Cemeteries: St. John’s United Church of Christ, Merton

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St. John’s United Church of Christ Cemetery

Merton, Wisconsin

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Droegkamp-Strauss, Sara Lee, of Hartland-Merton, May 5, 2002, age80 years. Wife of the late Frederick H. Droegkamp. Mother of Mary(Alex) Seifert, Susan (Paul) Kopf and JoDee (James) DeGroot. Grandmother ofFrederick (Michelle) Kopf, KaDee Kopf and Kelly Smith. Fond sister of LouiseTroy and Emogene (John) Mayfield. She is also survived by her husband, EdgarStrauss and his children, other relatives and friends.

Michals, Bruce A., d. April 18, 2000. Age 45years. Husband of Jill (nee Koch). Father of Sarah and Neal. Son of Antoinette.Brother of Pamela, Nancy (Jeff Ludwig), Gail Schneider,Lynn, Steven (Mary) and Teresa.  Preceded in deathby his father Walter and a brother Roger.

St. John United Church of Christ CemeteryTranscription (partial): Merton, Wisconsin 

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Locatedon Highway VV on the north side of the village; established about 1880. Contact: St. John’s United Church of Christ, P.O. Box 456 7298 Main Street,Merton, WI. 53056

HAASS Monument: “Ruhestaette DerFamilie”

HAASS: Georgie (G.W.), Born 7 Dec1893-Died 22 June 1895

HAASS: Willie (W.H.), Born 29 Mar1894-Died 8? July 1895

HAASS: Mary S., 1857-1924 -“Mother”

HAASS: George, 1854-1929 -“Father”

HAASS: Phebe, Born 2 Apr 1852-Died 12Apr 1900

HAASS: John, Born 28 Jul 1859?-Died 15 Apr 1890″__ __ Phebe”

HAASS: Olga, 1881?-1888?

HAASS:Clara, 18__?-died 10 Apr 18__?

HAASS: Willie, ????

HAASS:Peter, 1875-1953

HAASS: John, Geb 15 Juni 1841-Gest 29Nov 1894 – “Vater”

HAASS: Sussanna, born1843?-died 16 Dec 1891? – “Mutter”

HAASS:Walter C., 1904-1977

HAASS: Lena, 1881-1936 -“Mother”

HAASS: Henry, 1871-1924 -“Father”

HELING: Wilhelm, Geb 9 Oct 1842 -Gest 30 Apr 1917 – “Onkel”; “Ruhe in Frieden”

HELING:Henriette, 1846-1929 – “Tante”; “Ruhe in Frieden”

HELING:Meta M., nee Haass, 1899-1987 – “Mother”

HELING:Henry, 1889-1943 – “Father”

HELING: Hulda,1862-1915 – “Mother”

HELING: Paul, 1859-1936 -“Father”

HELING: Elfrieda, 1885-1931

HELING:Julius, 1857-1933 – “Father”

HELING: Elwine,1859-1950 – “Mother”

HUEBNER: Augusta,1896 – 19

Huebner, Herman, 1884-1936

HUEBNER:”Father”, 1855-1929 > “Mother”, 1858-1921

HUEBNER:Dorothy, 21 June 1926-20 Mar 1927 – “Baby”

HUEBNER:Loraine, 1906-2000

Huebner, Karl, 1903-1971

KRUGER:Arthur C., Geb Den 12 Marz 1897-Gest, Den 13 Marz 1897 – rest of text illegible

KRUEGER:William F., 1849-1937 – “Father”; “Rest In Peace”

Krueger,Wilhelmina, 1852-1947 – “Mother”; “Rest In Peace”, **(familyhas documentation that Kruger/Krueger are the same family; alsoMarquart/Marquardt)

MARQUART: John M., 1844-1917 -“Father”

Marquart, Emelia M., 1843-1934 -“Mother”

MARQUART: Emma M., 5 Jan 1875-20 Jan1906

MARQUART: Raymond M., 3 Mar? 1899-22 Mar? 1899

MARQUART:Ida M., 14 May 1877-26 Nov 1898

MARQUART: Nina,1874-1946

Marquart, Fred, 1868-1948

OLDENHOFF:Bertha, 1889-1954 – “Mother”

Oldenhoff,Arthur, 1887-19 , – “Father”

STERN: Emily, 1 Feb 1883-17 Feb 1917

STERN: Anna I.,1850-1967 – “Daughter”

STERN: Albertina,1857-1935 – “Mother”

Stern, Edward E.,1855-1939 – “Father”

STERN: Edward W.,1893-1981

Stern, Jessie, 1896-1994