSelmes second Vice-President and with Milton Mantz as the third Vice-President. Kraemer was the Secretary, Rogers was treasurer, Kaderbek was Lion Tamer and Halquist as Tail Twister.

For some months afterwards the monthly meetings were held at the Sussex Community Hall, but then there was a variety of other places, such as the old Fleischmann-Bier Cheese Factory, present day Tailgater’s, Olde Templeton Inn, Sussex Bowl and for a long time at Marchese’s Dance Land, plus a variety of other places.

The Sussex Lions Club prides itself as in the 75 plus years as never having a repeat president, as new blood has always stepped forward.

There were many small money making projects over the years to earn funds for charity (mainly for the sight impaired) but also for the Sussex-Lisbon betterment of the community.

The World War years were tough and a variety of veterans be-came members after the war.

In 1963 the club tried to be in on the ground floor of the Lynndale Road Race in a new south western Town of Lisbon

(Continued on page 3)

The Original Co-Founders

Left, John P. Kraemer and Right, Winston Brown (with wife Julianne). Both founded the Sussex Lions Club in 1939.

(Sussex Lions 75th-Continued from page 2)

subdivision and they spent a load of money getting ready for the expected massive crowds, as the Lynndale Farms Road Race was planned to use the specially designed, intricate, circu-lar subdivision road route for a rival to the highly successful Elkhart road race course. It never happened as the pre-race, and the actual road race of late August 1963 was rained out as it rained for the next 13 days and they also had massive swarms of mosquitoes at the same time. This event almost killed the Sussex Lions Club as a big financial loss occurred.

Meanwhile, Sussex had bought the present-day Sussex Village Park for around $36,000 in 1958. The Sussex Lions volun-teered to help get this former 78 acre farm cleaned up and put into order. In 1961 the first big event in the new park was the Sussex Old Engine Club Threshery; the show and tell of rural farm equipment of 50 years ago and more.

In 1964 the Lions thought about taking over the concession features from the Old Engine Show event, and so it happened. The Old Engine/Lions event started to happen, and the Lions were making some respectable amount of remunera-tions…money for their projects. This went on until 1966 when there was a lost combined Old Engine/Lions event, but the new president Marv Burg said that the Sussex Lions should break away from the Old Engine group and have a pre-month first Lions Daze in 1967, and so it happened…and now 47 years later it is the traditional home coming of Sussex and Lisbon staged each year in about the 2

nd weekend of July while the Old En-gine Show is still going on by itself in the last weekend of Au-gust before the Memorial Day weekend.

The Lions Daze has produced funds for charities, locally and in the State Lions Club. They have also had many community scholarships such as building multi Village Park amenities, Flag Football, and also Lisbon Park improvements. There have also been donations of Lions funds to both the Sussex and Lis-bon fire departments.

The grand total that the Sussex Lions Club said they have do-nated since they started Lions Daze is in excess of $1,400,000. As a side advantage many local organizations have also benefit-ed as they had booths at Lions Daze with which they earned funds for their charities and good community improvement.

The Sussex Lions Club leaned heavily on the SLAHS in its 75

thyear to look at 4 scrap books and a collection of historical items pertaining to the Lions Club in order to put together a 75 year history book, which the club currently has a copy that is being hard covered for the research center at the SLAHS museum.

The Lions Club has always, with the Leos, been ready to give the SLAHS a helping hand in setting up several of their annual fundraising events that the society and lifetime member Betty Mindemann have had, and they did help again with this year’s annual Yard/Estate Sale in July 16, 2014 at the Mindemann residence.

Finally, the Sussex Lions Club has always been a traditional men’s club for its first 75 years but internationally and thru ought the United States this tradition of men only has been bro-ken, and it is only a matter of time before women will be mem-bers of the local club. The club some years ago tried to get women involved by incorporating the existing Sussex Lioness Club into the local organization but the Sussex Lioness Club rejected the idea as they liked their women only status, and thus it is a status quo right now. Today, many of the members of the young Leos Club at Sussex Hamilton are women members.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Weavings

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Further information, artifacts and photos about the History of the Sussex Lions, Lioness and Leo’s organizations can be found by visiting the Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society Museum’s re-search center during normal business hours at: N63 W23791 Main St., Sussex, WI, on our web site, or by contacting Curators Fred Keller (262) 246-3603 or Mike Reilly (414) 530-3121.

Right: A 1972 panoramic view of the 6th annual celebration of Lions Daze. Located on the North Diamond area and the “Kettle” bowl areas of the Sussex Village Park.

Below: Three of the 75th Lion’s Club Anniversary collectors pins.

Right: One of the original Lynndale Farms Road Race tickets from August 25, 1963.

Left: A sample of one of the earliest raffle tickets sold at the 1985 Sussex Lions Daze event.

(More photos continued on page 6)

The Weavings

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Thursday, August 14, 2014


ON THE WEB By Mike Reilly

Check out our latest articles on the web:

This Day In Wisconsin History

1864, (Civil War) Battle of the Wilderness Ended.

1932, Illegal Distillery discovered in Janesville.

1956, 35th Million vehicle produced at GM plant.


Courtesy of the Wisconsin Historical Society.)

Land O’Lakes Baseball History-Martin C. Weber Also read Sussex Baseball.

Library History-Part 3 2006 to Present: Catch-up with the controversy!

Original Library Agreement between Sussex and Lisbon.

Domino clubs in Sussex circa 1800s..

Sussex (Lisbon Township) Brewery History-“NEW INFORMATION” Orig. Owners/Builders Identified. Updated 3/20/14.

James Weaver and Hops-the rise of an industry.

The Lisbon Plank Road Came from Early Indian Trails and Oxen Wagon Roads-History of the FIRST planked road in the Territory of Wisconsin. Updated 11/8/13.

Reference Material Index-page updated with available family histories/genealogies in 3-ring binders.

Hop Growing History in Lisbon, Waukesha Co., and Wisconsin. Updated May 26, 2013.

From Miltenberg to Milwaukee-Beer magnates from the Lower Main area, in the United States of the 19th Century.

The next four articles are works in progress:

Sussex (Lisbon Township) Brewery History.

The Taverns and Stages of Early Waukesha County, Wisconsin-with particular emphasis on those in the Town of Lisbon.

Index to Blatz Brewing Company-British Brewery Syndicate letters.

Waukesha Spring Brewing Company.

Lisbon Incorporation Efforts-chronological history of events; Updated 3/20/12 Continued on Lisbon Incorporation Efforts-Page 2, Page 3,-Town of Lisbon Consolidation/Merging Discussions.

Sussex’ Incorporation as a Village.

Indians: Local-Arrowheads and Artifacts-“Indians were here first!”

Our website contains articles, local history, genealogy and other information with our organization. We are always looking for more historical information. If anyone can help please give Mike a call at (262) 246– 3121. You can find us on the web at


If you are interested in contributing to our website’s content, cemetery and newspaper transcriptions, individual/family history, early stories of the area/people/businesses, etc., please contact Mike Reilly. Note: To make your contributions easier to add, please consider submitting them by email, email attachment, or CD, audio DVD, or SD.

Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society, Inc.

(Continued on page 5)

SLAHS General Meeting

Date: June 12, 2014 Time: 6:30 pm. to 8:00 pm.

Place: Waukesha State Bank Community Room


The Opening

Officers: President: Steve Haasch, Vice-President: Roger Johnson Secretary: Sue Haasch (absent) and Treasurer: Donna Zimmerman.

Board of Directors: Joanne Smith, Bob Baier, Sonny Mehringer, and Peter Sparrow.

Absent:Susan Haasch, Donna Zimmerman, Roger Johnson, and Sonny Mehringer.

Special Presentation (s): Jeremy Smith on downtown project with YMCA.

Members Present: 18 Total Memberships: 101

I, Steve Haasch, call this annual meeting to order at 6:30 pm. A quor-um is present.

The Pledge of Allegiance. A moment of silence.

The Business

Approval of the minutes: The minutes published in the March 2014 newsletter were approved as written.

Reports of Officers:

President: Steve Haasch recommended that we review our mission statement.

Vice–President: Joanne Smith read comments from Roger Johnson about the possibilities of the historical society’s future with the non-profit space at the proposed village hall.

Secretary: None.

Treasurer: Steve Haasch gave the quarterly treasurer’s report Joanne Smith made a motion to approve the report. The motion was passed.

We now accept monetary donations online using PayPal, see the link on the left side of the main web page called “Monetary Donations”.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Weavings

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Reports of Boards and Standing Committees:

Volunteers: June Keller will call the Leos to help with the yard sale this year.

Fundraising: The yard sale will be on July 19th, rain date is on the 26th. The Depot will also be open on July 19th. The appraisal day will be held on September 13, 2014. This will be the 10th anniversary of the opening of the museum (which was on Sept. 12, 2004).

Building & Grounds: Bob Schlei has made arrangements with a new lawn maintenance contractor for this year. Fred Keller and Mike Reil-ly did some trimming.

Exhibit: The Bars and Saloons exhibit is now open. Local artifacts are still being accepted for display. A new exhibit in the east room of the museum needs to be set up for a Land ‘O Lakes display along the south wall. Historical information is being collected and archived for presentation. Mike Reilly has some donated items for sale at the mu-seum. Proceeds will be towards purchasing some audio-visual equip-ment for the museum. Railroad artifacts are needed for the center exhibit room.

Membership: A second batch of renewal notices has been mailed out and we have a total of 6 outstanding memberships. The total member-ships come to 99.

Newsletter/Publicity: Mona Day asked if we placed anything for our Father’s Day special in the Local newspaper.

Curator: Mike Reilly announced that Rick Bernstein from the state historical society has offered his services to help our society. The board of directors will need to send him an invitation. The hops plant-ing have been put on hold for now. Betty Mindemann will need to be further informed on the project. Some additional dates were men-tioned to have the museum open and a discussion followed. Steve Haasch suggested looking forward towards planning the next major exhibit for the future. Fred will be having a children’s program for the rec department on June 25th at 1p.m. starting at the Sussex Village Park and ending at St. Alban’s Church.

Website: Mike has added a variety of historical information about saloons along with some of Fred’s articles.

New Business: Steve Haasch announced that Bob Schlei has given notice to resign from the Board of Directors. The membership was asked if anyone would be interested to fill this position which is now open to any member. This year’s Pauline Haass Ice Cream Social and Sussex Night Out will be held on August 6, 2014. The Depot Muse-um will be open. Printing special flyers for this event was discussed. There was a short review and discussion concerning Jeremy Smith’s presentation. Future discussions will be held.

Old Business: None.

Good of the Order:

Announcements: The Town of Lisbon Civil War Re-enactment days will be held on August 9-10, 2014.

The Closing

Adjournment: A motion to adjourn was made by Peter Sparrow 2nd and was passed. The meeting was adjourned at

Time: 8:00 pm.


Susan Haasch



By Mary Haasch)

A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: This fall I will be retiring from the position of Membership Chair.

I would like to thank the society for their support in helping me with this position throughout the past 7 years and the enjoyment of serving the society in this endeavor.

Upon my retirement, this leaves the position open to any SLAHS member who wishes to take the job over and carry on the duties of being Membership Chair.

Anyone interested in becoming our new Membership Chairman may contact a member of the Board of Directors by attending any one of our quarterly General Meetings held at The Sussex Waukesha State Bank Community Room or calling Susan Haasch at: 262-246-3928.

Thank You!


By Joanne Smith


Saturday, September 13, 2014 from 1:00 to 4:00PM at the Depot Museum. HAS BEEN CANCELLED FOR A FUTURE DATE. Betty Mindemann has lent her vast knowledge of antiques to appraise items (or photos) brought in. One item will be verbally appraised for $5 or 3 items for $10. Written appraisals will be $25. For individuals who are still interested, please hang on to those valued items so they can be appraised at a future date which will be announced in this newsletter. Thank you!

The Fundraising Committee is willing to try new ideas to bring in the necessary funds to keep the SLAHS property functioning and attractive. Tell your ideas to Betty (246-4128) or Joanne (246-6250).


SLAHS Scrap Metal Collection Fundraiser

Anyone interested in helping SLAHS out by making a donation may call Fred Keller at

(262) 246-3603 to arrange a pickup of any old scrap metal you may have sitting around and want to get rid of. All proceeds are used to keep the Museum Depot and gardens attractive and functioning.

The Weavings

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Thursday, August 14, 2014


Pictured left: Lions past presidents and honorees: Seated left to right, Anthony Schumann, John P. Kraemer, Milton Mantz, Hilbert Keller, Roy Stier and Ray Semrow. Back row; Al Schroeder, Jim Van Valin representing his father who was the first president of the club, Jerome Herzog, Eugene Ackatz, Jerome Mudlitz, Ronald Halquist, Chuck Woodchick, Robert Stier, Wilmer Marx and Paul Fleischmann. Circ. 1966-67.


Pictured right:

Junior Lions Club-Leos. Sussex Leo’s Club 2005-06 Hamilton Branch Junior Lions/Lioness Club.


The Sussex Leo Club held its charter night banquet July 21, 2004 in the Hamilton High cafeteria. Pictured: front row from left; Director Mandy Dummer, Secretary Kelly Noack, President Flora Zeng, Vice President Sarah Eslyn. Back row; Sussex Lions Club President Bob Johanning, past President Bob Van Aacken, Leo Club Treasurer Matt LeDonne, adviser Dave Furrer, Leo Club Directors Anna Bradford and Junior Turner, Lions District Director Mark Hintzmann and Lions Club Past President James Skarda.


The newly installed officers of the Sussex Lioness Club, July 1985. Front row left to right; Gail Marx-treasurer, Pat Bartlett-past president, Peg Kais-president and Joanne Wanner-secretary. Back row; Kay Gansmer-first VP, Betty Marx-2nd VP, Peg Nettesheim and Tony Frantl-directors, and Pat Stoffel-tail twister. Peg Kais is the daughter of the very first president of the Sussex Lioness Club, Kathleen Manke in 1965.


The Sussex Lions have built multi buildings in the Sussex Village Park. This one went up in 1973 during the presidency of Jim Zindl. For a while it was used by the Sussex Village Board for their twice monthly meetings. Today it has multi uses the year round. It is just one of the many additions the Sussex Lions have put into the park.

The Weavings

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Thursday, August 14, 2014


Turn your old Junker cars into a cash donation for the Depot Museum. They need not be in running condition.

For more details please call Donna Zimmerman at: (262) 246-8331.

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N63 W23791 Main Street

P.O. Box 32

Sussex, WI 53089-0032

Phone: 262-246-3603

The Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society, Inc. is a non-profit & tax exempted corporation dedicated to the collection and preservation of historically significant artifacts, pictures, stories, & similar materials from the local Sussex & Lisbon area. The society held organizational meetings in mid-2001 and formally announced intentions for official formation as a non-profit corporation in November 2001. SLAHS became tax exempted retroactive Feb. 6, 2002. SLAHS is affiliated with the Wisconsin State Historical Association as a local society. The society has an open membership policy welcoming all interested parties to join for a nominal fee. Annual memberships are for the calendar year beginning January 1st of each year. Lifetime memberships are also available.

President Steven Haasch

Vice-President Roger Johnson

Secretary Susan Haasch

Treasurer Donna Zimmerman

Board of Directors:

Peter Sparrow Joanne Smith Sonny Mehringer

Bob Baier Henry Ray

Curator: Fred Keller (262) 246-3603

Assistant Curator: Mike Reilly (414) 530-3121

Volunteer/Committee Coordinator:

June Keller (262) 246-3603

Fred Keller

Mona Day

June Keller

Betty Mindemann

Mike Reilly

Sue Haasch

Steve Haasch

Joanne Smith

Mary Haasch


It was just 10 years ago

on Sunday, September 12, 2004 that the official ribbon cutting ceremony happened to dedicate the Grand Opening of the Depot Museum to the Village of Sussex.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

at 12:00 Noon

Sussex Depot Museum

Come Hear and See Guest Speakers and a Special Presentation of the Making of this Historical Event!

Downtown Location at:

N63 W23791 Main Street

Sussex, Wisconsin

The Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society

Invites you to our Grand Opening Ceremony. Please join us and celebrate our Grand Opening of the Sussex Depot Museum.

Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society, Inc.

N63 W23791 Main Street

P.O. Box 32

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Mail To:

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Mail Completed form and Check to:

Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society, Inc.

Attention: Treasurer

PO Box 32

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The Depot Museum will be open every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month from 1 to 4 pm.

January thru March by appointment only.



Children 10 and under free.

The museum will also be available for group visits by contacting the museum’s curators, Fred Keller, at (262) 246-3603 or Mike Reilly (414) 530-3121 for more information.

2014 General Meeting :

Sept. 11, 2014 at 6:30 PM

At the

Waukesha State Bank Community Room.