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Potato Chip Tins

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POTATO CHIP TINS Above – Entrance to Antique Advertising Tins exhibit at Keller History Museum Introduction to this chapter from Mike Reilly 8/5/98      Hello, I’ve been collecting snack foodtins for the last several years. After getting internet access, I found other collectorswith similar interests. In general these collectors wanted to learn more about the extentof their collecting activities as… Read more »



  Potato Chip Industry History & More Plus Checklists GENERAL HISTORY OF THE POTATO CHIP INDUSTRY BY MIKE REILLY September, 1996 1853 – Indian chef George Crum discovers thepotato chip at Moon’s Place In Saratoga Springs, N.Y.. 1850’s to 1920’s – The “Cracker BarrelEra”. potato chips sold in restaurants, large glass jars, glass and/or sheet metaldisplay boxes. 1861 – First… Read more »

Snack Food Tins & Go-Withs A-F

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  Snack Food Tin & Go-Withs      A reader wrote to me and told me of anobservation he had made about potato chip tins.     In the Midwest states, the tins are for the mostpart, tall. In the Eastern part of the country, the tins are short (and many times muchwider in diameter). I think that this also holds true… Read more »

Snack Food Tins & Go-Withs G thru N

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  Snack Food Tin & Go-Withs G thru N G & G Potato Chip Co Inc,,Cohoes,NY,,,, G.R. Tyler,,Akron,OH,,,, Gatewood,,Floyd Gatewood Food Distributers,,Indianapolis,IN,1lb,,paper label, Geiser’s,Blue Wavy Twin,Geiser’s Potato Chip Co.,,Chicago,IL,8oz,,rect CBB, Geiser’s,Yellow Reg. Twin,Geiser’s Potato Chip Co,,Chicago,IL,8oz,,rect CBB, Geiser’s Popcorn,,Geiser’s,,Milwaukee,WI,12 oz,,, Geiser’s Popcorn,,Geiser’s,,Milwaukee,WI,1.5 lb,,, Geiser’s Popcorn,Mega Size Plastic Bag -blue,Jay’s FoodsL.L.C.,,Chicago,IL,24 oz bag,,plastic bag, Geo. H. Dentler & Son,,Houston,TX,,,, Gibble Pretzels,1976… Read more »

Snack Food Tins & Go-Withs O thru Z

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  Snack Food Tin &Go-With Checklists O thru Z O.A. Jens,,Elgin,IL,,,, O.K. Potato Chip Co,,Akron,OH,,,, O.L. Crane,,Decatur,IL,,,, Old Dutch,Triple Pack super Size,Old Dutch Foods Inc.,,St.Paul,MN,24 oz,,rect CBB, Old Dutch,Yellow-red,Old Dutch Foods,,Minneapolis,MN,16oz,,”Flavorized”,National Can Old Dutch Popt Corn,Paper Label,Old DutchFoods,,Minneapolis,MN,,,, Old Dutch Popt Corn,Red On Gree/ Yellow Lattice,Old DutchFoods,,Minneapolis,MN,Seven Qts Dry Measure,7 1/2 x 11 5/8,,Cans Inc. Chicago Old King Cole,King And… Read more »

Milwaukee Snack Food Tins & History

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  Milwaukee Snack Food Industry History & More The listing below follows pretty much the pattern in the next few lines.The information was taken from the Milwaukee City Directories. Some additional annotationmay appear. Directory Listing,Time Period,Company,Address,City,STATE,Comments,Home Phone,WorkPhone,Car,Phone,Fax Phone,Friend,Family,Work,Notes Food Wholesale/retail,1923,Mrs. Margaret H. Drenk,2412 W.State St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,, Potato Chip Manuf,1924,A “Potato ChipManufacturer”,Directory Listing First Appears,,,In Milw. City Directory,,,,,,,, Food Wholesale/retail,1924,Drenk’s,,,,,,,,,,,, Pop Corn,1924,Pop… Read more »