Don Fleury and His Band

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Don Fleury and His Band

by Michael R. Reilly,10/15/2015

Toe Tappin’ Time with Don Fleury

recorded at Blue Eagle Studios, Sussex, Wisconsin

    The above LP is labeled LPS1011 and was recorded in  Jim Brunner’s Sussex/Lisbon home studio known as Blue Eagle. The LP features Don on the Cordovox with vocals; Jim Christiannsen playing guitar, banjo and vocals; Dick Chewning on the electric bass guitar; and John Bissalacchi on the drums.

    At the time of this recording, the Don Fleury Band had been in existence for over 25 years. Don started playing as a teenager with his father Ed, who played the guitar and banjo, at taverns, weddings and other such events. Later, Dick Chewning joined them as a trio. Dick was one the first to play electric bass guitar in the local area.

    As time went on, the group expanded to a foursome, and even to five or six as needed. The above quartet mentioned on this LP has been playing together for over five years.

    Don Fleury’s Band is established as one of Wisconsin’s top polka bands featuring the “Slovenian” style. they have appeared at Summerfest, State Fair, and Holiday Folk Fair.

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