Cemeteries: Union; aka Nelson or Connell Cemetery – Town of Menomonee

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Union Cemetery Records,aka Nelson Cemetery, aka Nelson-Connell-Union Cemetery


Thru Approx. 1936

Last updated 05/07/2014

Town of Menomonee (Southeastcorner of Town Line and Schlei Rds.), WaukeshaCounty, Wisconsin

    Originallycopied from tombstone and other available cemetery records by Mrs. WilliamConnell, Waukesha, Wis., Member of Waukesha County Historical Society. Someentries have additional material added from Register of Deeds office, Waukesha,for fuller family information.

    Note:Some of the following information originated from the Waukesha County HistoricalSociety & Museum’s Research Center, 101 W. Main Street, Waukesha, WI 53186(262) 521-2859 www.waukeshacountymuseum.org.

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The Union CemeteryAssociation

Neighborhood Cemetery

Non-Sectarian (Open toEveryone)

    The Union Cemetery Associationwas organized April 17th, 1852, by the inhabitants of the district surroundingthe school house, known as “Nelson School House No. 14” in the Town ofMenomonee. The meeting was organized by electing William Coats, Chairman, and L.A. Webb secretary. The following were present: Giles Hard, William Coats, ThomasBlakely, Eli Bush, John Brown, A. B. Hall, William Connell, Anson Gray, JoshuaGifford, A. L. Webb, James H. Nelson, Elijah B. Fuller, James Ball, JamesOliver, James Connell, Francis Connell.

    The meetingvoted to have the organization called the “Union Cemetery Association”and voted to have six trustees, and the following persons were elected for oneyear, to-wit: Giles Hard and William Warr. William  Coats and WilliamConnell were elected for two years and Joshua Gifford and A. L. Webb for threeyears.

    The UnionCemetery Association bought two acres of land of Gabriel H. Nelson, and paid himFifty ($50.00) Dollars for it, located upon the crest of the hill in SectionSix. It was laid out in lots, and the north tier of lots were twenty byforty-five (20×45) feet, except lot fourteen, which is seven feet by forty-fivefeet. All the rest of the lots are twenty feet by forty-six feet, and run up toseventy-eight.

    A certifiedcopy of the plat was filed in the Register of Deeds Office in the year 1912, anda certified copy of the organization was files in the Register of Deeds Officeat Waukesha in June 1920. The cemetery, therefore, now completely organized, andon the next page is a list of the officers and committees. Cemetery located inSection Six, Town of Menomonee.

Ashworth, Richard, d. May 12, 1879

Ashworth, Eliza Ann, d. Oct. 19, 1871

Ashworth, Emma,   d. June 23, 1888

Ashworth, Field, husband of Ann Nuttall,who died bef. 1874, son of James Ashworth (11/1/1758? – 11/18/1810), and Mary(3/21/1762) who were married 12/4/1787; b. 1/15/1808 in Fearns, Rossendale,Lancashire, England, d. Jan. 16, 1874; Field’s grandfather was George Ashworth, b. 9/21/1718

Baer,  Albert, son of Isaac (d. 10/10/1904 in Wis.) and Mary ( Clason) Baer. His mother Mary,b. 1838, d. 9/11/1915, was dau. of Alexander P. Clason, b. 9/20/1808 in Groshen,Orange, N.Y.; her mother Laura Margaret Acker was b. 1805 in Clauvit, N.Y., . Albertb. 11/17/1860 in Michigan, d. Oct. 23, 1931 in Menomonee Falls, WI

Baer, Jennie, nee Greengo, wife of Albert (married in 1893), and dau. of James C. Greengo, b. Feb. 22, 1869; d. July 15, 1908. Jennie and Albert had three sons, James, Denzil and Wilson.

Baines, Charles E., d. 8/22/1874

Baines, Ellen M., d. 9/25/1872

Baines, Fannie A., . 2/1/1864

Baines, Hessa John, d. 5/15/1874

Bailey, Willis David, son of Alonzo & Jane, nee Brink,Bailey, b. 12/7/1854 in Town of Menomonee, d. 1/13/1930

Bailey, Ellen Augusta, nee Minthon, wife of W. D., and dau. of? Minthon & Amelia  Lillicrap, b. 10/4/1857 in England, d. 6/23/1931

Berringer, Aaron S., son of John D. and Matilda, nee Spinner,Berringer, 9/12/1864 – 12/17/1901

Berringer, Maurice A., 1892 – 1918 (Died in World War I,listed in May 29, 1919 Waukesha Freeman as “Morris A. Berringer”aka Maurice A. Beringer.)

Bird, Harry, d. 1938

Bird, Alfred H., d. 3/6/1904

Bird, Alice, d. 3/19/1895

Bird, Arthur, d. 10/15/1925

Bird, Clara Bell, d. 8/25/1892

Bird, Fannie, wife of Harry, d. 5/26/1905

Bird, Mary, d. 7/12/1885

Camp, James, d. 3/29/1868

Camp, Mary A., d. 6/5/1875

[CHRISTMAN: Mrs. Christine (KRAUS) Christman /b. September 26,1848/Hanheim, Province of Hessen-Darmstadt/ d. circa Feb. 5, 1931/wife of HenryPhillip Christman H. P. (Henry Phillip)/b. August 31, 1841/Norriston, MontgomeryCo., Pa./ d. June 16, 1913]

Christman, Henry P., son of Samuel & Hannah, neeUnderkoefler, Christman, 8/30/1841 – 6/17/1913, in Civil War

Menomonee Falls News June 20, 1913
Respected Citizen Passes Away After A Short Period Of Illness. Another of theveterans answered the call when, following an illness of but a short time, thegallant soldier, a worthy citizen and beloved comrade, as well as a devotedhusband and father was called hence at his home here, Tuesday morning, Jun 16.Upwards of a month ago he suffered a stroke from which he partly rallied and hisfamily had hopes of recovery only to be discouraged when the relapse came. HenryPhilip Christman was born in Norriston, Montgomery Co., Pa., August 31, 1841.His parents with many others, came to the West from the Keystone State in theyear 1850. They settled in Milwaukee and in 1852 moved out to a homesteadpreempted in Menomonee. He attended the county schools and taught in the winterof 1859 and 1860. When the call to arms was issued by President Lincoln he wasamong the first to respond, enlisting with Co. G of the First WisconsinVolunteers for three years. His regiment was mustered into service July 1, 1861.The records of the war department are replete with the valorous service of theFirst Wisconsin. The subject of this memorial took an important part in theranks of the volunteers in the great battles of Perryville, Murfreesboro andChickamagua. In the last named conflict Mr. Christman was taken a prisoner. Hesuffered great privation for 16 months in the southern prisons at Richmond,Andersonville and Milan. When at Savannah, Georgia, he was exchanged as amilitary prisoner of war. He was honorably discharged on February 20, 1865. Onhis return from the war he purchased a farm, and on May 28, 1868 he was unitedin marriage to Miss Christine Krause. Of this union five sons were born, four ofwhom with the wife survive. They are Eugene, Arthur, Chester and Harry.Intervening years found him working steadily until he had acquired two farms,and in the year 1902 he retired and built a home in the village. A man ofcourage of his convictions he never shirked what he thought to be his duty. Heserved as chairman of the town and was a member of the village trustees.Socially he had many warm friends. Long an influential member of the Masonicfraternity and of the Order of the East Star, those who knew him best will longcherish his many amiable qualities. The services were held Thursday afternoon atthe M. E. Church, Rev. T. E. Foss officiating. The last rites at the NelsonCemetery were in charge of Lincoln Lodge F. & A. M. Grand Deputy Richardsonof Milwaukee acting as master.*

Christman, Christina Mary, nee Krans, wife of Henry P., anddau. of John Ernst & Katharine, nee Hassinger, Krans, b. 1849 in Germany, d.1/31/1931

Menomonee Falls News Feb. 5, 1931
GRIM REAPER TAKES HEAVY TOLL. Mrs. Christine Christman Dies at Ripe Old Age. Inthe true history of a country the noble women play a conspicuous and prominentpart, and it is said that “In the cradle the mothers rock the nation”.Since 1860 Mrs. Christine Mary Christman, nee Kraus, widow of the late HenryPhillip Christman a Civil War veteran, who died 17 years ago have resided inWaukesha county and for a number of years her in the village, and well deservesto be mentioned among the old settlers in this community. She was born atHanheim, Province of Hessen-Darmstadt in Germany, September 26, 1848, daughterof Johann Kraus. She emigrated at the age of 12 years with her parents and threeof her sisters to America and made this village her home. On reaching womanhoodshe was united in marriage with Henry Philip Christman, the ceremony being atSussex, May 23, 1868. They began their domestic life on the farm west of ourvillage. To Mr. and Mrs. Christman were born five sons whom one son Elvin diedat the age of 17 on Feb. 18, 1897…Eugene and Arthur of Menomonee Falls,Chester of Detroit, Michigan and Harold of Racine, Wis. and also leaves 10grandchildren. Funeral services were held on Tuesday afternoon and conducted byRev. P. Wendt, Pastor of St. Paul’s Church here. Her remains interred in theNelson Cemetery. Mrs. Christman was a member of the Eastern Star.*

Christman, Elvin, b. abt 1880, d. 2/18/1897

Christman, Eugene, d. 10/1/1933

Chugh (?), Mrs. K., d. 1/9/1909

Church, George W., d. 9/22/1888

Church, Mary Jane, d. 3/23/1878

Church (?), ?, b. ? – d. 10/30/1924

Church (?), Mary, wife of Geo. W., d. 6/24/1929

Church (?), Lottie Bell, d. 6/17/1875

Connell, Francis, son of Richard & Jane, Johnson, Connell,b. 1820 in Ireland, d. 7/8/1899

CONNELL: Francis/age 79/d. 8 Jul 1899/bur.10 Jul 1899/Co. line: Lisbon/cancer of stomach/Nelson’s cemetery Menominee/St.Albans burial records,

Mabel Ann (infant child of James B. and Ella C.Connell)/age 4 mos/ d. 21 Feb 1891/bur. 22 Feb 1891/ Germantown /pneumonia/Nelson’s burial ground, Menominee/ St.Albans burialrecords,

May Eva/age 1/d. 27 Aug 1893/bur. 29 Aug 1893/Menominee/cholera/Nelson’s or Union cem/St.Albans burial records,

Scott Salter/age 8/d. 30 Nov1895/bur. 2 Dec 1895/Lisbon/pernicious anemia/Nelsons cem./St.Albans burialrecords,

Mrs. Ursula (Dukelow)/age 66/d. 15 Dec 1899/bur. 18 Dec 1899/Co. lineLisbon/acute Pneumonia/Nelson’s cemetery/St.Albans burial records

Connell, Ursula, nee Dukelow, wife of Francis, and dau. ofRichard & Sarah Duklow, b. 1827 in Ireland, d. 12/15/1899

Connell, baby, d. 9/26/1868

Connell, Frank D., son of F. & U., 9/30/1866 – 10/28/1935

Connell, Richard M., son of F. & U., 7/12/1856 -10/27/1921

Connell, William P., son of F. & U., 1861 – 1/5/1926

Connell, Catherine Elizabeth, dau. of F. & U., 8/19/1862 -1/20/1923

Connell, John F., son of F. & U., 4/18/1857 in MenomoneeFalls, WI. – 1/28/1923

Connell, Caroline, nee Peterson, wife of John F., and dau. ofPeter (b. 3/7/1836) & Margaret Rasmusson, nee Rurmun (or Furuvald), Peterson(or Pedersen), b. 4/10/1864 in Ashippun, WI., 4/8/1914

Connell, Stella M., dau. of John F. & C., d/ 5/15/1935

Connell, Eva May, dau. of John F. & C., 12/23/1892 -1/2/1893

Connell, James, son of Richard Connell & Jane Johnson,b.12/12/1812 in Ireland, d. 1/3/1869

Connell, Anna or Ann, nee Salter, wife of James, dau. of JamesSalter & Mary Johnson, b. 7/20/1820 in Ireland, d. 10/8/1905

Connell, Thomas, d. 3/12/1871

Connell, Catherine, d. 1/15/1869

Connell, Rebecca, d. 11/12/1862

Connell, Jane, nee Johnson, wife of Richard, b. 3/8/1782 inSkibereen, Cork, Ireland, d. 6/28/1861

Connell, Franklin, d. 10/13/1874

Connell, Richard, son of Thomas & Catharine Connell,immigrated in 1846 with 5 brother, 3 sisters, wife, and many other relatives,originally settled in Township of Germantown, d. 5/9/1869

Connell, William, d. 12/1/1863

Connell, George A., d. 9/5/1930

Connell, William, d. 4/15/1892

Connell, Elizabeth, wife of Wm., d. 7/13/1908

Connell, Elsie E., dau. of Wm. & E., d. 2/24/1888

Connell, Emma N., dau. of Wm. & E., d. 6/9/1927

Connell, John D., son of Wm., d. 10/3/1907

Connell, Richard F., d. 1/9/1869

Connell, Eliza, d. 12/16/1870

Connell, Mary, d. 2/22/1897

Connell, Thomas, d. 10/15/1876

Connell, John J., 1/27/1852 – 6/18/1908

Connell, Mary J, nee Salter, wife of John J., and dau. ofFrank & Elizabeth, nee Cole, Salter, 9/10/1858 – 2/19/1917

Connell, Wesley S., son, 11/18/1882 – 7/26/1936

Connell, Martha, nee Schroeder, wife of Elmer (?), dau. ofCarl & Henrietta, nee Brousmann, Schroeder, 6/10/1889 – 1/10/1919

Connell, Scott S., d. 11/30/1895

Connell, Alice Josephine, nee Gray, wife of Richard, and dau.of Byron & Jane, nee Pool, Byron,2/23/1856 – 7/11/1929. Note: Byron’s father was Anson Gray.,and his mother, Roxana Cleveland

Connell, Rachel, d. 6/7/1928

Connell, Richard, d. 10/14/1870

Connell, Raymond F., of Hartland. d. Feb. 26, 2004. Age 69years. Husband of Lorraine (nee Heintz) Olson Connell. Father of Darryl (Karen),Dennis (fiancée, Betty), Janet Chapman (special friend, Scott), Scott (Gail)Olson, James (Kandi) Olson and the late Ted and Thomas. Grandfather of 13.Brother of Ruby Christianson, Shirley (Charles) Shortt,  Joyce (Lee) Neu, Leo andRodney (Mary) Connell. Dear sister-in-law of Anne Connell. Further survived byother relatives and friends. Funeral Services Mon., Mar. 1 at 7:30 p.m. atSHIMON FUNERAL HOME, 824 Union St. (Hwy 83 N) Hartford

Coughlin, Richard, d. 11/30/1867

Coughlin, Ann, D. 1/30/1892

Coughlin, Eliza, d. 3/7/1889

Coughlin, Jane, d. 5/22/1862

Coughlin, John, d. 1/15/1892

Coughlin, Maggie, d.4/15/1878

Coughlin, Thomas, d. 6/18/1908

Coughlin, William, d. 2/9/1899

Dedrick, Philip, d. 4/14/1867

Cook, Angeline, d. 1/31/1862

Cummings, Edgar A., d. 12/18/1925

Cummings, Chester Eugene, son of Edgar A. & Hattie, neeLounsbury, Cummings, 12/22/1892 – 1/17/1919

Cummings, Ida May, dau. of Edw. (or probably Edgar) &Hattie Cummings, 1891 – 1/27/1892, ae. 6 wks.

Daily or Dailey, John, d. 3/4/1860

Fieldhouse, Moses, d. 4/2/1852

Fuller, Zachariah, d. 5/26/1854

Fuller, Betsey, d. 8/13/1852

Fuller, Emma F., d. 6/27/1857

Gray: Mrs. Jane (Poole)/age 59/d. 17 May 1894/bur. 20 May1894/Menominee/ neuralgia of heart /Union cemetery Nelsons / St. Alban’s burialrecords

Greengo, Jesse J., son of George & Mary, nee Kemp,Greengo, b. 10/26/1804 in England

Greengo, Mary Ann Potter, nee Morris, wife of Jesse J., anddau. of James & Mary Ann, nee Potter, Morris, 2/1/1805 – 12/12 or 15/1879

Greengo, James C., son of Jesse J. &Mary Ann Greengo, b. 8/29/1838 in Kent Co., England, d. 7/28/1896; served in 1stWis. Reg. Civil War.

Greengo, Ann W., nee Baker, wife of James C. Greengo, and dau.of H. E. L. & Frances P., nee Taylor, Baker, b. 6/7/1849 in Ottawa, Wis., d.1/27/1917

Greengo, Richmond, son of Jesse J. & Mary Ann Greengo,12/8/1851 – 3/12/1923

Greengo, Mary W., nee Baker, wife of Richmond Greengo, anddau. of H. E. L. & Frances P., nee Taylor, Baker ?, d. 4/19/1918

Greengo, Charles Lewis, son of Richmond ?, d. 1937

Greengo, Beulah Vail, nee Rockafellow, wife of Charles LewisGreengo, and dau. of Alfred & Celia, nee Vail, Rockafellow, b. 4/1/1873 atWaterford (Wis.?), d. 2/23/1899

Greengo, Nelson, son of Jesse J. & Mary Ann PotterGreengo, b. in 1837 in England, d. 5/31/1912

Greengo, Elizabeth, nee Jeffery, wife of Nelson Greengo, anddau. of William & Mary Ann, nee Wimset, Jeffery, sister to WilliamJeffery, 4/4/1836 – 2/20/1917

Greengo, George, son of Jesse J. & Mary Ann PotterGreengo, 1/17/1833 – 8/5/1927

Green, Rev. William, husband of Anna Allen Poole, d. in 1855

Green, Ellen A., dau. of William & Anna Allen, nee Poole,Green, 8/1/1845 – 3/1/1908

Green, Henry, d. in 1907

Gray, Anson, b. in Dorset, V. T, d.3/10/1871

Gray, Roxana, nee Cleveland, d. 6/15/1880

Gray, Byron, son of Anson & Roxana, d.8/30/1883

Gray, Jane, wife of Byron, b. in Salem, N.Y., d. 5/17/1894

Hall, Lucius, d. 2/19/1858

Hall, A. B., d. 2/25/1877

Hall, Deb, d. 6/5/1864

Hansen, Robert Avery, of Iola, formerly of Menomonee Falls,age 87. Died Sunday, May 02, 2004. Husband of Dana (Nee Sorsek). Father of Alanand the late Karen. Grandfather of Dana M. Hansen. Brother of Helen (the lateNorman) Merkel and Bill (Rosalee). Preceded in death by former wife Marie (NeeSchmitt). Robert served his country in the Army during WWII. Mass at St. Mary’sCatholic Church, N89 W16217 Cleveland Ave, Menomonee Falls. [Hansen,Karen, M., d. Sept. 22, 2000, age 46 years. Daughter of Robert (Dana) andthe late Marie. Sister of Alan. Aunt of Dana M. Niece of Helen Merkel andWilliam J. Hansen.]

Hard, Giles, d. 1/16/1863

Hard, Deleva, d. 10/16/1870

Hard, Eva May, d. 4/29/1882

Hesk, Elizabeth, wife of William Hesk, 1803 – 9/21/1865

Jeffery, William, son of William &Mary Ann, nee Wimset, Jeffery, b. 6/20/1820 in Kent Co., England, d. 8/30/1893

Jeffery, Mary M. or A., nee Wildish, wife, 3/23/1823 inEngland, d. 2/27/1890

Jeffery, George, son of Wm. & Mary, 10/20/1847 -8/8/1919

Jeffery, Laura A., dau. of Wm. & Mary, 7/23/1858 -7/26/1920

Jeffery, Mary, dau. of Wm. & Mary, b. 11/10/1852 in Townof Lisbon, d. 6/9/1922

Jeffery, Alzina, b. ?, d. 7/22/1870

Jeffery, Cordelia, b. ?, d. 9/3/1870

Jeffery, Horace E., b. ?, d. 6/19/1866

Jeffery, Henry, b. ?, d. 9/15/1870

Jeffery, Edgar, b. ?, d. 9/19/1870

Jeffery, John, son of Wm. & Mary Ann, nee Wimset, Jeffery,brother of Wm. above, b. 5/22/1818 in Kent County, England, d. 6/1/1901

Jeffery, Mary Ann, nee Callow, wife of John Jeffery, b. inKent Co., England, d. 12/4/1875

Jeffery, John, Jr., son of John, b. ?, d. 12/15/1850

Jeffery, Lizzie, dau. of John & Mary, d. 5/20/1855

Jeffery, Henry T., d. 11/14/1907, in 1890-91 had Colgate P.O.

Jeffery, Emily, nee Wildish, wife of Henry T., dau. of Charlesand Harriet, nee Greengo, Wildish, 3/16/1848 – 3/8/1915

Jeffery, John, son of Albert & Margaret,  10/18/1903- 10/18/1903

Jeffery, Mary, dau. of Albert & Margaret, 10/17/1903 -10/18/1903, twin of John.

Jeffery, Gladys M., dau. of Albert & Margaret, 1/7/1902 -10/19/1902, Waukesha Co. Death record V2, P491.

Jeffery, Margaret, wife of Albert J. Jeffery, dau. of William& Agnes, nee Davidson, Butler, b. 9/17/1865 in Town of Lisbon, d. 8/26/1933

Jeffery, Emma, dau. of John & Mary Ann, nee Callow,Jeffery, d. 7/6/1935

Keebler, Frederick A. Murrell, son of Christian & MaryEliza. Keebler, b. 5/23/1827 in Freudenstat, Wurttemburg, Germany, d.10/19/1912, brother of Gottlieb, b. abt 1817 (Note: Christian had a brothernamed Charles – buried at Sunnyside Cemetery).

Keebler, Caroline, nee Eastwood, 4/27/1829 – 8/30/1875

Keebler, Bertha, wife of Frederick Jr., d. 2/8/1885

Keebler, Frederick (Jr. ?), 6/4/1861 – 1/31/1890

Keebler, Mary Ana, dau. of Frederick Sr., 3/22/1867 -8/23/1867

Kennedy, Jane, d. 4/14/1854

Kennedy, Margaret, d. 8/31/1874

KESTELL: (Jane Dailey) (/b: December 20, 1840 at Rochester,N.Y./d: 12 March 1881/ cause: in childbirth of first child/p: JOHN DAILY andNANCY CONNELL)

John George Kestell was born 24 August 1853, the son of JohannBaptist Kastel and Ursula Kreppel/Krebbel/Krippel, in the town of Germantown,Washington County, Wi. He married , Jane Daily, a neighbor girl, about 1880. Shedied giving birth to their first born son on 12 March, 1881. Jane was bornDecember 20, 1840 at Rochester, New York, the daughter of John and Nancy Daily.She was 40 years old when she died. She was 13 years older then John George. Sheis buried on Nelson’s burial ground, Waukesha, Co.

Kinnaw, Thomas, d. 4/12/1868

Kinnaw, Margaret, d. 3/8/1880

Krans, J. Ernst, d. 8/25/1871

Krans, Margaret, d. 8/11/1883

Lounsbury, James E., son of Purdy & Hester, neeThurwdliker, Lounsbury, b. 7/8/1836 in New York State, d. 7/28/1912

Lounsbury, Harriet, nee Poole, wife of James E., dau. ofWilliam & Ann, nee Allen, Poole, b. 6/26/1836 in England, d. 4/5/1920

Lounsbury, George W., d. 8/6/1863

Lembecke, Louis, son of Louis & Marie, nee Oehmke,Lembecke, husband of Mary, nee Turtenwald, b. 6/5/1862 in Germany, d. 5/12/1928

Lindtedt, Donald,

Lindtedt, Arline May, d. 3/20/1931

Lindtedt, William, d. 8/1/1917

Lillicrapp, Richard, d. 1/1/1876

Lillicrapp, Mary, nee Pearse, wife of Richard, d. 4/5/1884

Lillicrapp, Adolphus, Dr. Vet. Surg., son of Richard &Mary, nee Pearse, Lillicrapp, 12/25/1838 – 8/9/1908

Lillicrapp, Adelia, wife of Dr. Adolphus, d. 5/29/1887

Lillicrapp, Jennie Dean, dau. of Dr. A. & Adelia,12/22/1883 – 10/21/1890

Lillicrapp, Ellen, d. 11/25/1853

Lillicrapp, Mary, d. 6/15/1881

Lillicrapp, William R., d. 6/21/1881

Loomis, Rev. Theron, 7/7/1814 – 5/18/1896

Loomis, Elizabeth, nee Ballard, wife of Rev. Theron, 4/21/1822- ?

Loomis, Charles Sumtar, son of Rev. Theron & Elizabeth,5/8/1867 – 10/1/1936

Loomis, Lillie W., wife of Charles S., and dau. of William& Emma, nee Gross, Kuecker, b. 8/5/1867 in Milwaukee, d. 10/1/1936

Minthon, Amelia, d. 10/14/1881

Nelson, Gabriel O., d. 3/31/1860

Nelson, Mrs. Gabriel O., d. 9/29/1914

Nelson, Mary Elizabeth, d. 9/17/1923

Oliver, John, d. $/17/188?

Oliver, Elizabeth, nee Morse, wife of John, dau. of Benjamin& Elizabeth, nee Thomas, Morse, b. 4/1/1819 in N. Y., d., 10/24/1907

Oliver, Alice L., dau. of John & Elizabeth, d. 7/5/1862

Oliver, Emma R., d. 8/9/1857

Poole, William, d. 4/17/1869

Poole, Ann, wife, d. 3/17/1867

Palmer, Thomas, b. 5/15/1830 in Norfolk, England, came toWaukesha Co. in 1844, d. 11/13/1914

Palmer, Mary E., nee Gray, wife of Thomas, dau. of Anson Gray,b. in Vermont, d. 6/21/19120

Palmer, Anson G., son, d. 12/19/1866

Palmer, Eddie G., d. 9/12/1867

Palmer, Emma R., d. 12/19/1866

Palmer, Walter G., d. 5/10/1883

Reder or Reader, Oscar Adolph, son of William & MatildaReder, b. 1/26/1857 in Germany, d. 3/26/1936

Renk, Clifford William, d. 9/14/1906

Robbins, Avis Moore, d. 10/17/1891

Robbins, Samantha, d. 2/19/1892

Salter, Mary, d. 1855

Skibbie, Edward W. Of Sussex, April 18, 2007, age 75 years. Husband of Eleanore (nee Trapp). Father of Christine and Kathleen (Patrick) Devine. Dear Papa of Sean. Brother-in-law of Beatrice (Russ) Kulik. Uncle of Myra Lynn (Kurt) Shinkle, Robb Trapp, Carol (James) Roe and Sharon (Curt) Hackbarth.  Funeral Service, Monday, April 23, at 7PM, AT THE FUNERAL HOME. Private burial, Union Cemetery, Menomonee Falls, WI. Ed was a member of the Horne-Mudlitz VFW Post #6377 and was in the army during the Korean Conflict. SCHMIDT & BARTELT A.A. Schmidt & Sons Funeral and Cremation Service N84 W17937 Menomonee Ave. Menomonee Falls 262-251-3630 Published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on 4/22/2007.

Smith, Samuel

Smith, Emily

Smith, William

Swanton, Matthew, d. 3/21/1925

Swanton, Sarah Jane, nee Connell, wife of Matthew, dau. ofFrancis & Ursula Connell, d. 8/29/1906

Swanton, Irving J., son, d. 9/11/1889

Swanton, Pearl, dau., d. 9/1/1922

Swanton, Pearl Clarabel, d. 8/28/1927

TATE: John C./age 75/d. 7 Aug 1888 9headstone inscription isd. 8/16/1888) /bur. 11 Aug1888/Germantown/heart disease/Nelsons -?-Menominee(?)/St.Albans burial records.

Tate, Mrs. Sarah (Edy?)/age 80/d. 19 Dec 1893/bur. 22 Dec 1893/Germantown/ old age& stroke..Nelson’s/St.Albans burial records

Unverrich, Marcella L., (Nee Hartling), d. Tues., Dec21, 1999 in Bloomer, WI, formerlyof Sussex, at the age of 92 years. Wife of the late Carl A. Unverrich. Mother of Eugene C. (Donna) of Eagle River, Ida M. (Bob) Unke ofChippewa Falls and Donald N. (Gloria) Unverrich of the Town of Lisbon.Proud grandma of 13 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. Sister of Sylvester (Edna) Hartling, Lillian Zillmer, Edwin Hartling andthe late Elroy, Orville, Phillip Hartling and Dorothy Schuster. Sister-in-law of Antoinette Unverrich, Dorothy Graham, Dorothy, Gerry,Mary Ann Hartling and the late Shirley Hartling and Emil Schuster.  Marcella was a lifetime member of the VFW in Sussex.

Voss, Callie “Cooter”, Of Menomonee Falls, diedsuddenly on Mar. 1, 2003 at age 28. Preceded in death by her brother Terry”TJ” and Grandma Blanc. Survived by her daughter Sami-Bineshii-Ikwe-MarieVoss. Mother and Father Kathy and Terry Voss. Further survived by Dude andSonya, Aunt, Uncle, numerous cousins and close friends.Visitation  at GRACELUTHERAN CHURCH (N87 W16171 Kenwood Blvd., Menomonee Falls).

Voss, Karroll K., (nee Knapp) age 88 years of Colgate. d.March 20, 2004. Wife of the late Arnold. Mother of Darryl (Linda) and Thomas(Pamela) Voss. Grandmother of Danielle. Sister of Kermit Knapp, Kelly (Lucille)Knapp and Kalverna Knapp. Cousin of Victoria Malinowski. Further survived byother relatives and friends. Preceded in death by a brother Kingman Knapp.Visitation at Calvary Baptist Church N84W16971 Menomonee Ave., Menomonee Falls

Wachholz, Mrs. Bertha, d. 1920

Wachholz, Marie, d. 1920

Wachholz, Elsie, nee Connell, wife of  ?, dau. of William& Kate, nee Kingston, Connell

Wachholz, William R. “Bill” Age 82 years. Of Sussex, formerly of Colgate. Sunday, November 30, 2008. Beloved husband of Frances (nee Linstedt). Dear father of Betty Jean (James) Misurek and Jane E. (the late Bill) Rintelman. Proud grandpa of Kathryn Spillman and Peter (Julia) Misurek. Great-grandfather of Annie Frances Misurek. Brother of Elaine (Fred) Linstedt and Robert (Cheri) Wachholz. Further survived by nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. Preceded in death by his sister, Dorothy McLaughlin and Edna Baumgartner. The family will receive relatives and friends on Saturday, December 6, 2008, at the funeral home from 10:30 AM until time of Memorial Service at 11:30 AM. Final rest Union Cemetery, Menomonee Falls. Bill was the former owner of Connell Equipment, Waukesha. SCHMIDT & BARTELT A.A. Schmidt & Sons Funeral and Cremation Services W250 N6505 Hwy 164 Sussex 262-246-4774

Wildish, Charles, b. 1819 in Kent Co., England, d. 6/28/1898

Wildish, Harriet, nee Greengo, wife of Charles, dau. of Jesse& Mary Ann, nee Potter, Greengo, b. 9/7/1823 in England, d. 1/20/1916

Wildish, Richard C., son of Charles & Harriet, d. 9/3/1862

Wildish, Charlotte, d. 12/24/1856

Wildish, Fred, son of Charles & Harriet, 5/14/1868 -1/9/1921

Wildish, Joseph, d. 2/6/1861

Wildish, Mary, d. 10/23/1857

Wildish, Julia A., d. 10/26/1870

Wildish, Harriet, dau. of Charles & Harriet, d. 5/6/1899

Wildish, Joseph Nelson, son of Charles & Harriet,4/18/1864 – 2/12/1935

Wildish, Joseph, d. 8/23/1876

Wildish, Joseph E., d. 2/25/1923

Wirth, Edward, d. 2/11/1901

Woods, Hattie M., d. 1913

Waukesha County Northview Home a.k.a. Pauper’s Cemetery a.k.a.Northview Cemetery
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St. JohnCemetery is located in town of Erin, Washington County, Wisconsin
St. John Parish is located in Monches, Waukesha County, Wisconsin