Falk Brewing Company, Milwaukee, WI

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Falk Brewing Company

Compiled and Edited by Michael R. Reilly,copyright 1996

Last Revised 08/16/2015

FALK, Otto Herbert, one of the leading young business men ofMilwaukee, and one, who, in connection with the Wisconsin National Guard, hasrendered the state valuable service, is a native of Milwaukee, and was born onthe 18th of June, 1865. His father, Franz Falk, was born in Mittenberg, Bavaria,August 10th, 1824, came to Milwaukee in 1848, became master brewer in the oldMelms brewery, and, later, established the Falk brewery, which, at the time ofhis death, August 5th, 1882, was one of the leading breweries of America. TheFalk Brewery company was consolidated with the Pabst Brewing company in 1893.Young Falk’s mother, whose maiden name was Louise Wahl, daughter of ChristianWahl, Sen., and a sister of Christian Wahl, president of the Milwaukee board ofpark commissioners, was also a native of Germany. Both the Falk and Wahlfamilies were persons of influence in their native land, many of whom were inthe government service.

Young Falk was educated in the German- English Academy,Milwaukee; the Northwestern University, Watertown, Wis., and the Allen MilitaryAcademy in Chicago, which exerted a marked influence in developing his taste andnatural abilities for military affairs. From this school he graduated as rankingcaptain. He began business at the age of twenty, as an apprentice in hisfather’s brewery, afterward becoming assistant secretary and treasurer of theFalk, Jung & Borchert breweries. After the consolidation of this companywith the Pabst company, Mr. Falk was with the latter and is still a stockholderin it, although not directly connected with its management.

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