Pages from the Past – November 2014

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Pages from the Past
by Fred H. Keller
Posted: Living Sussex Sun, November, 2014


Pages from the Past: Nov. 5, 2014
Oct. 30, 2014
100 years ago – 1914
St. Petersburg, Russia, has a new name: Petrograd.
The John Watson farm at the intersection of North Lisbon Road and Hillside Road is nicknamed “Bonair Farm.”
50 years ago – 1964
A long-time former resident of Lannon, Bernard Joecks, died at the age of 94 on Oct. 9. His funeral was held at St. John’s of Lannon on Oct. 12. He was born in Germany on Feb. 22, 1870 and came to the United States at the age of 21. He farmed until 1950. He left 22 grandchildren and 44 great-grandchildren.
John Reynolds and Patrick Lucy are running for governor against Warren Knowles.
Lyndon Johnson is running against Barry Goldwater for United States President.
25 years ago – 1989
Robert Schlei is the newly appointed Sussex fire chief, replacing the retiring Charles Zimmerman.
An 18-year-old Sussex woman has received 30 days in jail and five years probation as her sentence in a 1988 armed robbery.
In most of the Sussex Sun coverage area, garbage collectors will pick up bagged leaves. However, in 1990, landfills will be able to refuse to pick them up.
10 years ago – 2004
St. James Catholic Church’s Town Line Cemetery now has a columbarium, a place to put between 48 and 96 urns or cremated ashes. A second vault will follow in a couple of years.
Jennifer Rude Klatt is a Hamilton School Board trustee.
Jeff Cady of Lisbon was recently appointed vice president of the Milwaukee firm of Landaas and Company.
Hamilton football coach John Damato was only 2-7 in his first season but there will be a host of returning talents next season.
5 years ago – 2009
Trick-or-treaters, if they play it right, can hit homes on Oct. 31 in Sussex from 4 to 5 p.m., Merton from 6 to 7 p.m. and Lannon from 7 to 8 p.m., and then they should have three hours on Nov. 1 in Lisbon from 2 to 5 p.m.
Templeton Middle School honored veterans on Nov. 6 as part of Veterans Day.

Pages from the Past: Nov. 12, 2014
Nov. 6, 2014
100 years ago – 1914
At the intersection of today’s Moraine Drive and Richmond Road, on the northwest corner, was the Lisbon Oak Hill Cheese factory, originally built by Tilley Champeny. The land that today holds the Woodside School site was owned by A. L. Butler, who would deed it to his son, Robert Butler.
50 years ago – 1964
Colgate blacksmith Robert Wilfer has been invited to attend the Illinois Ironsmiths Convention.
Doyle Alexander is the principal at Sussex Maple Avenue School. He also heads up Main Street School and Orchard Drive School in Sussex.
There is a drive to abandon a spur line off the Bug Line Railroad track at Sussex Mills, because it built a warehouse next to the track 10 years ago. The warehouse has a 14-inch protruding roof section over the tracks, which does not hinder in and out track use as it shields rain from the unloading.
25 years ago – 1989
The Sussex F & M Bank is planning a 3,100-square-foot expansion. The Chief Executive Officer of F & M Banks is Richard Klug. There has been a bank at the Sussex F & M site since 1911.
Sussex’s Don Miklautsch was presented the Silver Beaver award by the Potawatomi Area Council Boy Scouts of America for his leadership in scouting.
10 years ago – 2004
Sussex VFW member LeRoy Eichhorst was a principal part of Templeton Middle School’s Veterans Day ceremonies.
A Shorewood man is accused of robbing the Lisbon Associated Bank.
Todd Van Lare plans on an insanity defense for the recent murder of his wife in Sussex.
5 years ago – 2009
The Lisbon Fire Department had an Oct. 20 RV fire with a loss of $140,000.
The Hamilton High School band has taken a big step forward as it is now a “competitive band,” taking first place at Marchfest 2009. Jon Waite is the Charger Marching Band’s director.

Pages from the Past: Nov. 19, 2014
Nov. 14, 2014
100 years ago — 1914
Fred Radtke owned the land that is now Maple Way Park and the adjacent subdivision. Before that, it was a Mindemann farm and prior to that, Richard Weaver owned it. Radtke sold the property to Ernie Pfeil.
50 years ago — 1964
The Hamilton football team won its final game of the season, 6-0 over Homestead, to finish 2-6. Homestead was coming off a conference championship the year before. Ron Boerst scored the game’s only touchdown in the first quarter.
Al McGuire is the basketball coach at Marquette University and has Bob Wolf of Menomonee Falls as a sophomore starter at guard.
25 years ago — 1989
Hamilton’s Jeff Jushka, a split end on the football team, is first-team all-conference in the Braveland. He set six Braveland pass receiving records. He probably still holds a series of Hamilton receiving records to this day.
Christa Goetz was first-team all-conference for the Hamilton girls volleyball team; she is a junior and has already received all-conference honors in softball and basketball.
10 years ago — 2004
The Hamilton School District is teaching 4,175 students, up exactly 100 from the prior year. The school district has 57 students from outside open enrollment, the same as 2003.
The Templeton Middle School Veterans Honor Day saw Hamilton grad and Marine Lance Cpl. Michael Ludin, who earned the Bronze Star, as the special guest.
5 years ago — 2009
The state is promoting roundabouts to reduce fatal accident and to save gas and time. Roundabouts are coming to local dangerous intersections in the Sun circulation area.
Marcus Paulsen became the first Hamilton cross country runner to win state with a time of 15:41. Stephan Schmidt is the coach of the cross country team.

Pages from the Past: Nov. 26, 2014
Nov. 18, 2014
100 years ago – 1914
West of the Lisbon Central Cemetery, Stephen and Jospeh Seaborn have cobbled together one of the largest one-family sets of farms with 320 acres. Today, this area is mostly the Meissner farm.
On North Lisbon Road, east of the Wisconsin Central Railroad, one can find the Butler Saw Mill. A little further east is the North Lisbon Methodist Church. Colgate also has a saw mill.
50 years ago – 1964
Hamilton High School is still haunted by a swimming pool that never was. The latest is the presentation of a bill for $20,847.55 by a plumbing company hired by the Butler Elementary School. That bill brings to $55,000 what Hamilton might be obliged to pay for a swimming pool project that Butler School started just before being joined with Hamilton School District. Butler reasoned that once started, the Hamilton School District would have to pay for it to completion.
25 years ago – 1989
The Sussex Teen Center held a pool tournament that attracted 32 individual players and 15 two-player teams.
Sussex is spending $3,500 for fireworks in July. The Sussex Park and Recreation Committee is asking the town of Lisbon to think about donating to this community entertainment in the future, as an unofficial count of the annual crowd is about one-third from Lisbon.
The new Sussex Professional Building is under construction at Main Street and Maple Avenue.
10 years ago – 2004
Some travelers from “Sussex West” in northwest Missouri are coming to Sussex for a visit to the local museum and St. Alban’s is also a main attraction. The 1850s saw a big migration west by the population of Sussex-Lisbon to Empire Prairie (King City), Missouri.
Alyssa Wagner of Hamilton High School had the role of Cinderella at the Hamilton Fine Arts production.
Lannon will build Schneider Field north of the Land O’ Lakes Joecks Field for youth baseball.
Walgreen’s broke ground in Sussex in October and by mid-November, the structure was taking form.
The electorate in Lisbon has approved the building of a new fire house up to $1.5 million.
5 years ago – 2009
A lawsuit by Sgt. Gaetano “Tom” Alioto has finally been settled with the dismissal of the suit.
Gabe Kolesari is retiring as superintendent of the Sussex Parks. He will continue as part of the Hamilton School Board.
It has been announced that the 1892 building of the Tiley Champeny Butter Factory on Maple Avenue and Champeny Road will be torn down after 117 years.