KL Recording Service, est 1952, Box 55, Hubertus, Wisconsin 53033

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KL Recording Service

aka KL Recording Lab

Est. 1952

Box 55, Hubertus, Wisconsin 53033

Kl Recording Service

by Michael R. Reilly, orig. November 1, 2015, last updated12/02/2015

Ronald “Ron” Marshall Klein, born about February 2, 1931 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Father was Marshall Klein who a  owned successful business, but due to his playboy type attitude/life-style, ruined the business [According to Hideko Klein]. Note: In 1929 Marshall was a Salesman for Wil-Kil Exterminating Company. In 1940 he drove truck for a dairy.

On Sunday, November 1, 2015, Mike Reilly contacted Hideko Klein whose name was discovered to be a contributing musician on KL Recording Service’s KS-80A [Oshima Twist] and KS-81A [Apple Song Waltz] 45 rpm records done by Mike Yttri. Hideko supplied traditional Japanese music. On the phone he asked her relationship to Ron Klein; she said ex-wife, they were divorced about 1995. Reason due to Ron’s constant absence due to his recording activities, and the fact that they lacked mutual interests. Hideko wasn’t involved in Ron’s business except for the two records mentioned.

Hideko was born in 1931 in Tokyo, Japan. During the Korean War era her father knew someone who operated a recording studio in Tokyo. Ron Klein, while serving in the military, visited this studio, and Hideko was asked to help with translation. After Ron returned to the States, he began a written correspondence with Hideko. This was carried on for some time, after which Ron returned to Tokyo to marry Hideko. After a short while, possible in 1958 they returned to the States to live in the Milwaukee area. Ron worked as an electrical engineer, often expressing a desire to own a recording studio. At some point the couple purchased a home in the village of Hubertus, Washington County. The house had a large basement in which Ron created his recording studio, often building much of his own equipment [as evidenced by the master vinyl record cutting equipment recently acquired by the Depot Museum from the Auto Museum in Hartford, Wisconsin].

Ron created the above cutting equipment in 1968 and used it until 1986, so they moved to Hubertus before 1968.

Ron Klein must have had a music interest, but there is no evidence of him playing an instrument, performing in a band, or recording his music, if any. On his LPs he has that the company was established already in 1952!

Ron may have died alone, since no family was around, and virtually nothing found on the internet about his life!

Talked to Hideko again, Monday, November 2nd.  First off, she doesn’t remember participating on either of Mike Yttri’s two 45 rpm songs, and she doesn’t play an instrument. Second, she met Ron in the Toyko recording studio because he was in the Army and helping a group of soldiers who had formed a band, record their music there. Ron was a communications go-between. He never played an instrument himself.

By the time Ron and Hideko married, his father had lost his money, and the family was living in an apartment in Milwaukee. Turns out Hideko had to finance his coming to Japan, and their subsequent return to America. Her father had owned a factory in pre-War Shanghai, China, but returned to his Tokyo factory when war broke out. He died during the war, possibly when his factory was bombed and burned down. Hideko was actually born in Shanghai, China. The young married couple came to the U.S. on an ocean liner from Japan to Honolulu, Hawaii, then on to Seattle accompanied by her mother. Mother lived with the couple in Wisconsin and died here.

Ron’s mother, Jeanne, was a Hollywood actress who his father met on one of his playboy excursions to that town. According to Hideko, Ron’s grandfather Erwin and family owned a considerable amount of property around the now defunct Capitol Court Shopping Center. Whatever business the grandfather owned, Ron’s father apparently ruined it.

Hideko had to finance their move to Hubertus, and the setting up of Ron’s recording studio business, but she saw that the business was going nowhere, that is to bring in sufficient money to live on properly, so she was working at jobs, such as at Manpower employment company. Ron had given up his paying job to work only on his new business. His lack of success was a major reason for the divorce.




45ReleaseArtist(s)Side A TimeSide B TimeKS-1 [Extended Play]1969?Jim Brunner
& the Rythmaires (sic) Morning Star Polka & Bill’s Waltz 2:04 & 2:16 Uncle Jake’s Polka & May Waltz2:00 & 2:00 KS-219??Bill Landowski
& the Village BrassAdrian Polka2:40 Dutch Village Waltz2:36 KS-319?? MIKE YTTRI AND THE MUSIC MATESPATSY  POLKA 2: BLUE SKIRT WALTZ 3:KS-4 Same as KS-8?19??Bill Landowski
& The Village BrassBlue Eyes Waltz Green is Green KS-519??     KS-619??Andy Justman
& His Polka BandDutchman’s Waltz Sauerkraut Polka KS-719??     KS-819??Bill Landowski
& The Village Brass Blue Eyes Waltz2:42Green Is Green2:10KS-919??Ken Hottenroth & OrchestraOscar Meyer Weiner Polka I’ll Hold You in My Heart KS-101972Danny DarrenLove Makes The World Go ‘Round Grand Ole Opry Song KS-1119??SunlitersGary’s Polka Sunliters Waltz KS-1219??The SunlitersHoney Waltz2:24Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White2:24KS-1319??     KS-1419??Polka Pals
(Shorty, Bert, Art, Frank, Don)Chet’s Leandler2:57Johnson Rag2:45KS-1519??Polka PalsMy Harmonica Waltz Terzinka Polka KS-1619??Myron Breezy & Bohemian BandTill’ We Meet Again Polka Prosit Leandler KS-1719??     KS-1819??Dick Rodgers
T.V. Recording Orchestra
No Beer Today Polka2:35Jukebox Cheer Polka2:25 KS-19*19??The Jolly TwoRain, Rain Polka2:36Johnny’s Knockin’2:20KS-20*19??The Jolly TwoThat Old Mountain Dew2:22Jolly Two Polka2:26KS-2119??     KS-2219??     KS-2319??     KS-24*19??Fred Buchel and His OrchestraKim’s Polka2:20Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain2:57KS-2519??     KS-2619??     KS-2719??     KS-2819??Jimmy Maupin And His OrchestraRain, Rain Polka 2:46Slovenian Waltz Medley2:15KS-2919??Jimmy Maupin & his OrchestraValley Spring Polka You Can’t Be True Dear KS-3019??Jimmy Maupin
& His Orchestra
Keystone Polka2:38Waukegan Polka2:10KS-3119??Ty West & Jay BirdsLong Gone Lonesome Blues East of West Berlin KS-32*19??Don Schlies & his OrchestraDot and Lads2:30Youth and Pleasure Polka3:20KS-33*19??Don Schlies & his OrchestraHoboe’s Polka3:22North Woods Laendler3:45 KS-34*19??Don Schlies and His OrchestraNebraska Polka3:25Gill’s Waltz3:32KS-3519??Justy & The KeybendersOut Behind The Barn2:32Steel Town Polka2:13KS-3619??Justy & The KeybendersSnow Deer Two Step2:14Please Don’t Squeeze My Charmin2:20KS-3719??Bill Chermak’s VarieteersCielia2:00Robert E. Lee
/ Saints Go Marching In
/ Deep in the Heart of Texas2:28KS-3819??Bill Chermak’s VarieteersRain, Rain Polka2:24Dark Town Strutters Ball
/ Five Foot Two
/ If You Knew Suzie2:08KS-3919??     KS-4019??     KS-4119??Frank Yankovic AndJimmy MaupinTeach Me How To Yodel2:13Morning Glow Waltz2:30KS-4219??Ken Brandt & His OrchestraYou and Me2:38Tip Top Polka2:32KS-43*19??Dan Raflik and His Polka PalsJet Polka2:18The Echoing Hills Waltz2:10KS-4419??     KS-4519??     KS-4619??     KS-47*19??Dick Kossins OrchestraWaltz Across Texas2:43Bel-Tone Polka2:46KS-48*19??Dick Kossins OrchestraPeanuts Polka2:45Four Walls2:42KS-4919??Dick Kossins OrchestraFirehouse Rag (Dixie)2:45Battle Hymn Rag (Dixie)2:33KS-5019??Justy & The KeybendersApple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie1:58The Ballad of Jed Clampett2:16KS-5119??Justy & The KeybendersToyland Polka2:09The Old Spinning Wheel2:32KS-5219??     KS-5319??     KS-5419??Jolly SloveniansSunrise Polka KSKJ Polka KS-5519??     KS-5619??     KS-5719??The Jolly TwoEi-Ei-Oh2:45Tinker Polka2:23KS-5819??The Jolly TwoClarinet Polka2:08Beer Barrel Polka2:40KS-5919??     KS-6019??     KS-6119??     KS-6219??     KS-6319??     KS-6419??     KS-6519??     KS-6619??Andy Justman
& His Orchestra
Fireman’s Polka2:17Auntie’s Waltz2:16KS-6719??     KS-6819??     KS-6919??     KS-70see Note 51976Two Creeks Farm HandsTwo Creeks Polka2:37Fairy Tale Waltz3:15KS-7119??     KS-72* at the Cinderella Ballroom, Appleton19?? Don Schlies and His Orchestra Friendship Waltz 3:20 Does Your Heart Beat For Me3:25KS-73* at the Cinderella Ballroom, Appleton19?? Don Schlies and His OrchestraTestimonial Waltz3:15Graceful Doris Polka2:08KS-7419??     KS-7519??     KS-7619??KEYSTONESTRUCK DRIVIN’ MAN 2:35SILVER WINGS 3:37KS-7719??Jolly SloveniansVirant’s Polka Happy Mountaineer KS-7819??Dick Kossins OrchestraHeart Of My heart
/ Doodle-Dee-Doo
/ Last Night On The Back Porch2:58Angry
/ Yessir, That’s My Baby
/ When You Wore a Tulip3:29KS-7919??The KeystonesMelody Of Love2:22Peanuts Polka1:55KS-8019??Mike Yttri
& the Music Mates
Oshima Mist [traditional Japanese melody by Hideko Klein?Music Mates Polka?KS-8119??Mike Yttri
& the Music Mates
Apple Song Waltz3:30Golden Pheasant Polka2:56KS-8219??The Village BrassWild Goose Polka2:00Ellen Polka2:48KS-8319??     KS-8419??     KS-8519??     KS-8619??Johnny Hoffman OrchestraEdelweiss2:56HERZ-SCHMERZ POLKA3:04 KS-8719??     KS-8819??     KS-8919??Bill Thull OrchestraDivorced Polka2:31Johnny’s Tune In Waltz2:31KS-9019??Bill Thull OrchestraBarbara Polka2:30Never Ending Love2:52KS-9119??     KS-9219??     KS-9319??     KS-94*19??Kenny Hottenroth
& OrchestraWinter Wonderland2:44Blue Christmas3:00KS-9519??Don Gralak
His Concertina & BandDummy Model2:26Echo Of Love2:30KS-9619??     KS-9719??Justy & The KeybendersChime Bells2:20Beautiful Ohio2:40KS-9819??     KS-9919??     KS-10019??     KS-101*19??Jerry Voelker
& the Jolly Gents
Let’s Go Chasing Women2:54Milwaukee Waltz2:43KS-10219??     KS-10319??The Brass ButtonsOur Love Polka3:17Going to Heaven Waltz2:56KS-10419??     KS-10519??     KS-10619??     KS-10719??     KS-10819??The MUSIC MASTERSHOOP-DE-DOO POLKA 3:35TULIP SERENADE  2:35KS-10919??     KS-11019??The Gentleman Jim OrchestraPolish Girl Friend Polka3:15707 Polka2:38KS-11119??     KS-11219??     KS-11319??Carl Panfil & the MelodiersEuclid Vets3:25Funny Face2:57KS-11419??     KS-11519??     KS-11619??     KS-11719??     KS-11819??     KS-11919??Justy & The KeybendersJolly Coppersmith2:17Du-Du Leigst Meir In Hertzen3:03KS-12019??     KS-121      KS-122 The Kroll BrothersJohnny’s Knocking Polka2:41Hey Cavalier Polka2:29KS-123      KS-124      KS-125      KS-126      KS-127      KS-128      KS-129* Frank Yankovic AndJimmy MaupinOh Marie Polka2:25Happy Slovene2:07KS-137 Bobby Darren and the DriftersThe Band Keeps Playing On3:08A-112:07KS-138 Bobby Darren and the DriftersThe Door2:43Orange Blossom Special3:20KS-147* at the Club Bil-Mar, Manitowoc The Elroy Berkholtz OrchestraMemories Polka3:05Buckwheat Polka2:16KS-155 Ty WestJust To Satisfy You3:15East of West Berlin2:15KS-16119??Joe Kraczek
& His Beer Town BandMusicians Come and Play3:12The Chicago Waltz2:34KS-16219??Joe Kraczek
& His Beer Town BandThe Red Raven Polka2:26Isabella and Mariechen Waltz2:45KS-163 thru 172      KS-173 Johnny LenIf Tears Could Bring You Back2:07Wanting, Needing Still Loving You2:32KS-178*at Jay Well’s Rainbow Gardens, Appleton Gary Kuchenbecker and His Old Lager OrchestraPolish Piano Polka2:32Don’t Drop Those Tears In My Beer, Dear2:27              KS-181* Gary Kuchenbecker and His Old Lager OrchestraBeer Barrel Polka1:57Prague Polka1:38

KS-172A DANNY DARREN [Real name Dan Solberg] and the Drifting Playboys /KS-172B DUST ON THE BIBLE 2:17/ROCKING ALONG OLD CHAIR 2:38



BOBBY DARREN was born September 9, 1954, in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. Bobby’s wife (Debbie) is originally from Appleton, Wisconsin. They have three children, two sons, (Bobby Jr., and Danny) and a daughter (Carrie). All his life Bobby has lived with traditional country music. His parents (Ike and Marge) played guitar and mandolin and sang back in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and early 50’s. A brother (Danny) was also well known in country night spots. Bobby is the youngest of his 8 brothers and 3 sisters.

Bobby’s vocal and instrumental talents are superb. He sings a variety of sentimental ballads, traditional country, contemporary country, bluegrass,  some 50’s, 60’s and sometimes does impersonations. George Jones and the late Hank Williams Sr., have always been Bobby’s inspirational idols. Besides playing lead guitar Bobby also plays fiddle, dobro, mandolin and bass guitar, (left handed). In his spare time he enjoys writing his own songs which he often includes in his show. Fishing, hunting, baseball are some of Bobby’s hobbies. He likes to cook, especially Mexican food. His favorite color is black.

Bobby has sung with the bands of Tommy Cash and Stonewall Jackson and has played lead guitar for Bill Philips. He has been front band for such artists as George Jones, Moe Bandy, Sonny James, Little Jimmy Dickens, Johnny Rodriguez, Jerry Reed, Margo Smith, Johnny Russell, Leon Everett and more. June 23, 1995, Bobby again opened for the legendary George Jones at the Porterfield Festival in Marinette, Wisconsin.

Bobby taught himself to play guitar at age 5 and has been singing since age 7.

*Age 12-Rawhide Talent Show, WLUK-TV, Green Bay, Wisconsin

*Age 13-March of Dimes Show, Channel 2, Green Bay, Wisconsin

*Age 14-Performed as Bobby Darren & The Drifters

Competed in many talent contests, played in convalescent homes and for many church functions.

*1975-made first recording: The Door, Orange Blossom Special, A-11 and The Band Keeps Playing On

*1976-Performed a television show on Channel 7, Wausau, Wisconsin

Did many live radio broadcasts over WEGN, Menominee, Michigan and WCLJ, Marinette, Wisconsin

All of Bobby’s albums and CD’s were recorded in Nashville

*First album: Country Classics in 1978.

*Single White Wisconsin Christmas in 1983.

*Second album-Breakthrough From the Heart, with Lover’s Purple Heart being a single off the album in 1985.

*Where the Good Times Go. Two singles off the album are originals: “I’ll Just Turn and Walk Away” and

                              “  Angel First Class,” both being songs Bobby wrote in 1994.

The evaluation rating done on Bobby’s CD’s with various rated radio stations came back with good comments.


Above: The first KL LP recording in 1970 KLP-1.





Dale Mathis Group

Opus Two

LPRecording DateArtist(s)TitleKLP-1April 25, 1970 at Nightingale Ballroom, Menomonee FallsMike YttriPresents The Music MatesKLP-21970  KLP-31970  KLP-41970  KLP-51970Riverboat RascalsPlay Range LineKLP-6*April 4, 1971 at Range Line Inn, Hwy 167 & Range Line Road, MequonDick Rodgers and his TV Recording OrchestraPlayPolka VarietiesKLP-7*May 23, 1971 at Range Line Inn, Hwy 167 & Range Line Road, MequonThe Julida BoysThe Julida BoysKLP-81971  KLP-91971  KLP-101971Dale Mathis GroupOpus TwoKLP-111971  KLP-121971  KLP-13*September 23, 1971 at Lisko’s Hall, HuilsburgThe Don Schlies OrchestraWe Played It Just For YouKLP-14*#September 29, 1971 at Lisko’s Hall, HuilsburgJerry Voelker & the Jolly GentsDancetimeKLP-15October 7, 1971 at House of Prince, Milwaukee, WIFrankie Yankovic & Jimmy MaupinTry It – You’ll Like ItKLP-161971Bill ChermakPresents His VarieteersKLP-17*1971 V-Groove MonophonicVarious Artists (1)The Best Of KL Featuring
The Finest In Old Time Music, No.2KLP-18November 11, 1971 at ?Don Frodl & His Orchestra (1)Old Time FavoritesKLP-1919??Mike YttriSweet and SassyKLP-20*January 16, 1972 at Eugene LeBotte residence, AlgomaRuss Zimmerman and His Recording OrchestraPolka Swing and Sway Played the Russ Zimmerman WayKLP-21*April 15, 1972 at Lowe’s Hall (Donna’s Tap) Plat, WI., Johnny Hoffmann and the HerzbubenSo Sind Wir – “That’s Us”KLP-221972Helmut Klimpel & his SorgenbrecherInternational Musical Memories, Vol. 1KLP-2319??Kool GentsCottage Under the MountainKLP-24May 24, 1972 at House of Prince, MilwaukeeGentleman JimPolkas & Waltzes Under the StarsKLP-25May 30, 1972 at Lisko’s Hall, HuilsburgJolly TwoApproachKLP-26June 15, 1972 at KL Audio LabThe SunlitersTalk of the TownKLP-271972The New Life MessengersThe Old Country Church and Other FavoritesKLP-28#August 22, 1972 at Ray & Sherry Whipp’s good Prosit Inn, Green BayJerry Voelker & the Jolly GentsMother and Dad’s FavoritesKLP-29*September 18, 1972at the Mellody Bar, Highway 100 and Layton Ave, MilwaukeeThe Louie Byk BandHere’s Byk’s FirstKLP-3019??Larry JourdanMusic For Young at HeartKLP-31** see Note 4October 8, 1972at American Legion Hall, Theresa, Wis.Andy Justman OrchestraHere’s Andy Justman – “Fireman’s Polka and other Delights”KLP-32#1973Justy and the KeybendersOut Behind the BarnKLP-33*February 5, 1973at the Mellody Bar, Highway 100 and Layton Ave, MilwaukeeDick Rodgers and his TV Recording OrchestraNewtime-PolkatimeKLP-34*February 23, 1973 at KL Audio Lab, HubertusJim-Ron OrchestraJim-Ron OrchestraKLP-3519??Riverboat RascalsPlay JazzKLP-36January 27, 1973 at Charlie Maloney’s Cinderella Ballroom, AppletonDon SchliesAt Cinderella BallroomKLP-37August 14, 1973 at the Eagles Club, Chilton, WisThe Jim Bechle OrchestraA Circle of MusicKLP-38*March 7 & 8, 1973at the Mellody Bar, Highway 100 and Layton Ave, MilwaukeeDick Kossins and his OrchestraCruising Down the RiverKLP-39May 12, 1973 at Lisko’s Hall, HuilsburgThe Village Brass [Bill Landowski]Bellows & BrassKLP-401973Dale MathisSawdust and LaceKLP-41September 3, 1973Harry Kosek And The Red River BoysNew Style of Old StyleKLP-4219??Aunt Sharlene & Cousin EleanorHi This Is …KLP-43*September 15, 1973 at Lisko’s Hall, HuilsburgThe Bill Thull OrchestraPicnic in the WoodsKLP-44*October 3, 1973 at Danceland Ballroom, Green BayLouis Zdrazil
& His TV-Recording OrchestraMusic For All SeasonsKLP-45*October 8,9 and 23, 1973at the Mellody Bar, Highway 100 and Layton Ave, MilwaukeeDon GralakEncoreKLP-46*#December 22, 1973 at KL Audio Lab, HubertusJusty and the KeybendersIt’s Spinning Wheel timeKLP-47*#January 18, 1974 at Nativity Parish Hall, Green BayJerry Voelker and the Jolly GentsInvite You to Dance-A-WayKLP-48March 27, 1975 at Schmit’s Bavarian Hall, Pound, WisJerry Voelker and the Jolly GentsWisconsin’s Most Wanted BandKLP-4919??Bob DoszakFasten Your Seat BeltsKLP-50October 2, 1973at the Mellody Bar, Highway 100 and Layton Ave, MilwaukeeRonnie K’s Phase IIWaltzing Close to YouKLP-51*#April 17, 1974 at Danceland Ballroom, Green BayDon Schlies OrchestraPolka + Waltzes=Don SchliesKLP-52*May 13,  1974 at The Willows, KenoshaGentleman JimMusically YoursKLP-53*May 15, 1974 at Fahey’s Ballroom, Rozellville, Wis.Don Frodl & His Recording OrchestraPolka Time – Our Style, Vol. 1KLP-5419??  KLP-55June 9, 1974 at Richfield Fireman’s Hall, Richfield, WisconsinThe Julida BoysThat Happy FeelingKLP-561974Jerry MarsolekSlovenian StyleKLP-5719??  KLP-5819??  KLP-5919??  KLP-6019??Bryan O’Donnell aka BRYAN O’DONNEL & THE TIC-TAC-TOESA Tribute To Moms & DadsKLP-6119??  KLP-62November 21, 22, 1974 at House of Prince, MilwaukeeHank MagayneBoth Sides Of Hank MagayneKLP-6319??  KLP-64January 12, 1975 at Schmits Ballroom, GraftonThe Freistadt Alte Kameraden BandMusic from Freistadt U.S.A.KLP-6519??  KLP-6619??  KLP-6719??  KLP-68#1975Jerry Voelker & the Jolly GentsWisconsin’s Most Wanted BandKLP-69*#March 29, 1975at American Legion Hall, Theresa, Wis.Andy Justman & His OrchestraAndy Justman & His OrchestraKLP-7019??Various Artists (1)Wisconsin Orchestra Leaders Association
Presents A Polka ConcertKLP-7119??  KLP-7219??  KLP-73*#November 10, 1975 at Club Bil-Mar, ManitowocJoe Karman and his OrchestraJoe Karman Strikes AgainKLP-7419??  KLP-75 see Note 3*#December 15, 1975 at Schneider’s Kloten Oasis, Hwy F, ChiltonJerry Schneider’s OrchestraPlays Polkas and Waltzes from the OasisKLP-7619??ELROY BERKHOLTZ ORCHESTRAOld Time MemoriesKLP-771976The Diana Schroeder Recording OrchestraThe Opera House PresentsKLP-781976NORTHERN STARSPojan Tahdet Presents Finnish MusicKLP-791976Lee Rollin & his OrchestraMr. Circle Two StepKLP-8019??  KLP-8119??  KLP-82#19??Jerry Voelker & the Jolly GentsLet’s Play it Again!KLP-831976Eldon Otto & the Zittau ZippersButton Accordion FavoritesKLP-84Oct 17, 1976 at KL Audio Lab, HubertusRudy Hodnik and His OrchestraInstrumentally Yours Vol.1KLP-85*#November 3, 1976 at Laacks Ballroom, Johnsonville, WisArwin Herzog and His OrchestraAt Laack’s BallroomKLP-86January 23, 1977 at American Legion Hall, WhitewaterRonnie K’s Phase IIPolka ExpressEK-1 see Note 21976Irish O’Leary
(Ekko Custom Recording)Sing-Along With Irish O’LearyKLP-8719??  KLP-88March 6, 1977 at Milwaukee. Album mastered and pressed at Nashville, Tenn.Johnny Hoffmann & The HerzbubenVon Gestern Bis HeuteKLP-89*#April 6, 1977at Lisko’s Hall, Huilsburg The Bill Thull Recording OrchestraPolka FavoritesKLP-9019??  KLP-9119??Don FrodlAt the Kraus BallroomKLP-92*#May 30, 1977 at Cliff & Ceil’s Ballroom, Old Manitowoc Road, East Green BayJerry Voelker & the Jolly Gents
with the Holy Cross Polka ChoirPraise the Lord in Polka StyleKLP-93Jan 12, 1975 at Schmit’s Ballroom, Grafton, WisconsinThe Freistadt Alte Kameraden Band Music from Freistadt U.S.A. by The Alte Kameraden BandKLP-94*#October 30, 1977 at Weber’s Country Inn, Kellnerville, Wis.Bob Konkol and the Seven Harps TV-Recording OrchestraSomething Old-Something NewKLP-9519??Eddie LarsenEspecially for You!KLP-9619??Riverboat Rascals (1)Rompin’ at the RangelineKLP-97Aug 5, 1978 at St. Joan of Arc Church, Okauchee, WIThe Organ Magic Of Scott KoehnEbb TideKLP-981978Rudy Hodnik & his OrchestraInstrumentally Yours, Vol. 2KLP-99*#January 25, 1979 at Cliff & Ceil’s Ballroom, East Green Bay Jerry Voelker and the Jolly GentsBring You a Decade of MusicKLP-10019??Johnny LenFor YouKLP-101*#April 14, 1979 at Laack’s Hall, JohnsonvilleBOB KUETHER and His Band”The One and Only” 10th Anniv AlbumKLP-10219??Justy & The KeybendersJusty’s GreatestKLP-103*#June 20, 1979at Lisko’s Hall, HuilsburgTa Nase Kapela (1)To motherKLP-10419??  KLP-105October 28, 1979 at Cliff & Ceil’s Ballroom, East Green BayEddie Larsen and His OrchestraSweet MemoriesKLP-1061979Barbara Flanum & the KarouselsFor Heaven’s SakeKLP-10719??  KLP-108*February 10, 1980 at Lisko’s Hall, HuilsburgMiss Gayle (Pierce) & The
Old Mapleton Circus Band
Miss Gayle Presents
the Old Mapleton Circus Band
KLP-109*September 21, 1980at the Bavarian Club’s Old Heidelburg Park, Glendale, Wis.The Freistadt Alte Kameraden BandOktoberfest Mit Die Alte KameradenKLP-1101980The Bill Thull Recording OrchestraPolka Favorites, Vol. 2KLP-111November 2, 1980 at Lisko’s Hall, HuilsburgShorty Shoemaker & His OrchestraShorty’s Old FavoritesKLP-112*#November 15, 1980Gary Kuchenbecker and His Old Lager OrchestraOld Lager PolkasKLP-11319??  KLP-11419??  KLP-1151981Rudy HodnikDance Dance Dance with the Rudy Hodnik Orchestra KLP-11619??  KLP-11719??  KLP-1181982Gary Kuchenbecker
& His Old Lager Orchestra (1)
The Big Band Sound of …KLP-119November 7, 1982 at Lisko’s Hall, Huilsburg, WisShorty Shoemaker & His OrchestraShorty’s Old Favorites, Volume 2KLP-1201983Miss Gayle and The
Old Mapleton Circus Band (1)
Circus DaysKLP-121November 18 & 25 at Trinity Lutheran School, Freistat, Wis.The Freistadt Alte Kameraden BandLieder Aus Der HeimatCAS-125 1987Old Mapleton Circus Band (1)Trouping DaysKLP-126February 14, 1988 at Grant Kozera Residence, GreenfieldRudy HodnikPolkas Plus

* Depot Museum collection

**Two copies

# Also was available in 8-Track Tape

Note 1: MYRON BREEZY – Golden Sounds from Schmit’s Ballroom, Grafton, Wisconsin. KL Recording Service #unknown (DY)

Note 2:IRISH O’LEARY – Sing – Along with Irish O’Leary. Ekko Custom Recording EK-1, (KL recording service) performance sept. 30th 1976 (DY)

Note 3: Recorded on December 15, 1975, at Schneider’s Kloten Oasis, Chilton, Wis.  Title on container: Jerry Schneider’s Orchestra plays polkas and waltzes from the Oasis.Contents Till’ we meet polka (2:15) — Friedlichzeit polka (3:00) — Annie’s waltz (2:23) — Willie’s polka (2:20) — Die Lorelei waltz (3:52) — Old lager polka (1:58) — Bay city polka (2:05) — That’s why she cried (2:41) — Huntsman polka (3:10) — Lindenau polka (2:41) — Summertime waltz (3:07) — The last polka (3:08).  Credits Jerry Schneider, trumpet and alto saxophone ; Chuck Schneider, trumpet and tenor saxophone ; Martin Schneider, tenor saxophone, button accordion, and trumpet ; Jack Lechler, piano ; Lloyd Buechel, drums ; Bill Halbach, bass horn and vocals. source:http://search.library.wisc.edu/catalog/WU6905976

Note 4: Marked DYNAQUAD disc on the K L Recording Service label “Andy Justman – Firemans Polka +other delights” KLP 31. Date 73. This record [KL Recording Servic] labels plans to issue DY discs and Quad reels was mentioned in a 71 issue of Audio magazine (US). The music is all polkas and waltzes that they offered.

Note 5: Farm Hands’ Music a Big Hit in Texas TWO CREEKS – The group bills itself as “The Band With a Million Friends.” They’re the “Two Creeks Farm Hands.” of course, for those most familiar with Jerome Vojta [Jerry Voelker?] band leader, and his local orchestra. And. from the sound of it; those million friends include thousands listening to KFRD Radio in Rosenburg. Texas. Vojta received a letter from Norman Barnes, the Polka program announcer for KFRD. which lauded the farm Hands’ 45 RPM recording, “Fairy Tale Waltz,” and the flip side. “Two Creeks Polka.” The KL Recording Service mailed the record to the station and “it became an immediate hit.” Barnes said. Barnes suggested that’ Wojta send any other records the group has made. The station plays more than 20 hours of old-time polkas and waltzes each week and has been airing polkas every day for the past 26 years. Listeners include residents of the greater metropolitan Houston area. source: Manitowoc Herald-Times from Manitowoc, Wisconsin · Page 15, Thursday, March 4, 1976.

Note 6: Many LP jacket identify the “Pressing[s] and Album Fabrication” as done by Richard Wakefield. See below:

Wakefield ManufacturingProfile:Defunct US Pressing Plant / Mastering House owned by Sidney J. Wakefield. (Deceased in 1983.)
Also credited as:
· Wakefield Mfg.
· Wakefield Mfg., Inc.
Richard Wakefield, his son, was president and CEO according to according to a 1981 Billboard article.
Closed in 1989.
Engineers known to have worked here;
Plating supervisor wasGary Salstrom.
Mastering engineerRoger Seibel, initials ‘RS’.
Past mastering engineerJohn Bittner (1960s / 1970s), initials ‘JB’.

Wakefield Manufacturing was chronicled as a high quality pressing operation and weighed heavily with Jazz and Classical recordings. Their annual production at one point reached 4.5 Million.

Prior to establishing “Wakefield Manufacturing”, Sidney Wakefield operated another Record Processing and Pressing facility also in Phoenix, AZ; “Sidney J. Wakefield:” is listed as the name in the Billboard article. It is currently unknown when the “Sidney J. Wakefield” facility became “Wakefield Manufacturing” although the timing appears to coincide with the “SJW” deadwax matrix prefix changes found on early 1960’s pressings.

Known to have pressed forECM Records,Angel Records and so many others, well known and obscure.

Identifying Wakefield Pressings; (This is not a complete list and under research)
Circa Pre-1968 SJW-xxxx SeeThe Night Crawlers (2) – You Say / Night Crawlin’
Circa 1979. (ᵛᵛ) XXXXX SeePat Metheny – New Chautauqua
Circa 1979 WA XXXXX suffix to Cat# and ( ‘ ) SeePat Metheny Group – American Garage
Circa 1982 WM (W over M} XXXXX SeePat Metheny Group – Offramp
Circa 1986 WA3 WAKEFIELD CO. and WM [W Over M} SeePat Metheny / Ornette Coleman – Song X
Note: (ᵛᵛ) This has most commonly described as a “Tulip”, which matches the Wakefield logo image although “Diamond Ring” or “Leaf” description has been used.MoreLessSublabel Wakefield Studios Contact Info:(Now obsolete)
1745 West Linden St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007

(602) 252-5644

source: http://www.discogs.com/label/367883-Wakefield-Manufacturing